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What Is Waves?

What Is Waves?


The Waves (WAVES) platform is an open-source, blockchain-based network for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps).

According to its creators, the Waves platform allows developers to build software solutions that are compatible with the evolving Web 3.0 standard. As noted on its official website, the developers of Waves believe blockchain technology has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of a wide range of routine business procedures. These may include processes involving supply chain management, developing tokenized economies, and building secure data transfer platforms.

Addressing the Blockchain Scalability Problem

By leveraging the transparent and immutable nature of blockchain technology, Waves’ development team intends to build a fast, secure, energy-efficient, and “versatile” financial ecosystem. The Waves platform uses the Waves-NG protocol to achieve fast transaction speeds and consistently high network throughput. As noted in its technical documentation, Waves-NG aims to solve the scalability problem by reducing transaction confirmation times to seconds – instead of minutes (like on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks)

Waves Platform Supports 13 Different Types of Transactions

In order to provide greater flexibility and allow developers to build advanced dApps, the Waves platform supports 13 different types of transactions. These include alias, burn, and data transactions (among others). An alias transaction is a short and easy-to-remember name for a Waves address that cannot be deleted. As its name implies, a burn transaction is used to burn (or destroy) crypto tokens on the Waves platform. Meanwhile, a data transaction records data to Waves’ account data storage system.

Using the Energy Efficient Proof of Stake Consensus Algorithm

As mentioned on its website, the Waves platform uses a proof-of-stake (PoS)-based consensus protocol – as it requires a relatively small amount of computing power and electricity when compared to the energy-intensive proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism. The Waves network is able to maintain low transaction costs as it does not require “gas” to function and users are only required to pay a small transfer fee with the WAVES token. 

dApps Created Using “Purpose-Designed” Programming Language

As an open-source blockchain, the Waves platform allows developers to build scalable, enterprise-grade applications. According to its developers, the Waves blockchain uses “persistent” scripts (which execute in an automatic and trustless manner) to maintain the security of the network. dApps may be developed on the Waves platform by using a “purpose-designed” programming language, called RID

Fast Debugging Process, dApps Don’t Require “Variable” Gas to Run

As explained, dApps built on the Waves network do not require “variable” gas to run. The Waves platform also supports atomic execution, meaning that the output from dApps is only registered on the blockchain if all its associated scripts are able to run properly. Debugging or checking for errors in software programs is fast and “code ambiguity” does not affect the execution process. This, as Waves’ RIDE is a “strongly-typed” programming language.

Managing Private Keys with Waves Keeper

In order to support secure cryptocurrency transactions, the Waves team has created a browser extension, called the “Waves Keeper.” Users can install the extension in order to manage their private keys and conduct secure transactions on dApps and other Waves-based web services. Waves’ suite of products also includes a user-friendly and secure multi-currency wallet. In addition to supporting transactions in major cryptoassets including bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and litecoin (LTC), the Waves wallet allows fiat currency (USD, Euros) transfers.

Waves Lab Focused on Developing Web 3.0 Compatible Technologies

The developers of Waves have launched a project incubator organization, known as Waves Lab, which aims to support application developers and blockchain startups. The management at Waves Lab intends to work with development teams that are focused on building decentralized technologies for the Web 3.0 standard. In order to accelerate the growth and adoption of crypto-related technology, the Waves Lab offers “financial, technical, and marketing support” to fintech startups. The Waves team also helps developers learn how to create dApps that are written in the RIDE smart contract language.

Vostok, a Blockchain Platform for Large Enterprises

Waves’ developers have created a separate platform, called Vostok, which allows large enterprises and public organizations to build blockchain-powered software. As noted on Vostok’s official website, the initiative was launched in order to develop “modern information infrastructure” for the rapidly evolving digital economy. In addition to leveraging blockchain technology, the Vostok project uses artificial intelligence, big data, neural networks, and internet-of-things (IoT)-based applications to collect and validate information. The Vostok platform has also been designed to help organizations perform predictive analysis and pattern detection and access distributed storage services.

