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The Tokenization Of GreenFire

The Tokenization Of GreenFire

The Token Economics Of The Landfill A “Rubbish-Based Economy”

GreenFire Engineered Reclamation


The Token Economy

GreenFire is an organization designed to remove plastic waste from the world’s oceans, beaches and waterways while empowering people living in poverty to raise their standard of living.

GreenFire wants to preserve plastic waste through a specially developed deposit system as well as give people an incentive to collect and sort. In order to make the system attractive, more money is returned than was previously paid in deposit. this could be achieved from the value a sorted plastic waste possesses for further recycling process. 

A strong focus will be on educating and empowering local people to both reveal value in themselves and to see the value in turning recyclable plastics into necessities and entrepreneurial opportunities. Additional efforts will go towards community collection projects that raise the overall standard of living in our host communities.

The group's vision is simple: By using cryptocurrency payments to reward people for recycling plastic waste, it hopes to provide a better incentive system, while also improving the quality of life for people who participate in its recycling networks.

The GreenFire use of Tokens is a little different to straight 'coins' given that they are more closely connected to one particular platform's ecosystem, and in a way, also act as shares in that platform. This is the basics of the Landfill Economy.

We believe in projects creating token-powered ecosystems. So, not just payment tokens or tokens that people can pump and dump, but creating an ecosystem, where people can actually use the tokens.

Alternatively, these tokens can be traded on crypto exchanges for other cryptocurrencies, or for fiat money. This idea may not be entirely unfamiliar to those who play online or video games, given that these often incorporate some form of 'in-game' currency or token that can sometimes be purchased for real-world currency. The difference is that these 'in-game' tokens cannot be traded back into real-world currency at an exchange.

Secondly, let's take the idea that these tokens can act as shares in the particular platform. This is due to the fact that most cryptocurrencies are modelled on gold, as every currency in the world used to be until the introduction of our current, 'fiat' monetary system. S

In addition, on decentralised, blockchain-based platforms – GreenFire, tokens also give you 'voting power' as part of a member of a community.

In the absence of a centralized regulatory body, these ecosystems are often governed instead by the communities who create them. For example, in the Landfill Economy members of the community can put themselves forward to a pool of arbitrators who will decide on contentious issues, and for The Landfill Economy, the number of tokens held translates directly into the amount of voting power wielded on issues.

In this case, tokens are not creating new systems, but simply offering a way to improve the current system.

Again, in these systems, trust would primarily come from smart contracts baked into the system, rather than lawyers.

The Token will quickly convert (with a transaction time of four seconds) fiat money into a cryptocurrency, to move it through the system before converting back into whatever the required currency is at the end.

Plastic Bank – Tokens for Waste

This is achieved through “Plastic Banks” established strategically in impoverished areas with an existing abundance of plastic waste. The Plastic Bank is making plastic waste a currency in addition to offering people both education and the opportunity to trade plastics for access to 3D printing services & other life improving opportunities.

GreenFire Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that creates environmental impact in areas with high levels of poverty and plastic pollution by turning plastic waste into a cryptocurrency by enabling the exchange of plastic for blockchain secure digital tokens they reveal the value of plastic this empowers recycling ecosystems and stops the flow of plastic into the ocean by creating a market that connects those who use plastic waste for recycling and those who have time to collect.

A cryptocurrency-based recycling rewards are important not just because they provide financial incentives for recycling that can be more valuable than the bottle deposits available in developed countries, but also because they enable rewards payments for people in developing countries who lack access to banks, and therefore cannot be paid in other ways for recycling. Given that much of the world's trash ends up in developing nations, cryptocurrency recycling rewards promise to be particularly innovative for increasing recycling rates worldwide – and, by extension, reducing overall waste and poverty.

That is exactly what makes the GreenFire Plastic Bank deposit system so attractive. The ‘GreenFire’ project wants to address this issue and obtain plastic waste through a specially developed deposit system. In addition, the project should make it possible to give the population an incentive to collect and sort.

The developing system is based on the fully suitable properties of , a distributed ledger technology. is a young cryptocurrency that enables a fast, secure and free transfer of data and finances.

Micropayments could be carried out together with data exchange. Furthermore, this system can also be used away from the facilities otherwise required for deposit systems, e.g. shops. If one thinks on a global scale, then this characteristic can be enormously important. That is exactly what makes the deposit system so attractive.

