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Trusted Crypto Tumbler To Protect Your Wealth

Trusted Crypto Tumbler To Protect Your Wealth

crypto tumbler

Back when Bitcoin originally emerged, over 11 years ago at this point,

cryptocurrency transactions were believed to be fully anonymous. This belief stuck around for years to come, but today, we know that, in most cases — this is no longer the truth. Since the invention of blockchain explorers, it became possible to track every Bitcoin transaction, all the way back to the genesis block. This came as a part of blockchain transparency which promises to eliminate corruption, theft, and other such issues. However, there is still a need for a certain level of privacy, as people like to keep their wealth to themselves, and not let everyone know how much money they have, or how much they sent for whatever purpose. This is why many are now using crypto tumblers, or mixers.

What do crypto mixers do?

As the name suggests, crypto mixers/tumblers mix up the coins in order to hide/disguise/make it difficult to discover where the coins came from. Things like the amounts, transactions, and wallet addresses to and from which the coins travel are fully traceable, which is why tumblers exist. In a way, you could say that mixers can add an extra layer of privacy while using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies. There are many Bitcoin mixers, as well as mixers that focus on these other cryptos, specifically, such as Ethereum mixers. There are also services that offer mixing for multiple coins.

But, they all work in the same way. When you obtain your coins through purchase within exchange (where your identity is known due to current regulations), the exchange knows exactly who you are and how much money you have. The same is true for everyone else who has the authority to request such data from the exchange. If you simply transfer the funds to your private wallet, anyone will be able to track this transaction. They will see where the funds came from, where they went, and what amount made that trip. With your identity known on the exchange, it is easy to conclude that the wallet address belongs to you as well. If you send the money to a mixer first, however, it will still deliver the money to your wallet, but it will change the time of the second part of the transaction, as well as the amount that arrives, and the path from the exchange to the wallet will be interrupted. This brings additional security and privacy, and makes your use of crypto difficult to track.

Keep your identity safe with cryptocurrency tumblers

Using tumblers for cryptocurrencies has a number of benefits. For example, it allows you to stay anonymous. It can also discourage hackers, who would otherwise be attracted by your wallet if they knew that significant amounts are going in and out. It would also allow you to stay private, as people would be able to see that the coins are entering or leaving, but they would not know whose those coins are. As a result, you can spend them without the transactions being traced to your name. Not to mention that you still need protection from the real-world criminals, who might go after you if they discover that you own a wallet filled with coins that have become highly-valued. Shopping with crypto is also becoming more and more popular, with the number of merchants accepting coins growing almost on a daily basis. With additional privacy that comes from the use of Bitcoin tumblers, you can easily purchase anything online without people knowing that it was you.

Bitcoin fungibility

Finally, you can also use crypto tumblers to make your Bitcoin more fungible. The fungibility issue has attracted the attention of many, as people ask the question of whether a certain quantity of BTC can be swapped for another of equal value. Of course, the answer is yes. All Bitcoins come with the same value, regardless of whether the coin you gave is the same that you got back or not. But, due to the protocol that makes each coin have its own unique hash and signature, it is still possible to track a particular coin. That is why using mixers to give away your particular coins and get others that have the same value can help you stay truly anonymous. No one will know who you are, even if they know where your coin came from, which gives you the ability to hide your identity completely.

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Bitplaza Inc Introducing Cryptocurrency to Retail

Bitplaza Inc Introducing Cryptocurrency to Retail


Even though influential companies are not ready to validate cryptocurrencies as a stable form of money,

Bitcoin is becoming a more frequently used currency daily. There is a rising number of companies that accept Bitcoin for the purchase of their products, validating it as a spendable currency around the globe. Bitplaza Inc took the next step into technology and commerce, providing customers with a platform where they can spend Bitcoins for their needs through a mobile device. It opens the opportunity for companies and brands to list their products in exchange for Bitcoin, which will give more credibility to the coin.

What is Bitplaza?

Bitplaza is a shopping app that belongs to a retail company called Bitplaza Inc, located in Pennsylvania. The app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Bitplaza allows anyone globally to purchase brand new items with Bitcoin. The app has a wide variety of products to buy online, from electronic devices, video games, even groceries. The products that can be purchased from the app range from popular brands such as Sony, Starbucks, Adidas, Apple, and many more. The Bitplaza team is always adding new products to the shopping app, making more items available to be purchased with Bitcoin. The app covers a broad range of products for the different needs of the customer. 

Bitplaza is a company that innovates new technologies to make shopping with cryptocurrency, into something easy. It’s the first mobile application of its kind that allows people around the world to make a purchase online using Bitcoin as the main currency.  In the time that the Bitplaza app has been on the market, it has proved to be a reliable platform for customers that use Bitcoin. It offers secure shipment of products both overseas and in the US. The security of the customers’ information is fundamental when working directly with cryptocurrencies; Bitplaza provides this security during the purchase without compromising the customer’s private data.  