Waves’ Developers Propose New “Decentralized Token Rating System”

In late April 2019, Waves’ development team proposed a new protocol for “decentralized asset verification.” According to Waves’ management, the platform’s community members and data providers such as BetterTokens will offer information regarding which crypto tokens are “safe and reliable. The Waves community will provide a “collective” rating score for token projects, in order to help investors make more informed decisions. 

Waves’ Developers to Focus on Creating Improve Trading Tools

On May 30th, 2019, Waves’ developers revealed that they would be prioritizing the development of new trading features on the platform’s DEX Client App. Instead of developing the Waves DEX as a “universal application”, the Waves team has decided to mainly focus on improving the trading process on the peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange. However, Waves’ management clarified that the platform’s flagship products such as its multi-currency wallet and token leasing option will remain “an integral part” of the DEX App.

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John McAfee – The Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Prankster

John McAfee – The Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Prankster

There are many sides to John McAfee. The Silicon Valley multi-millionaire, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, the party animal, prankster, the international fugitive, presidential candidate, cybersecurity guru and now considered a crypto expert where his advocacy for many ICO’s is largely sought after. 

Back in the 1970s and 80’s John McAfee developed a serious drug habit, including while he worked as a programmer at NASA. He even “dealt” drugs for a while but says he has not touched drugs for 35 years. Some would argue but to me, he just seems to be high on life.

John McAfee pioneered anti-virus software bearing his name that is still used by millions of computers today. John said he created the McAfee anti-virus software in less than two days and 4 million people were using it within a month. He made his fortune when he sold his security software company. Over the years he spent millions on properties, fine arts, and vintage cars.

After the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, McAfee publically announced in 2009 that he lost most of his fortune. He did sell a Rodeo and a property in New Mexico but later said he was just “using” the media when he said he lost his fortune. He even staged auctions to try and fool the media. 

“I’ve had 200 lawsuits because my name is John McAfee. No, I did not lose everything. I wanted to stop people trying to sue me, MacAfee said. “No, I did not lose my fortune! I’m not that stupid.” 


The Seachange

Later in 2009, McAfee took a Carribean seachange and bought a home in Ambergris Caye, a little island off the Belize mainland where he lived with his what some call a harem of ladies, an entourage of armed guards and a pack of guard dogs. He also bought a secluded property, deep in the jungle in Orange Walk where he was working on a plant-based antibiotic. 

John had no expertise in this area but being the entrepreneur that he is, it was a topic that interested him greatly so he built a laboratory, hired a microbiologist to help manufacture what he believed to be the next innovation in health care. Perhaps the next wonder drug. 

McAfee – The Philanthropist

McAfee was happy in the fact he was also helping the locals by feeding poor families and providing them with jobs. The philanthropic part of his nature. It was either generosity or self-interest that prompted McAfee to also donate masses of equipment to the Belize police. Equipment consisting of guns, tasers, handcuffs, pepper spray, batons, etc. He even built them a police station in the town of Orange Walk. McAfee said they would often drive by his house waving their weapons and saluting with gratitude. “It empowered them,” he said. 



But then, McAfee was starting to ruffle some feathers as he was employing thugs and ex-criminals for his security team. He appointed himself as a crimefighter to chase off the local drug dealers and had some success. But his troubles really began when he refused to pay a bribe to a senior politician. 

He claims that the politician was probably close to $2 million a year out of pocket he was getting from the drug trade before McAfee threw the drug dealers out of the area, so the politician’s way of thinking was that McAfee owed it to him. At that point, the politician went away, all went quiet and McAfee thought that was the end of that saga. 
A week later when McAfee thought all was going well and he was on the verge of something with the development of his antibiotics project when the politician along with the Belize government caused a raid on his lab in 2012 by the police department’s Gang Suppression Unit for suspicion of manufacturing methamphetamine in his lab at Orange Walk. McAfee’s lab was destroyed. He says the raid was retribution for his refusal to be extorted by the government. 