The GreenFire project wants to address this issue and obtain pure plastic waste through a specially developed deposit system. In addition, the project should make it possible to give the population an incentive to collect and sort.

People who want to join are required to register as collectors, producers, or generators of waste.

The platform connects producers (end-users – GreenFire) to collectors, who are responsible for sorting items according to environmental regulations. After that, the collectors are connected with generators, which are organisations that process the waste.

Each producer must upload all the details about the items thrown away on the network. Based on this information, users get rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Collectors and generators receive digital coins as well based on the volume of waste they gather and process.

According to local authorities, citizens can use Coins in local shops, as well as for paying taxes and municipal fees.

GreenFire wants to preserve pure plastic waste through a specially developed deposit system  as well as give people an incentive to collect and sort. In order to make the system attractive, more money is returned than was previously paid in deposit. this could be achieved from the value a sorted plastic waste possesses for further recycling process

The deposit system based on offers the following advantages:

  • The population gets a financial incentive for collecting, sorting and distributing plastic waste. More is paid back than has been paid as a deposit.

  • The application is simple. It is based on , a modern distributed ledger technology and could be used worldwide. 

  • The collector gets the deposit either on his Wallet or thanks to a cooperation also in his local currency, e.g. Euro paid out to his account.

  • The mechanical sorting of plastic waste is still complex today and also requires a lot of energy. Furthermore, a recycled plastic requires far less energy than a completely new production process. The deposit system thus helps to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve climate targets.

  • This system makes it easier for the industry to achieve its recycling targets because it eliminates the upstream step of expensive mechanical sorting.

Mostly aimed at collectors, it not only tracks how much they’ve collected, but also provides a digital wallet through which they  can park their earnings. That’s important for people who don’t qualify for bank accounts and for whom it’s dangerous to walk around with a lot of money. Also stores that sell stuff for collectors accept payments from those accounts. Also, collectors can use plastic credits to buy a phone and to power their devices through solar power stations at stores.

The takeaway

Cryptocurrency and recycling could make extremely good bedfellows. Crypto incentives have the potential to motivate people to be more careful and protect the environment. At the same time, authorities that rely on the blockchain and governments that back digital coins send an influential pro-cryptocurrency message.

These initiatives could become examples of best practices for multiple other applications of cryptocurrency in various industries – with the plus that they have the potential to improve the quality of life by protecting the environment.

We believe there will be many use cases for tokens but what we're witnessing is a dramatic shift in interest in the market towards decentralized systems. We believe at the heart of this movement is going to be Tokenization. They have the potential to distribute value in a way that is more fair, secure, and even.


Climate Hoax — Only the Sun Causes Global Temperature Fluctuation

Climate Hoax

Our sun exerts control on the planets

Climate change has reached universal status of urgency

Bogus climate scientists

Only the Sun causes Global Temperature Fluctuation

Earth’s Geological History Tells the Truth

Source: Final Wakeup Call

Man-made Global Warming is a Fantasy

Don’t be afraid; Global Warming, currently ‘Climate Change’ is not true. It’s dressed up as science but it’s not science, it’s propaganda: “Global temperatures are rising, greenhouses gas emissions are destroying our atmosphere;” say the fear-mongers “there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than ever before, the migration patterns of animals are changing”, and so the list goes on and on. We are simply being told lies. There is no direct evidence that links global warming with greenhouse gases. There is no scientific proof that ‘carbon dioxide’ (CO2) drives climate, it certainly hasn’t done in the past. The CO2 theory is, simply put, ingenious propaganda, pushing the idea of man-made climate change, to create a price-inflating energy policy. While the greenhouse theses have since long been refuted. Neither the ban on light bulbs, nor the gigantic subsidies for so-called renewable energy, has proven to be of any sensible value in changing this manufactured predicament. Instead of influencing climate change with taxes, governments should have dealt with the consequences of natural climate change.

The climate change propaganda is meant to form the basis of the motive for the creation of a brand-new climate tax which the people will be forced to pay. Supposedly, it will offset the excessive use of fossil fuels and the buying of plastic, etc. As government cannot stop climate change, the billions collected will grow into multi-trillion Deep State speculative bubbles. The ridiculous argument is held; paying a climate tax will free us from environmental responsibility, rocking us back into guiltless sleep-mode, being allowed to continue with our environmentally damaging habits. To achieve this ridiculous goal, the pressure will be kept on, informing us every day that the Climate Armageddon is coming.