Impact on the Bitcoin Market and Global Retail

The initiative that Bitplaza Inc took by creating an easy app for people to spend Bitcoin has become a boost in the currency market. The reason why Bitcoin is not yet one of the standard currencies in the world is for the lack of support that it has from Central Banks and other entities. In addition to that, most retail companies claim that Bitcoin is still too volatile, and until it shows a stable price, it can’t be used as a payment method or measure for other currencies.

The statement is beginning to change with the appearance of Bitplaza, AT&T, Overstock, Dish Network and other companies adopting the currency as a means of payment. The launch of Bitplaza also marked the next step for the retail business, unifying the prices of products worldwide under the same digital currency, which is something unseen before. It allows the rise of international commerce, highlighting the possibilities of stable interest rates and making it easier to import a product that’s not local.

Advances on Bitcoin for 2020

The strength of Bitcoin grows every year, even though the many business entrepreneurs declare it as a forgettable trend and are a bit skeptical. Others argue the Bitcoin market is one of the three most essential assets as an investment for the future. Companies like Bitplaza and many others show that the cryptocurrencies are the next step on the e-commerce evolution which is not going unnoticed by the central banks, investors, and traders.

The year 2020 may be the one that will determine the future for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Different events such as the Halving on May 2020 will have an impact on the Bitcoin market, increasing the value. On the other hand, various companies are investing in creating more opportunities for Bitcoin to grow. The use of Bitcoin for shopping purposes is becoming more frequent each time around, and it can’t be ignored much longer.

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Kanyean Philosophy – It’s A Thing

Kanyean Philosophy – It’s A Thing

"It's not where you take things from. It's where you take them to."
                                                                                  Kanye West

Kanye West definitely has a way with words. But instead of rapping them as lyrics to a song, he now puts his thoughts down as inspirational quotes on his channel on Twitter. A series of clever remarks and truisms that is an expression of how he feels also noting that this is his book he is writing in real-time…

“Oh, by the way, this is my book I’m writing in real-time. No publisher is going to tell me what to put where or how many pages to write. This is not a financial opportunity, this is an innate need to be expressive.”  

West's lyrical proclamations have included such gems as "reach for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud" and "hurry up with my damn croissants!".

But how does he shape up as a philosopher? Can he legitimately be ranked alongside Nietzsche, Descartes, and Kant?

BBC Music reporter Mark Savage wanted an expert to scrutinize the star's tweets.
While one replied that they "wouldn't know how to assess them taken as philosophy", Dr. Lauren Ware, a lecturer at the University of Kent, who specializes in the philosophy of emotion was up for the challenge.


Here's what Dr. Ware made of the Kanyean school of philosophy.


Kanye says: 

"Truth is my goal. Controversy is my gym. I'll do a hundred reps of controversy for a 6 pack of truth."

Kanye identifies here his philosophical methodology: the arrival at truth through controversy.
Philosophy as the pursuit of truth, the love of wisdom, is well-known, but Kanye's embrace of controversy marks him out as genuinely engaging in philosophical practice.

Dr. Ware teaches a module at Kent called "Philosophical Reading and Writing", and when students struggle to come up with material for their essays, she tells them to find the controversy, find a problem, turn that into a question, and then your answer to that question is your thesis statement.

Philosophy starts with controversy, training, and exercise in identifying and dealing with it charitably is a great way to flex your philosophical muscles.

Kanye says: 

"Cars have four wheels. Hoodies have hoods. It's amusing to me when someone says this is an original hoodie. Bro… it's a hoodie."

Here we get into the solid metaphysical commitments of Kanyean philosophy. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that asks questions about reality and existence: What does it mean to be real? Do dreams exist? What makes a hoodie a hoodie and not a car?

What Kanye is doing here is laying down what is called in philosophy the "necessary and sufficient conditions" for being a hoodie. You can't be a hoodie without a hood, so hoods are necessary for hoodie-hood. But it remains to be seen in his theory whether hoods are sufficient for hoodie-hood.

Do hoods alone a hoodie make?

Another interesting element is this notion of originality: Would the very concept of the hoodie – hoodiness incarnate – be itself the one, true, original hoodie? Does this concept of the hoodie exist? Can I buy it?

Kanye says: 

"I don't believe in the concept of an enemy. We have been conditioned to always be in competition. Stop looking for something to beat and just be. You don't have to do all the work. Once you start moving in love the universe will assist you."

Here's a concept that definitely does not exist in the Yeezian universe: the enemy.
What does it mean for a concept to cease to exist? If everyone followed Kanye and stopped believing in enemies, do they disappear?

We're getting to the heart of Kanye's metaphysics here, and it bears an astonishing connection to that of the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato.

Responding to Kanye, Plato would say concepts aren't dependent on anyone believing in them to exist. But he did say in his dialogue, The Symposium, that it's through love that we come to understand concepts. Part of what it is to love something is to be curious about it, to want to understand it.

Perhaps it is through the love of our enemies that the universe will assist us in understanding what they truly are?


Kanye says: 

"Stop playing chess with life. Make decisions based on love, not fear."

One of the prominent themes running through the early aphorisms of Kanye's book is a tension between fear and love.