He also claims the Sinaloa Cartel runs the Belize government and they want him to shut up as he knows too much about the corruption there. No law enforcement agency would corroborate his claims. 

Notably, no methamphetamine was found at the lab and he was never charged. McAfee abandoned the jungle and moved back to his home in Ambergris Caye. 

Many people of the town were working at the lab or collecting flowers for processing antibiotics, so they knew it wasn’t a drug lab, but they had to have some legal reason to obtain the warrant so the authorities arrested him with weapons charges. They then released him after they held him for hours in handcuffs. They also shot his dog in front of his eyes. McAfee is still seething at the injustice.  

Paranoia Or Preparedness

John McAfee has since had a meager lifestyle seeking out safe havens in which he feels he has total control of his surroundings. Some say John McAfee is paranoid, but he says “it’s not about paranoia but about being prepared”. Although he is the first to admit that maybe he must be a little paranoid to be able to develop the security software. (Tongue in cheek)   

Since he started McAfee, his software company, he has carried weapons for protection. McAfee says “I have no fascination with guns, I have a fascination with survival.”

The Prankster

McAfee is a renowned prankster so he created this satirical video on how to uninstall the McAfee Anti-virus software. Throughout the video, he makes light his harem of 7 ladies that lived with him in Belize and of his affinity with weapons and drugs. The company that now owns the software that still bears his name called the video ludicrous and said it has no basis in reality. 

When asked in an interview why he makes these bizarre videos, his reply at that time to the media who he considered his most recent enemy was, 

“Why not? Because I’m 67 and bored is one reason. It’s a lot of fun, I get to hang out with scantily clad cute gals is the second reason, and the third reason is, I  get to say something that the world will actually listen to that you can’t edit”.



The running theme in McAfee’s life is the danger posed by “others.” This is possibly why he was able to not only diagnose computer viruses before anyone else but also prescribe an antidote being the McAfee anti-virus. 

John McAfee’s consistent and passionate warnings about cybersecurity need to be heeded…

“Our freedoms are being restricted," he said. "Our security is being eroded, and we have no more privacy. If we lose privacy, we lose civilization and we will certainly lose our humanity.”

McAfee is quite the enigma and he probably summed it up best when he was asked…: 
How would you define yourself? Are you a madman? Are you paranoid? Are you an entrepreneur? Who are you?

“All of the above," McAfee answered. "I mean, I’m a mad man to some people because, I don’t follow the normal rules, you know, the drummer that leads me is an odd drummer. But I follow the sound.”

He has been involved in a tremendous amount of nastiness during his life but beyond that McAfee is charming. He speaks with a tone that alternates between confidential and menacing. He’s very polite and prone to physically taking people under his wing. He wraps his arm around them as he talks. He talks fast and when he talks about the things he cares about his voice cracks with passion. 
To be continued… 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 







Complete Hybrid Automation Includes Video Channels, Conference Rooms and Augmented Reality

Complete Hybrid Automation Includes Video Channels, Conference Rooms and Augmented Reality

Markethive has been a vision of Founder and CEO, Thomas Prendergast, spanning more than 20 years of his Entrepreneurial existence offline and online. After much success in his previous companies, he saw what could be achieved for the betterment of all when the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency came on the scene. Although operational and experiencing rapid growth, Markethive has been in Beta for the past 4 years perfecting the system. Now his vision is fast becoming a reality with Launch imminent in just months.

Over the course of writing articles about Markethive and dissecting their products and services to give a better understanding of what this platform and system are all about and how it can benefit you, there are more facets of Markethive below, making it more unique and the next generation in Social/Market Media. 

Video Channel

Markethive’s video channel is a hybrid system. Similar in function to Youtube and Hangouts, but will also auto-upload your video to your other video channel accounts like our Roku channel, Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Channels allow you to create, curate and collate your own special thematic home for videos on Markethive. Create a Channel to give your viewers a destination to watch your videos, or set up a Channel to showcase videos from other Markethive members. Other people can subscribe to your channel, and the videos you add will show up in their news feed.