Understand; the whole greenhouse story is a Rockefeller-initiated, false hype, just to get people to believe that we are on the road to a climate disaster. Instead, Authorities should have directed their energy into the credit markets, that have ruined our society. There has never been a meaningful debate about the causes of climate change, as there is no solution, because the sun spots from mother nature cannot be changed. That probably is the reason there has not been any meaningful debate about the causes of climate change. Weather patterns are in truth much bigger than human influence. While it is simply stated: “The emission of greenhouse gases leads to global warming”, this is in actual fact disputable. In general, the CO2 greenhouse gas theory is just an ingenious propaganda tool, to steal more and more money from the populace, while the so-called climate change fiasco has nothing to do with us, the people and our climate.

‘Greenhouse Gases are a Swindle’, is a programme that the BBC broadcasted a couple of years ago under the supervision of a prominent scientist. It went against the establishment and was taken off the air! – The sun’s spots change continuously, resulting in the cooling of the earth. In the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, two alternating currents run for a number of years in south–north, subsequently changing into a north-south direction; called el Niño (N-S) and la Niña (S-N). In the last decennia, we experienced la Niña (hot stream) and that is changing into el Niño (cold stream) around the present period of time. Furthermore, the CO2 in the Oceans does influence the climate. Be assured, it is not caused by (tail) pipe emissions alone. Let us hope that real independent scientists will keep speaking out as an antidote to the blatant, baseless lies of climate pseudo ‘specialists.’ Bear in mind that too many (financial) interests are involved; we are dealing with a veritable climate mafia.

So, man-made global warming is a fantasy, engineered by the global-warming fanatics themselves. Climate change is occurring – as it always has – and is inevitable. The same cannot be said for the unspeakably irresponsible proposals of cabal-paid scientists, whose egos have far exceeded their knowledge. What is being wished-for is not a “carbon cap and trade,” it is an “economic cap and trade.”

Our sun exerts control on all the planets

Planet Earth is five billion years old. Our sun exerts more control on all the planets than any other factor. Our climate has never stopped changing and never will. Regardless of the impacts of carbon dioxide, because one volcanic eruption puts enough material into the atmosphere to cool the planet for a decade.

Moreover, there is about 50 times as much carbon dissolved in the oceans in the form of CO2 and carbonic acid, bicarbonate and carbonate ions as exists in the atmosphere. The oceans act as an enormous carbon sponge, having “absorbed about one-third of all human-generated CO2 emissions to date.” Besides, life on Earth, without CO2 is impossible. For vegetation, animals and human beings, CO2 is an essential element, all living beings are carbon-based.

Man-made global warming crisis crusaders are now facing a new threat. Their carbon-based, anti-fossil fuel premise for alarmism is being challenged by new scientific evidence of important solar influence on the climate that can’t be blamed on us, not even with a stretch of the imagination. Not that there wasn’t lots of good evidence of these facts before. Actually, there has always been, and it has been routinely denigrated and ignored. But the Sun itself causes global warming, says Prof Larry Bell.

Climate change has reached universal status

Climate change has reached the point where there’s universal consensus. On a hot day, the average person will tell you it’s because of climate change. Then, they might say that it’ll be 60 Celsius degrees here in 75 years if we don’t do something about the climate.

It is even purported that snow will disappear in the Alps and in Aspen 50 years from now because of climate change. And everyone agrees, saying, “I know. I heard the same thing. It’s just awful”. Remember in 2002, Al Gore said in his Global Warming Promotion; By 2012 there will be no snowfall anymore and sea levels will have risen by up to 3 metres. To this day, now eight years later, nothing of his doom-mongering has come true.

The IPCC analysis of global temperatures suffers from a glaring error — namely, failure to account for “influences of low cloud cover” and how it impacts global temperatures. Natural variations in low cloud cover, which are strongly influenced by the ability of cosmic radiation to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere due to variations in the strength of our planet’s magnetosphere, account for nearly all changes in global temperature, other researchers explain.