The philosophy of emotions is a vibrant sub-branch of philosophy, aiming to articulate the nature and value of emotions: what are emotions? What can they do? When can they help or hinder us? Emotions are a hot topic, and Kanye is bang on trend philosophically here.

Now, there exists a persistent cultural script that reason and emotion are at odds with each other – that emotions are fundamentally irrational or counter to reason. We can see this reflected in some of Kanye's work, for example…

"Don't follow crowds. Follow the innate feelings inside of you. Do what you feel not what you think. Thoughts have been placed in our heads to make everyone assimilate. Follow what you feel."

However, the emotion vs. reason script is by now pretty much established as a false dichotomy in philosophy. Why? Because there's a difference between something being a-rational and it being irrational.

My fear can certainly be irrational: for example, when I'm afraid for no good reason, or more afraid of an object than it is worth. But that's not because fear is an emotion. Rather, it's because, as R.A. Duff argues, "our rational grasp of the world is so often… fallible; after all, our beliefs can also be irrational, when they are not properly grounded in or proportional to the relevant evidence".

We can, therefore, understand emotions to be perfectly rational when they are appropriately grounded in reality: when the beliefs that form part of the emotion are true.

Kanye says: 

"Everything means nothing until you make it something. You are your validator."

No other tweet aphorism better demonstrates the existentialism at the core of Kanye's book. Existentialist philosophers like Simone de Beauvoir championed the view that we ourselves give meaning and purpose to our life in the very act of living it. We craft our own existence, by living authentically.

We can identify Kanye's existentialism reflected in his theme of authenticity. Our purpose – or validation, as Kanye calls it – comes only from this self-creative act of making ourselves through our lives and projects.



Much overlooked in the early reception of Kanye's philosophical debut was what appeared on the surface to be a rather blunt announcement that these tweets are, in fact, his anticipated book.

"Oh, by the way, this is my book that I'm writing in real-time."

An existentialist interpretation reveals this as a call to authenticity. Perhaps Kanye's message to his followers is that this is how we should all be living, with the Kanyean existentialist motto: Oh, by the way, this is my life that I'm writing in real-time.

The rapper reminds creatives not to trade their "authenticity for approval" as he publishes his book straight to social media.


West Ranch, Cody Wyoming


West At Home In The West

West has found solace in his home in Wyoming allowing his creativity and truisms to flourish. What better way to get in touch with oneself than to be surrounded by nature at its best all in the name of Jesus with the aim to reach as many people as possible. 

Reportedly,  the community of Cody, Wyoming, for the most part, has accepted the new Kanye West not just for his celebrity status and the economic and tourism growth he can bring but as a wholesome citizen and neighbor. 

 Kanye’s team was spotted cleaning up roadside trash, a win in any community. “We notice those little things,” said Tina Hoebelheinrich, the executive director of the Cody Chamber of Commerce. She said that actions like these mattered far more to the town than Kanye’s celebrity. 



West still continues to win Cody over when he rented the auditorium of Cody High School to rehearse his debut opera, “Nebuchadnezzar”. Kanye was very willing to let the high school students watch the rehearsal. One young student was invited to play in the orchestra when it was realized an extra saxophonist was needed. She told Cowboy State Daily News that the experience was life-changing. “They just really just like opened my eyes to want I want to do” 


Nebuchadnezzar, King Of Babylon – Prophecy Of Kanye

West’s opera, “Nebuchadnezzar,” was performed Nov. 24, 2019, at the Hollywood Bowl after rehearsals by dancers and musicians at Cody High School on Nov. 21.

The opera tells the story of an ancient Babylonian king and his transition from wicked, imperious, self-declared ruler to a true believer who finds salvation in his faith. Kanye West likens himself to the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar who worshipped earthly gods at one point in his life, documented in the Book Of Daniel. He was absolved of his sins and given eternal life once he realized the power of the one and only true GOD. 

It would seem this opera is his way of spreading the message, of letting people know you can falter, you can fall over, and it’s okay to get back up and continue moving forward. That you can have the audacity to recover.


Adapted from the original article https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-43836275



ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 






New Crypto Regulations In The US: Are The Good Times Over?

New Crypto Regulations In The US: Are The Good Times Over?


All of us who have invested and traded in Bitcoin knew that there was no guarantee

that the good times would last forever. We’ve seen the value of the currency have ups and downs and then ups again, demonstrating its resiliency in a changing world. We’ve also seen it thrive during times when conventional markets struggle. Free of regulation and unconnected to industries and businesses that can drag a market up or down along with them, during its best months it’s been exactly what we all hoped it would be when the concept of cryptocurrency was first explained to it.

Even those who have done well out of Bitcoin would have to admit one thing if we were honest, though – we didn’t know for sure it was going to blow up like it did. Spending money on Bitcoin – especially during the last couple of years when prices have been particularly volatile – has always been akin to throwing money into a game on an online slots website and hoping for the best. Sometimes when you play online slots on websites like UKOnlineSlots.com, you get a huge return from a very small stake. Other times, perhaps more often, the company that runs the online slots website takes all of your money, and you’re left with nothing. Based on the news that’s coming out of the United States of America, the US treasury may soon be about to start playing the part of the online slots website – and they might be calling time on placing fresh bets.