Image Sharing Platform

 Image sharing will be hosted on each member’s unique domains when we launch our exclusive CPanel option on our future TLD .hive. (Top-level domain -TLD). In essence, that means each member will have their own assigned domain with Hivesfeed.com  and will look like this… username.hivesfeed.com. 

The primary purpose of image sharing is for including images on your Newsfeed, blogs, capture pages, and your own WordPress sites. Image sharing will also have organizational directories and public to private authorization accessed for your Profile pages image directory.

Conference Rooms

Markethve’s conference rooms operate via the peer to peer via the blockchain, secure and private. Run with an avatar engine, accessed via an API so the room is branded according to you, includes whiteboards, desk sharing, and auto-schedule into your widgets and Google calendar.

The Google Calendar has been integrated into the Markethive Calendar for both time-management and scheduling Markethive events, webinars, and leads all auto-publish to your Google calendar in many of the services in the Markethive environment.

Markethive Enters The Race

I love this video with CEO Thomas Prendergast and CTO Douglas yates, not only explaining their backgrounds, the most important fundamentals of Markethive and what it stands for but also showcasing the incredible augmented reality of the three individuals talking. Fascinating… 

Copyright Directive

With recent legislation enacted in March 2019, namely Article 11 (link tax) and Article 13 This law is designed to stop users from uploading copyrighted content by forcing platforms to build massive filters or face huge lawsuits and fines.  Markethive simply gives you your own domain for all your content, videos and images to originate from. 
When you join Markethive you receive (for free) a CPanel control panel and WordPress system built into your assigned domain, a subdomain of hivesfeed.com AKA username.hivesfeed.com. This way you control all your content, without the worry or hassles of government overreach and anti-freedom regulations designed to stifle the start-ups and small entrepreneur.

Free System – Free Speech

All of this for free incorporated into a transparent blockchain system, the platform is completely decentralized delivering on our principles of privacy, transparency, and free speech.
We are not spying on you; shadow banning you; or terminating accounts, for any reason.

We Are All Entrepreneurs 

Reid Hoffman is quoted saying… 
“I believe every individual is now an entrepreneur, whether they recognize it or not”  

He goes on to say…
“The average job length these days is two to four years. (Gone are the days when people stayed in a job for 40 years.) So, that makes a person a Small Business. You are the entrepreneur of your own small business. How do you get to your next gig? How do you do your career progression? All these things now fall on the individual shoulders. And so, they’re essentially an entrepreneur.”


When you develop a proprietary suite of advanced, effective inbound marketing tools, News & PR sites and integrate the entire system into a LinkedIn, YouTube, FaceBook like social network and interface on the Blockchain, you have the world’s first entrepreneur business person’s social network. 

Then offer the entire system for free to the entire worldwide market of entrepreneurs. That includes small businesses, local businesses, regional businesses, global businesses, cottage industries, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, affiliate marketers, software innovators, musicians, churches, political platforms, political candidates, distributors, network marketers, innovators, and dreamers! Which one are you? 



ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 





MacAfee – A Revolution Of One  Running For POTUS

MacAfee – A Revolution Of One 

Running For POTUS

The adventures of John McAfee has been a fascinating and ongoing saga full of intrigue. He is certainly an international man of mystery. McAfee has been on the run from authorities since 2012 when he was accused of fatally shooting his neighbor in Belize. He is still currently a person of interest but denies any involvement. He escaped Belize without making himself available to talk to the Belize cops as he believes it is just a ruse to capture him for the US authorities who he maintains they want to silence him, for good. 

His main communication with the world and his 1.2 million followers is his Twitter account where he stated. 

“I want you all to know that everything I have done, I have done for the cause of freedom, I want a world in which authorities discover crimes, not manufacture them. A free world.” 

5 Star Hotel Accommodation

He is currently on the run evading the US authorities who earlier this year indicted him for tax evasion. Communicating out of his Faraday cage, in an unknown location somewhere in this world, McAfee does keep himself busy working on many different projects. He is running his presidential campaign for the 2020 elections and has enlisted 1000’s of volunteers in the US across the nation who are doing a thorough job in his absence. 