Why would there be no snow in the Alps and Aspen 50 years from now? What would cause that? The average person has no clue. People have been brainwashed, simply repeating thoughtlessly what is propagated on the news by the mainstream, consensus puppets. This has created today’s hysteria around climate change. People are completely sure that humans are causing the planet to warm. They will tell you that climate change is going to be the end of us. Look at the ludicrous Greta Thunberg hype, promoted through the Rockefeller institute, even a Swedish church’s tweet named the teenage climate change activist as the “successor” to Jesus Christ. This announcement, which was both lauded and criticised on Twitter, was unearthed following Thunberg’s speech at the U.N.’s Climate Action Summit in New York City on Sept. 23 -2019.

Bogus climate scientists

It is said that 97% of climate scientists think global warming is real and largely caused by humans. This 97% figure was proclaimed by an Australian blogger named John Cook in 2013. Although it is ridiculous, it has gained much popularity, like Al Gore’s 1990s fear mongering about the end of the world in 2012.

Out of hundreds of thousands of papers that have been completed on climate change, they chose 12,000 and manipulated them and subjectively interpreted parts of their abstracts to support this a priori climate religion. Many scientists whose names were used subsequently protested. A subsequent recalculation showed that less than 2% of the papers cited the scientists actually believed that mankind is mainly responsible for any global warming.

But the usual suspects in politics, the media, and the entertainment business picked up on the terms “97%” and “Scientifics.” They were repeated as a chant, and now the public assumes – based on almost nothing but repetition, brainwashing, indoctrination – that emissions of carbon dioxide is causing global warming and is of a critical danger to life on Earth, which is not true, it is nothing short of preposterous, as all living beings are carbon-based and indeed, depend on carbon. In fact, a war on carbon, equates to a war on life itself. This is the true brainteaser. This is the true question to ask. Are they waging a war on life itself?

Truth in science isn’t determined by consensus. For what it is worth, another survey was taken in 2009 among 31,000 hard scientists – physicists and chemists, not sociologists and psychologists – including 9,000 with Ph.Ds., who all explicitly stated that they believed there was no evidence of significant Global Warming.

Since the ’80s though, the establishment has been beating the drum for Global Warming. They completely omit the fact that the Earth went through a period 11.000 years ago, when it was a giant snowball. This climate change baloney didn’t come out of nowhere. The propaganda is about 40 or 50 years in the making. But back in the ’50s and ’60s, people thought the opposite. People were worried about global cooling. They thought the world was going to turn into a giant frozen, tundra-like Siberia. That was the fear then.

On the first Earth Day in 1970, Paul Ehrlich said that all the fish in the oceans would die and wash up on shore. Then, the fear became acid rain. And after that, everyone was made to worry about a hole that was going to appear in the ozone layer.

Today, people don’t even use the phrase global warming anymore. They have altered that to climate change. It’s an ongoing public relations machine. So, this promotion keeps evolving. Expect more slogans for the sheeple to fall for, lock, stock and barrel.

Only the Sun can cause Global Temperature Fluctuation.

Climate variations are mainly caused by fluctuations in the sun’s intensity. And, also caused by the gradually changing tilt of the Earth’s axis., known as the Milankovitch cycles, implicating changes in the Earth’s orbit around the sun. The solar system’s movement around the galaxy may have major, but as yet unpredictable effects on the climate. But there are other important factors too.

Volcanism is one: About 40 to 50 volcanos are spewing gigantic amounts of gas into the atmosphere at any one time – and there are many more under the oceans. As explained above with regard to ocean currents, these are vastly more important to the climate, being heat sponges, than the atmosphere. The circulation of ocean currents is critical to the climate. The atmosphere is thin and lightweight by comparison to the ocean.

The most concerning aspect about global warming is the hysteria that might discredit the very idea of science for the average man. They speak about concepts that the majority has no understanding of.

Could the planet actually start cooling soon? If so, how soon could that happen? Any geologist will explain that we’re in an interglacial period, and it’s highly likely there is going to be another genuine ice age when this interglacial period ends, just as they were predicting back in the ’70s. However, the timing is up in the air.

Earth’s Geological History Tells the Truth

Global Warming alarmists never, ever, mention the Earth’s geological history. Not even its very recent history, for example since the invention of writing. There have been large fluctuations in climate, confirmed by ice-core drilling in glaciers, sediments on the ocean floor, and tree rings.

For instance, the Roman Warm Period between roughly 250 BC and 400 AD, coincided with the rise and peak of the Roman Empire. That was followed by a serious cold snap that may have been instrumental in causing the barbarian invasions from the north, followed by the Dark Ages. Then came the Medieval Warm Period from about 950-1250. Then the Little Ice Age followed, which took place between roughly 1300 and 1850.