There’s no way to dress up Steven Mnuchin’s start warning any other way. He hasn’t minced his words when it comes to his opinion on cryptocurrency, and several of his contemporaries and allies feel the same. Mnuchin says that stringent new regulations are coming, and they’ll likely change the way that all of us interact with crypto, and perhaps even our freedom to do so. Neel Kashkari, the President of the Federal Reserve, is on record as calling crypto ‘a garbage dumpster,’ and so we can expect the Federal Reserve to back the new regulations to the hilt. In other words, they think we’ve all had our fun at the expense of conventional banking systems for long enough, and now it’s time for the conventional financial controls and controllers to fight back.

In a strange way, we can probably blame Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for all of this upheaval. If his company hadn’t tried and failed to get approval from US-based authorities for the doomed pseudo-cryptocurrency Libra, the whole idea of crypto probably wouldn’t have come in for such close scrutiny in the United States of America at all. Now, even the President appears to know what it is, and he doesn’t like it. Before Libra started pursuing official channels, American authorities sort-of knew what cryptocurrency was, but they turned a blind eye to it. Now they’ve been forced to lift the veil and find out what’s there, and it turns out they don’t like it one little bit. Because of that, they’re going to make it as hard and unrewarding for Americans to invest and trade in it as possible.

Right now, the price of Bitcoin hasn’t been affected too much by the announcement of forthcoming regulations. If you know much about the way Bitcoin prices move, that might not be too big a surprise. The scheduled halving event is still expected to go ahead in May, and the currency’s value is currently dependent on that far more than it is on any other external factor. Were the halving not on the radar, it’s likely that Mnuchin’s announcement would have sent Bitcoin’s cost crashing back through the floor. Depending on what’s contained within his package of rules and sanctions, it may still do so.

Ostensibly, Mnuchin’s concerns about Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies like it) is that they’re too anonymous, and they’re too open to use by terrorists, fraudsters, and organized criminals. Money can’t be followed from one place to another, and it’s difficult to know who has what, and where they’ve got it from. To put it another way, they hate it for a lot of the same reasons that the people who trade in it like it. Even those of us who love the concept, though, mostly acknowledge that more needs to be done to ensure that crypto doesn’t become a hiding place for illegal and immoral conduct. Some regulation activity with regard to this might even be welcomed in some quarters, but it’s hard to imagine what such a regulation would look like, or how it could possibly be enforced.

While the winds of change appear to be about to bring band news on the breeze for Americans, their impact on the rest of the world might be limited. Europe, which is generally seen as more forward-thinking when it comes to future technologies than the United States of America, already has an agreed framework for how crypto may or may not be used, and the majority of users and traders are happy to abide by it. Switzerland, in particular, is known for its pro-crypto stance, and it’s very telling that Facebook has decided to switch its Libra operation to that country recently.

It’s hard to say what the final outcome of the American change in attitude to crypto is likely to be, but it appears that we’re about to see a very important test. Will tougher regulations in the USA make it harder for everyone to trade and drag cryptocurrency prices down, or will the world of crypto carry on regardless with very little in the way of change or disruption? If the former happens, we may all have to reluctantly accept that the good times are over, and we’re going to have to make the best of what we still have. If the latter happens, though, it will be a rude awakening for the US Treasury. They’ll have had confirmation that cryptocurrency is a beast that they cannot control and can barely even influence – and that will likely scare the conservatives who set the tone of policy within the organization to death. 

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5 reasons why you should use a brokerage exchange service to buy and convert cryptocurrencies

5 reasons why you should use a brokerage exchange service to buy and convert cryptocurrencies

It is considered that the best place to buy cryptocurrencies exchanges.

But this is a mistake. Let’s think about why we don’t buy fiat currencies on stock and currency exchanges or on the interbank market. Because it takes a lot of time, you need to have quite large amounts, and trading licenses are also a problem. The situation is similar in the cryptocurrency market. Exchanges require a lengthy KYC verification process. the process of withdrawing funds through a merchant can take up to 5 banking days. It should also be remembered that before withdrawing funds, you must conduct trading operations.

What are the advantages of the brokerage service 365Cash.co?

1. You don’t need to go through a lengthy KYC verification process. This is a crucial aspect for those who worry about their anonymity.

2. Low limits and fast execution of the exchange order. If you need a small amount quickly – 365Cash.co is the best choice.

3. The ability to use payment systems like Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash to buy cryptocurrencies at the market rate. Exchanges do not provide this opportunity.

4. Low commission. They do not charge customers a fixed fee for the exchange. They work at the market rate and are completely dependent on the spread.

5. Quick support service. Their operators will solve any issue within 2 minutes, while on the big exchange, you will need to create a ticket to the support service and wait for hours for a response.

Briefly about 365Cash.co

Exchange service 365Cash.co appeared in 2015. For 5 years of existence, they have become not only the largest exchange service in the CIS countries but also conducted more than 1,500,000 exchange operations. The service has more than 20,000 positive reviews from customers and more than 45,000 customers who trust them. They have a profitable referral program where partners can earn up to 30% of their profits. There is also a wide loyalty program.