“I Am a presidential candidate with 1.2 mil followers. My crime is not filing tax returns – not a crime. The rest is propaganda by the U.S. government to silence me. My voice is the voice of dissent. If I am silenced, dissent itself will be next.”

McAfee claimed the world did not need income tax and should his run for the White House be successful next year, he will abolish it. 

‘In America, prior to the civil war, we had no income tax and we survived fine” he said. “There are a thousand ways to vastly improve our country and our government with no taxes. Road use is one. We have millions of miles of roads in America. What if we pay based on our use of the roads? Why should someone who never uses them have to pay the same as someone who does a million miles a year? That would generate enough revenue to pay for everything” 

Although he always had a problem with income taxes, eight years ago John McAfee had no problems with the IRS, especially after paying a hundred million dollars in taxes. He then suddenly became a target for the IRS because of his talks about how people can avoid income taxes using Bitcoin. 

On The Run

Soon after, John finds out that he and his whole family received unspecified IRS charges and a court date. Refusing to put his family in harm’s way, he sailed to the Bahamas where he discovered that the Bahamian government also had a list of ridiculous charges from the IRS against him. John went to Cuba, but the chase with the US government continues. John encountered a lot of obstacles while on the run against the IRS, leading him to hide in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe until the 2020 Presidential elections arrive.

Profound But Hysterical

He does have a wicked sense of humor and very entertaining. Although some people think he’s paranoid and somewhat delusional, it has to be said, he seems to be more in touch with life, very philosophical, with a sincere sense of empathy and it certainly does take a character like him to stand up and help lead the world out of its turmoil and tyranny. 

As a crypto advocate, he sees the incredible freeing possibilities Blockchain and Cryptocurrency can have on society. He urges people to educate themselves and we will be looking into his crypto habits and advice along with his extraordinary adventures, past and present in subsequent blogs. 

“Yes. I'm still running for President. Please! Be warned.”

Not In It To Win It

John McAfee ran for president in 2016 under the libertarian banner. He got in all the debates including the national debates back then. He said he had “a blast”, but he went about it all wrong.  He was playing politics as normal, but this time he isn’t. He is running for US president on a pro-cryptocurrency platform. 

 McAfee knows he will not win and doesn’t expect to. He is running purely because it gives him the opportunity to access the national stage to try to wake people up a little more. To paraphrase, he says, it is a mistake to underestimate the intelligence of the average American person. Slowly people are waking up to what they are subject to by the Governments, higher authorities, and oligarchs.  

McAfee seems to have realistic expectations for his current presidential run saying,

“Don’t think I have a chance at winning. I do not. But what truly changes America is not the president, but the process of creating one”  

When all said and done, McAfee’s presidential bid will raise his profile and probably won’t do any damage to his bottom line either. John revealed he is charging $105,000 per tweet to promote a cryptocurrency or an initial Coin Offering. Up there for thinking! 



ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 





How Does Markethive Create Token Velocity? 

How Does Markethive Create Token Velocity? 

What Is The Difference Between A Token And Coin? 

Firstly, let’s set the stage to determine what the terms Coin and Token really mean. They are often used interchangeably however they are fundamentally different. A crypto coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Markethive Coin have their own Blockchain, otherwise known as an Independent Distributed Ledger used for transactional purposes. Coins have the same characteristics as money. They are fungible, divisible, acceptable, portable and durable with a limited supply. 

Tokens are a representation of a particular asset or utility. It usually resides on top of another blockchain.  Generating a token does not require creating a blockchain from scratch. They are fundamentally made possible through a smart contract and are created to fund project development or start-up company as is the case with the  Markethive ILP. (Incentivized Loan Program)

To sum it up, coins are a method of payment, while tokens represent a company’s share or provide access to a product or service within the company. Coins are fundamentally currencies that are used for buying and selling things. You can buy a token with a coin, but you cannot buy a coin with a token. 