Since then, the planet has been gradually warming up again. Of course, over a longer period of time, it’s been warming since the last major ice age ended, 11,000 years ago.

Climate change has become a pop culture drumbeat. If you watch the Oscars, somebody will come out of the woodworks saying; “We’ve got to do something about the climate.” But no one, of course, knows what to do. All they know is that we should give the government more money to do something, anything. And all that money is obviously going to come from the taxpayers in the developed world.

So it’s basically just a giant tax swindle. Last year’s carbon taxes brought in $82 billion. That’s a big catch. And no one even knows where this money went. Don’t question it, because everybody obviously has the best of intentions. Questioning anything pertaining to this fraud, makes you a first class criminal. It is just one big money fraud!

Apart from the carbon taxes, government acquires much more control over commerce. When people buy an airline ticket, they’ve got to pay extra money to a U.N. organisation to diminish the effect they have on the lower atmosphere or whatever the hoax says, when flying through it in an airplane.

The airline takes the money and buys carbon offset credits. But no one really knows where that money goes. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying the world will end in 12 years if we don’t do something about climate change. She’s proposing not to fly anymore, and that electric trains across the ocean should be constructed. Guess who benefits from this nonsense?

Humans can have an effect on the planet, but not even remotely as considerably as the sun, volcanism, and other natural phenomenon. The big danger isn’t climate change, it’s the hysteria. Meanwhile, government and the insider villains manipulate it, to destroy the economy.

Unfortunately, most science funding today is done directly and indirectly through the government. By design, this entire scam has been integrated into the political process.

Climate science has been turned from a legitimate branch of knowledge into a new age religion, where heretics are persecuted. It’s become a means to centralise even more power in the State. After all, the fate of the Earth is at stake!

Climate change itself poses zero threat to the economy. But the hysteria about it is a tremendous threat. That’s a major reason why global warming is popular. Most people feel morally righteous, and that God is on their side. These things appeal to emotion, not to reason. It’s all about psychology, not science. They even maintain; ‘it’s going to be the end of life on Earth’. It is basically a small, corrupt, extremely vocal minority – manipulating the majority into the belief that we’re all going to die because the oceans are going to drown us as the Earth turns into a giant steam bath.

How much warmer can it become if we consider the historical data from the end of the last ice age, 11,000 years ago? No one knows. How much longer is it going to be before we go into another ice age? Neither is known. The real argument isn’t about earth science. It’s about political science. The Deep State that is pushing this Fake Science, creating a Fake Reality counts on the sheeple to follow them. If the masses believe the illusion, the illusion becomes reality. But if the majority of us were to awaken to the deception, the illusion would be vaporized into non-existence.

Share this important climate explanation to help reach the tipping point of mass consciousness. And Remember;

Together, we can make life better for all of us.


Waste Not

Too much food is waste!

How can you use those leftovers? Foods waste is responsible for 8% of yearly global emissions

We have a serious problem. 40% of the food in the United States is wasted, and 30% of food worldwide is wasted. What a ridiculous waste of energy, money and water. Read more here.

At the same time over 800 million people don’t have enough to eat, and more land is being cleared everyday for more agriculture. Rotting food waste in landfills creates methane gas that causes pollution. Each one of us needs to reduce our food waste. I have said many times this is one of the hardest things for me to deal with in trying to help our climate crisis.  Reducing food waste takes constant vigilance. This week I came home from the farmers market with rotten apples and cucumbers. Being a more thoughtful shopper and buying just what I needed could have helped.

These are important facts we should be aware of, from the IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Food production causes 30 % of greenhouse emissions, 80% of global deforestation, and uses 70% of the world’s fresh water!

My advice for managing food waste and working for zero waste in my home:

Shop in bulk

Buying in bulk is a good way to manage food waste  and packaging waste. Bring your own container!

1. First, be mindful of your perishables, use your freezer, buy in bulk to get just what you need, and become aware that gluttony is a form of food waste

2. I save celery tops, onions and raw produce waste to put in a stir fry or soup. One of my favorite things about cooking is how I can use leftovers creatively. I love making wraps, rice or quinoa bowls with food leftovers.

3. Expiration dates are not something I obsess over. Most of the time food is good long past the date.

Help the environment by reducing food waste

What things do you do to reduce food waste?