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Tron Approved Proposal Initiated By BlockchainOrg With Several New Functions Of TVM

Tron Approved Proposal Initiated By BlockchainOrg With Several New Functions Of TVM

According to Justin Sun’s tweet, today, on February 24, a request for voting No. 29 (corresponding to proposal No. 32),

initiated by the super representative BlockchainOrg’s, was approved. Note, that super representatives play a key role in managing the TRON community, providing basic functions such as block generation and verification.As proposal No. 32 is approved, the TRON virtual machine (TVM) will get several new features, including:

  • batch signature verification support;
  • multi-signature verification;
  • determination of the address type.

At the same time, it will further enrich the use of smart contracts. For example, in the case of multi-signature verification, the user can add the validate multisign keyword to verify multiple signatures. Regarding the support function, batch signature verification can be used to support multiple users to sign the same data content (hash). As for the latter function, developers may often encounter a situation of invoking another contract, but some contracts may not want to be called by other contracts, and the call may be restricted using isContract.

Why Is It Important

The main feature of the TRON virtual machine is its easy access for blockchain developers. Besides, the platform is fully integrated with Ethereum products. TVM is convenient for developers, as they can use familiar programming languages, including Ethereum’s Solidity and others. The fact that the system is combined with the Ethereum virtual machine makes it easier for those who create apps based on blockchain. In addition, the system conducts transactions faster and cheaper. Tron platform smart contract transactions and operations are free. Developers will enjoy the flexibility provided by TVM.

It is also planned that TVM will be compatible with the EOS virtual machine and other major virtual machines. Unlike the EOS network, where block producers are elected without the possibility of buying votes, this practice exists in the TRON ecosystem. Super representatives can send all profit they receive for new block generation to purchase votes. Once developers realize that TVM is a universal tool for smart contracts and DApp creation, the Tron ecosystem will get a new impetus for development. Therefore, a decentralized Internet is gradually becoming a reality.

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bZx Hack: Blockchain Security Firm, Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Weigh In

bZx Hack: Blockchain Security Firm, Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Weigh In

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Weighs In

Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee, upon hearing about the exploits, said it was one of the reasons he never trust DeFi. Claiming DeFi is not decentralized, Charlie Lee said most DeFi can be shut down by a centralized party and hacks on cannot be undo or exploited unless more centralization is added. He said: “This is why I don’t believe in DeFi. It’s the worst of both worlds. Most DeFi can be shut down by a centralized party, so it’s just decentralization theatre. And yet no one can undo a hack or exploit unless we add more centralization. So how is this better than what we have now?”

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VPN Protocol Wars in the Blockchain World

VPN Protocol Wars in the Blockchain World

Placeholder VC partner Joel Monegro, in his formative article on value captured by protocols,

explained that shared data layers in decentralized networks and limited supply cryptographic access tokens (i.e., cryptocurrencies) make blockchain protocols valuable and accessible for all. The proliferation of blockchains has led to an influx of these “fat” protocols, which are capturing more value than the leaner application layers on top vis-à-vis thin ones in traditional internet stacks such as TCP/IP. As a result, decentralized protocol solutions looking to solve various problems have come to the fore. Some of these problems being the disadvantages in traditional internet communication, centralized control over web accessibility, and mass surveillance. Blockchain-based VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are a solution to this problem. Two major companies that are working on products in this space are Orchid and Tachyon Protocol. With their VPN services going live this month, let’s compare how the two match up.

An Introduction to Orchid and Tachyon

Orchid is building an open-source internet protocol on top of the internet stack to allow anonymous web access in order to circumvent surveillance states. It does so by incentivizing users to share bandwidth with others in a marketplace setting. This breaks up traffic and directs it over Orchid’s network of distributed nodes. Kind of a decentralized alternative to TOR (The Onion Router). Launched back in 2017, Orchid has so far raised USD 48M from marquee investors such as Sequoia, DFJ, Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, Box Group, Blockchain Capital, etc.

Tachyon Protocol is building an alternate stack to disrupt traditional communication protocols over the internet in order to eliminate drawbacks in TCP/IP. It is a collaboration between X-VPN and V Systems. X-VPN is a renowned VPN service provider used by 50 million + people worldwide. V Systems is a blockchain database cloud project that uses a unique Supernode-Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism for security. Tachyon brings to fruition years of experience and research by Sunny King (inventor of Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism), Peerchemist (Peercoin Project Leader, and President of the Peercoin Foundation) and FinTech investor Alex Yang. More on the collaborators and team members later. With a focus on VPN, both platforms are built on public blockchains (Ethereum and V Systems). Nodes on each network need to stake tokens for verification before they can offer traffic to users. In return, they receive crypto payments (in the respective tokens) through smart contracts. However, there are major differences between the two projects that set them apart.