Coins operate independently while a token has a specific use in a project's ecosystem. 


How Important Is Coin Or Token Velocity?

What is Velocity? Velocity is the speed at which transactions take place and is a key aspect that affects the value of the coin in the future. Velocity is correlated to transactional volume so a level of currency movement is needed in a healthy economy. 

In attempting to describe token or coin velocity, there are a few different explanations that vary in their solution. It’s a whole new way of looking at value creation that requires a different level of abstraction as illustrated in this blog post.

Low velocity essentially means people are holding on to the coin which minimizes the velocity, in the hope the price increases. In actuality, if you hold all coins and nobody trades or utilizes it then the transactional volume collapses and so does the price of the coin simply because there is no demand. 

People may store it simply due to speculation of a price increase. More speculation drives the price up further, however, the process also works in reverse as people start to sell the coin. The more people sell, the further decrease in price. Fundamentally, because there is no need to hold the coin as the price is only linked to speculation.

Velocity that is too high can also be detrimental to the coin. There are currently many token economies being projected as purely a medium of exchange token. 

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. A decentralized Cab company creates a token to be used within its economy, so all passengers using their service need to acquire their token for payment. So the passenger converts Fiat or BTC to the company’s “Cabcoin” to pay the driver. The driver immediately converts it back into Fiat or BTC as no member wants to hold the coin because all other expenses are in fiat. After all, they have bills to pay. 

If the company grew as big as Uber, then the transactional volume would be very high and so would the velocity. Overall, the company may have $40 billion in value, but their Cabcoin would not accrue this value. 


Velocity – Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold – JUST RIGHT

Goldilocks Zone – Clearly the ideal velocity needs to be maintained within a range. Too low is damaging and so is too high.  There needs to be a balance between holding, circulating, and transacting to maintain a healthy ecosystem and sustainability to ensure the coin value. 

Token Economies are still very new technology so more research needs to be performed. Even the financial experts in the field of economics have conflicting analogies at present. They are calling it an economic tautology, however, it stands to reason we at Markethive are on the right track here. 

Not only is Markethive Coin a medium of exchange, but it also has great utility value in its products and services. It is a consumer coin so there is a need to hold it and consume it within the ecosystem of Markethive. 


Maintaining The “Just Right” Velocity

There are different scenarios that can be used to adjust velocity. These involve incentivizing members or coin users to hold at least some of their coins for an extended period of time and also use them within the ecosystem. If the consumer or utility benefit of the ecosystem doesn't go beyond the holding cost, then the system will struggle to achieve adoption. These include: 

Products and Services

As Markethive is a Social Network with much sought after products and services, the traction and membership are ever-increasing at an exponential rate, therefore, creating more demand, which in turn diminishes supply which leads to an increase in the coin price. 


This gives all members an opportunity to accumulate their coins just by taking part in daily activities where they consistently earn MHV on the platform thus creating velocity. As the demand increases, the supply drops which in turn increases the price. 

Tipping is another way to keep the coin circulating within the ecosystem. 

Gamification is fun and creates incentives for members to accumulate and hold the coin.

Become a Store Of Value

When people see real value in a token or coin, they are more willing to hold on to excess tokens for longer rather than selling them. 


Become A Cryptocurrency

When people trust the stability of the coin compared to other alternatives they hold the currency so they can purchase goods and services with the coin within that ecosystem at any given time. If the users of the network are also providers of the network, they are not likely to sell their coin.

The Vault – Staking

The Vault will be designed and implemented prior to the wallet being added. Once the wallet is active, Markethive Ad Credits and MHV Coins can be purchased and transferred over into the Vault. So this is like an online banking system. It’s a savings account with interest paid on it. This is an ingenious way to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Markethive Ecosystem. That’s a whole other blog for a later time.

 Profit-Sharing – Loyalty Program

Markethive’s Incentivized Loan Program (ILP) is another perfect example and trumps the issue of an unbalanced velocity. In this case, you’re not buying a safe with a limited number of tokens, you’re buying a field full of oil wells. As the Markethive Coin (MHV) is already active on the blockchain and in exchanges, this makes it possible to purchase a percentage of an ILP with the Markethive Coin. 