Orchid vs. Tachyon Protocol

Orchid Protocol works on top of traditional internet protocols and creates a privacy layer using blockchain. This is done by using the open-source WebRTC for transmission to perform preliminary data obfuscation and multi-hop to reduce the chances of data theft. Data obfuscation makes Orchid traffic look like normal internet traffic with no identifier to detect that Orchid is being used. However, this also leads to the possibility of deterioration in the transmission quality of data being moved. In normal practice, data obfuscation has been seen to have adverse impacts on network security and firewall identification. Similarly, multi-hop, while hiding original nodes, does not mask individual node activity in a P2P network. As a result, source nodes can be tracked using traffic analysis. For storage and routing, Orchid uses IPFS and Ethereum’s DHT, respectively.

The Orchid Protocol acts as a layer on top of the normal Internet stack. In comparison, Tachyon Protocol’s approach has been to disrupt the core transmission protocols themselves, thereby providing a more comprehensive solution. It is reconstructing the TCP/IP model using its own iterations of proven P2P technologies – DHT, blockchain, UDP, and encryption.As opposed to WebRTC, it uses its own Booster UDP to improve network connection success rates and transmission quality. The Tachyon Security Protocol is designed for end-to-end encryption and protocol imitation. With respect to multi-hop, the Tachyon Anti-analysis helps multi-relay forwarding to reduce the risk of information exposure after a single node is attacked. Tachyon also uses its own DHT for routing.
Tachyon Protocol replaces traditional Internet Protocols with distributed technologies Orchid is built on Ethereum, which is a mature ecosystem with thousands of dApps and platforms built over it. However, in its current state, the Ethereum chain is limited in terms of TPS (transactions per second) and hence leads to performance bottlenecks during times of high traffic. Orchid Protocol’s whitepaper mentions that if it were to rely on Ethereum solely, the network would allow up to 7 million users only. Comparatively, V Systems, the blockchain on which Tachyon is based, has much higher TPS and hence can theoretically support a billion users. However, it is a smaller ecosystem compared to Ethereum and is relatively newer.

For verification, Orchid Protocol uses a stake weighting plan for nodes with staking time as the adjustable parameter. The initial staking period is set at 30 days, which is good for network security but increases the barrier to entry for user participation since they need to bear more opportunity costs from higher risks of price fluctuations. To solve this issue, Orchid lets nodes with higher/longer stakes to get more traffic. This, however, runs the risk of Matthew effect: “rich get richer, poor get poorer.” In Tachyon Protocol, staking amounts and staking periods are both adjustable parameters, thereby allowing more parameters to be tweaked in the event of an early-stage attack. The initial staking time is set to 7 days in Tachyon. In order to make up for the opportunity costs of users, the system provides fixed staking rewards to participants.

Key team members of Orchid Protocol are:

  • CEO Dr. Steven “Seven” Waterhouse who co-founded RPX Corp and was a project lead at Fortress, Pantera Capital and Sun Microsystems. Steven has extensive experience in the blockchain industry, with key connections in the VC investment space.
  • Co-Founder Brian J. Fox who was the first employee of the Free Software Foundation and is the author of the GNU Bash shell. Brian has a rich experience in open source community development.
  • Co-Founder Jay Freeman who developed the popular Cydia software.
  • Co-Founder Gustav Simonsson, who helped launch Ethereum and is an authority figure in blockchain security.

Key Tachyon people include:

  • Founding Member Sunny King who invented the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and is the founder of V Systems blockchain project. Sunny is a cult hero figure in the cryptocurrency space making rare appearances in public to maintain his anonymity.
  • Founding Member Peerchemist who is a project leader at Peercoin. As an OG crypto developer, he is highly regarded in the developer community and maintains a global developer network influence.
  • Founding Member Alex Yang who is a FinTech investor and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in banking and finance including Nomura as an Executive Director and UBS as a VP. He is also a Co-Founder of Beam Capital.

Sunny King’s first “public appearance” at The Capital event by CoinMarketCap (source).For making settlements, Orchid uses nano payments, which is also one of its major points of focus. Nano payments allow for a large number of small transactions at low transaction costs. However, nano payments aren’t completely untraceable, and as mentioned earlier, individual node traffic can be tracked to identify source nodes.In comparison, Tachyon has a unique mainchain payment channel. In addition to allowing for a large number of small transactions, the transaction fees in the sidechain are nil. Payments using this sidechain method are anonymous since they use payment pools. But the implementation complexity is high.Having analyzed both projects at length, there are certainly pros and cons to both platforms. However, one major advantage that Tachyon has over Orchid is that it is backed by established brands like X-VPN and V Systems, which have been battle-tested by millions of users. As the war of the VPN protocols heats up, it will be interesting to see how these two platforms grow and influence the segment and each other over time.

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KANYE WEST – From Producer/Rapper To Christian Innovator/Entrepreneur

KANYE WEST – From Producer/Rapper To Christian Innovator/Entrepreneur

Kanye West is full of contradictions.  He’s arrogant but self-deprecating. Remarkably rude but also sensitive. His style of hip hop and messages in his music along with his unique persona have made him the most important rap star of the 2000s who had a way to bring mainstream to him rather the other way round. 