An added advantage is the fact that we are a meritocracy and all Markethive members are able to take part in and own a portion of an ILP which means they share in the success and wealth of Markethive. 

You will be able to buy MHV from exchanges (open market) and transfer into Markethive to buy ILP before the wallet is launched. 

  • 1 ILP will cost 1 million MHV
  • ½ ILP will cost 600,000 MHV
  • ¼ ILP will cost  350,000 MHV
  • 1/10 ILP will cost 200,000 MHV
  • 100thILP will cost 5,000 MHV

All the way to a 1000th ILP (to be advised) 

Once the wallet is launched you will then be able to sell your ILPs to the many who want them. As the velocity and the price of the coin increases the number of ILPs will reduce. They will diminish just as the airdrops and micropayments will reduce. 

There will always be a percentage of people “cashing out” their coin, however, given the nature, utility and consumer value of Markethive will ensure a healthy combination of transactional, and holding activity. 


After much research, I have discovered the velocity of tokens and coins to be a very complex topic, with very little data to draw analogies from. From what I understand and agree with is there has to be a Goldilocks Zone to maximize the complete economy of any given token or coin and its ability to capture and essentially hold its value.  

A token that is only a medium of exchange has a very strong chance of falling victim to price manipulation. Alternatively, Markethive has in place, numerous velocity stabilizers including staking, (The Vault), network utility expansion, and the fact it is a cryptocurrency coin, will keep the balance of velocity. This ensures that the velocity is maintained for the initial and long term price of MHV and is indicative of a healthy Markethive Ecosystem. A strong economy will in turn sustainably increase MHV’s price.
Coins or Tokens that are structured to capture a significant portion of the economic value generated by the network will reward both the investors who took on early-stage risk as well as the platform who can continue to fund development through the retention of now valuable tokens. 

There is a huge market looking for what Markethive does. You’re not just buying or earning to accumulate a coin, you’re buying an oil field. Markethive is an eternal economy that has more demand than supply, therefore, the demand will continue to outstrip the supply. The bottom line being the Markethive Consumer Coin (MHV) and Incentivized Loan Program or ILP Token (HFS) will only become increasingly more valuable. 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 






ENTREPRENEUR ONE UPGRADE Introducing The Cherry On Top 

Introducing The Cherry On Top 


By now a good many members of Markethive are either a part of or at least heard of the Entrepreneur Upgrade Program.  This has now been broken down into separate grades as explained in this blog by Thomas Prendergast, the Founder, CEO, visionary and creator of this much needed and sought after platform whether a person realizes it or not. There is a huge market looking for what we do. 

There are so many facets of Markethive, it can be a little overwhelming at first, but the bottom line is you have everything and I mean everything here to succeed in whatever it is you do.  There have been 20+ years of high energy poured into Markethive. This is a Divine inspiration, this is spiritual magic-ness, and is putting everybody who signs up into the business first and foremost. 

We are at *Entrepreneur One Upgrade (*EP1) presently which is the premium highest level you can acquire. It contains all the services, loyalties and advantages to leverage and accelerate your success here at Markethive. This is limited and will cease by year-end. Keep in mind that the Entrepreneur One Upgrade status is yours for life, along with all the benefits it offers, as long as you continue the $100 monthly subscription. 

The Banner Ad Program With A Twist

The Entrepreneur One Upgrade is the only program that will have the Banner Ad Program included. But here’s the kicker… Banner Ad Slots are up for Bidding! 

Let’s face it, some people are saying “I have no use for the Banner Ad Program”. Or “I don’t use them. I don’t have a personal business that requires banner advertising”  Being an Entrepreneur One Upgrade now gives you the opportunity to have a Banner business. This is totally exclusive to the Entrepreneur Upgrade One member. Let me explain… 

If you are an Entrepreneur One Upgrade (EP1) You will now be able to put your Banner Slots up for bid. If you have no need to use them yourself why not sell them?  