The celebrity muso and entrepreneur had a huge impact in early September 2019, when he purchased a 3,200-acre property which is part of Monster Lake Ranch in Cody, Wyoming, now known as West Ranch. He also purchased numerous commercial properties on Cody’s Big Horn Avenue, and a second ranch in the Big Horn Mountains just outside of Shell. 


Working Only For God

In an in-depth interview, at his home in Cody, Wyoming West spoke of his enlightenment and says his addiction to alcohol made him do some crazy things. Now plagued with the stigma of being crazy by some, he himself admits he is cocky and confident that comes across as arrogance, and now says he will only use these traits working for God. All his trials and tribulations have set him on his more committed path to follow Jesus and give service to God. 

Along with his wholehearted commitment to God, West released his first Gospel Album “Jesus Is King”, it was a logical extension to embracing his Christian faith and his new mission. He is also passionate about his Sunday Service, attending every single one accompanied by The Samples, the choir who brings heavenly harmonies with celestial and united praise. 

An estimated 3,800 people attended Kanye West's "Sunday Service" on the grounds of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West on Sunday, Nov. 22. 
Courtesy Levi Meyer, Buffalo Bill Center of the West


Although Kanye never shied away from bringing religious topics into his art, Sunday Service is a new emergence. Bringing together his love of music, fashion, and Jesus Christ, Sunday Service is hand-crafted for the social media age and comes to define this new era of Kanye West attracting crowds of new followers embracing the faith along with other celebrities taking part in the worship.  

Apart from the Gospel albums of original music, recently released, Kanye and the Choir cover contemporary hits from artists, rewriting some of the lyrics accordingly praising God and received heartfelt acclaim from the artists themselves. The video below showcases just some of those songs. 

The Best Samples From Kanye West's 'Sunday Service' | Genius News


Everything Kanye West does now is in service to God. As West explains, he goes to bed each night clearing his head and wakes up in the morning an empty vessel and lets God do the driving. He says it’s now his job to spread the word about Christ. 

“I told you all about what fashion did for me, I told you what Hennessey had done for me, now I’m telling you all about what Jesus has done for me.” 

Kanye knows he is not a religious leader or theologian, he admits he has a lot to learn. He is self-aware and knows he will experience spiritual warfare, however as Kanye stipulates he is about lighting up the world. He is about being a beacon and have others experience joy and imagination. It’s not about entertainment, it’s more about imagination. 

“Witness the imagination and feel good. Know that things are possible. That’s my job and that’s what I am on this earth to do. I ain’t trying to say the right answer, I’m just doing what I feel… trying is failing. There’s no ifs, woulds, coulds or shoulds. It just is and we just are.”

West goes on to say when he talks it’s like a dog whistle. The people that need to hear it, hear it. The people that don’t hear it are afraid to hear it or they don’t believe anything can happen. Many who have not experienced a church like gathering or aware of the gospel are enjoying the realness and relaxed atmosphere West has orchestrated with Sunday Service. Kanye believes this is great for Christian creativity and now that he’s on his new path, this will start a revolution in the creative world of the young people of this generation and the next. West says,

“Christian creativity has been so bland for so long. This will be a cultural wrecking ball. The church is too traditional. God doesn’t just exist in the four walls of a church. God is in everything and is everywhere. ”


Kanye West participating in worship at Sunday Service in Cody, Wyoming. Courtesy, Braeden Roesler


New home For Yeezy Apparel Manufacturing

The influence of rapper/Christian innovator Kanye West continues to grow. Since purchasing the properties in Wyoming, the Christian Innovator has taken steps to build a large meditation center in Cody, however, the permitting process was stopped and is under review by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to determine whether the meditation center would disturb the sage grouse habitat and mule deer migration corridors. 

West also announced that he was moving the headquarters of Adidas Yeezy, his multibillion-dollar shoe and apparel business to Cody. He and partners began preparations for a manufacturing facility, a “sample/prototype lab”, at the former Cody Laboratories warehouse. Meanwhile, Adidas started advertising for jobs based in Cody. 

James Klessens, The CEO for Forward Cody speaks favorably in anticipation of West’s upcoming plans for Cody and the future of Yeezy Manufacturing and interest in sustainable housing and building practices which is another feather in West’s cap as he pursues the idea of eco-friendly Domes, dubbed Star Wars-inspired housing.

He said he plans to move the industry forward on sustainability, starting with hydroponic, cotton, wheat and hemp farming in Cody, along with searching for ways to make the dyeing process less harmful to the environment. The climate and soil are good for hydroponics, along with developing their own fabric from seed to sew, farm to table which offers full sustainability and be able to see the whole process.  

“Our color is a big signature of the brand, but also dyeing is one of the main things that’s impacting the planet and the fashion industry, so just being responsible from A to Z,” West said.


“We Don’t Hope, We Just Do” 

At a seminar held in November of 2019 at the annual Fast Company Innovation Festival in NYC, West revealed that Yeezy plans to create factories in which he wants to hire “second-chance people” who’ve gone through the prison system. He plans to make his manufacturing entirely eco-friendly, moving it all to South and North America in the next two years, including at his 4,000-acre ranch in Cody. So essentially moving manufacturing from overseas to America in order to create jobs. 

Steven Smith, the lead designer of West’s shoe brand Yeezy, said West is not “blowing smoke” about making shoes from beginning to end in the United States. Smith displayed a prototype made in Atlanta the day before the seminar, using in part, algae harvested from ponds. Read more about the eco-friendly process here 

“We’re going to bring jobs back here. We’re going to make Yeezys in America. This is a revolution,” Smith said. “Eco-concerns are intersecting with what we do. This is just the beginning of the future that Kanye envisioned for us to start working on.”

West added: “We took the word ‘try’ out of it and we just ‘do,’ like Yoda says.” 


President Kanye? 

He went on to say, in spite of the chuckles from the audience, 

“When I run for president in 2024, we would have created so many jobs that I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk.”

West first made headlines about running for President in 2015 when he made a cryptic announcement during the MTV VMAs.During an awards acceptance speech, West said, 

"As of this moment, I have decided that I will be running for president in 2020. … We're going to teach our kids to believe in themselves. I don't know what I'm going to lose after this. It don't matter, though. It ain't about me. It's about ideas. People with ideas. People who believe in truth."

Being an avid supporter of Donald Trump, West decided to step back when Trump took office in 2016. Kanye West has come along way since then and still holds dear to his same plans in 2024. 

Kanye West’s vision is to work only for God and the good it can bring humanity. He says we need humility in humanity and everything he does and continues to do will be for his spiritual church. As his brand is an expression of how he feels even the design of his shoes will be aligned with names of verses from the Bible. 


Sunday Service Is Proof That The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

The Sunday Services have been held in many locations across the U.S. Although these are a full-blown Kanye West production you can find him not in the spotlight but in amongst the people and choir, singing and giving praise. These people are all here to give praise and sing their hearts out, using all of their talents. This is a very different atmosphere to a traditional church gathering. 

The look, the sound, the tone was undeniably Kanye West’s vision and creation, and yet for most of the performance, he was as much as an observer as the audience was, only singing or rapping for a small percentage of the service. 

The Lord works in mysterious ways and the Kanye West Sunday Services had many worshippers thinking, why do we feel so good? Is that the spirit? Is this holy? Of course, it is. 

West brought his gospel choir and band to the masses in South L.A. and delivered an unforgettable performance that deserves an Amen. In the video below, listen to the amazing introduction of the service as choir director, Jason White raised his hands and the choir sang loudly and fervently to the tune of Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna”, the very powerful choral piece from Carmina Burana. West had rewritten the 85-year-old classic so instead of the singers belting out the original lyrics which are…

O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis

they sang…

“Jesus is King!
The King of Kings!
Our God, give praise forever!”

Later in this service, Kenny G appeared along with rap artist, Clipse, performing the song “Use This Gospel”  surprising and delighting the already overwhelmed crowd. 

The music, vocals, and choreography were positively inspirational and are destined to spread the word. The performance, lighting, sound, and spirit makes his newer material, “Jesus Is King” album a very powerful and unique live experience. These Sunday Services are perfect for relaying the Gospel and humanitarian truths in an unorthodox setting, as more newfound followers gather in united praise bringing peace, joy and spiritual enlightenment to the masses. 

Jesus is King. Kanye is just his "hype man".

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Bitcoin (BTC) Meets New Year with a Slide

Bitcoin (BTC) Meets New Year with a Slide

BTC is once again teetering on the edge of a price drop, as the $7,300 support level was lost again.

Bitcoin (BTC) will end 2019 on a downward note, after breaking down below the $7,300 support level.

BTC failed to rally after breaking above $7,500, and the latest gains turned into just a short-term weekend rally. On the last day of 2019, BTC sank to $7,277.66, re-sparking fears of a deepening downward trend and a search for new lows. Until the last moment, it has been highly uncertain what direction the leading coin could take. BTC trading volumes were also unwinding, down to about $22 billion’s equivalent in 24 hours. The BTC market cap dominance is stuck at 68.2%, as altcoins once again slid even faster. For 2020, the consensus is that BTC may move sideways, or go through a slide retesting continued lows. There is cautious optimism that a rally will be possible, though few expect a direct path to much higher valuations. In the last month, BTC broke out above several resistance levels, but those moves failed to spark a bigger rally. The leading asset essentially remained stuck, unable to break above $8,000 again.

Renewed predictions see $7,800 as the new potential resistance level that, if turned into support, could lead the BTC price to a higher range of stability. But unlike earlier years, BTC volatility is down again. The BTC volatility index shrank from about 4% to 3%, as prices move in a smaller range. Crypto sentiment has been on the negative side toward the end of 2020, and the mood may continue in 2020. The question now is whether BTC would gain enough support to retain stability, or would plunge to a temporary low. For 2020, extreme predictions include new highs, repeating usual numbers of $20 to $50,000. Extreme lows predicted by Peter Schiff see BTC slide as low as $1,000. The more conservative prediction see BTC making a temporary low at $5,000, but also possibly recovering to the $10,000 range.

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