Coming soon, there will be a group in Markethive with an interface where all members can visit and view the banner slots, times and dates available etc, that are up for bid. You can stipulate whatever price you see fit. Also, Markethive Coin (MHV) will be the only currency used to purchase the banner slots.


How Does It Work

The Bidder pays you for the banner slot. They will then upload their banner into your Banner Control System and the Markethive Admin will take the necessary steps to approve it.

Note: There are certain guidelines and qualifications that need to be followed when creating a banner: 

  • Ensure your banner is sized to 960px x 80px.
  • Use images with white or transparent backgrounds.
  • Fade any graphics to white that touch the banner edge.

If it doesn’t meet the qualifications. Markethive reserves the right to make changes to it. This will be free of charge as an Entrepreneur. 

So now you can sell your banner slots if you are not going to use them for your personal business. This is a limited resource to an ever-expanding market. The demand is only going to continue to increase.


A Lucrative Business Within A Business

Imagine that you, and only a handful of others having total control over the banners that are being sold on Coinmarketcap for an average of $300,000+ a month! To break it down, at Coinmarketcap you will pay $16 per CPM (Clicks Per Mille = 1 Thousand Impressions) 
On average the estimated impressions for a top banner per month is 26,595,000. That works out to $425,520 per month. 

Banner advertising is a very lucrative business and a proven way to acquire visitors and signups for your business, especially on a popular website. Also, as a rule of thumb, the lower your Alexa Rank, the more you can charge for banner advertisements. Coinmarketcap currently sits at 382 on Alexa Ranking. 


Markethive, with an ever decreasing Alexa ranking (currently at 13,179) and a consistently increasing number of unique visitors and members at Markethive, along with the chance to pay only $100 per month into a loyalty program (*EP1) where you get ownership of a limited resource of the most prominent, sought after advertising spot in Markethive make this an exceptional lucrative opportunity. 

At present,  Markethive is receiving nearly 100,000 unique visitors a day and steadily growing organically.



To give you an example, let’s say the EP1 is capped at 300 members. 100,000 unique visitors divided by 300 EP1s = 333 impressions on one page. The number of impressions into 50 pages per day would equate to 16,700 equalling 501,000 impressions per month. So if you had to pay a rate of $10 per CPM, that would equal $5,010 a month for banner advertising expenses. Keep in mind these banners will be viewed on the complete Markethive Network and all other systems that we have, so the number of impressions any banner receives will be exponential. 

You will get this type of exposure for only $100 per month with the Entrepreneur Upgrade One, and now we have the cherry on top where any EP1 member can create a Banner Ad business within the Markethive system by putting their unused Banner slots up for bid and being paid in MHV. 


Coin Velocity

This is just one more way Markethive is increasing our coin velocity. The fact that we are a meritocracy, exponentially growing daily as a social network with all the marketing tools, gamification, and loyalty programs we have and are still implementing is ensuring the credibility, velocity, and ultimate success of the Markethive Ecosystem and its Universal Income.

 Many coins and tokens on the market have no velocity as they don’t have a real use case. All the services free and otherwise Markethive offers, increase the velocity, supply, and demand of the MHV coin. Utilizing the coin within Markethive for services and loyalty programs including but not limited to,

  • Faucets/Micropayments
  • Incentive Loan Program
  • Press Releases 
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Banner advertisement 
  • Banner Slot Bids
  • Boosting Posts
  • The Vault

By the very nature of MHV being a consumer coin, it’s not open to speculation like many other coins on the market. The benefits of being on the inside of Markethive transacting with MHV in its ecosystem are many, and while this is happening velocity and demand increase.  The added benefit is the Markethive Exchange and MHV being listed on 3rd party exchanges gives it liquidity. 



The introduction of the Banner Slot Bidding which is a great way to earn even more income is just one more reason to Upgrade to Entrepreneur One before it closes for good.  

Soon we will be able to buy MHV from open market Exchanges and transfer into your Coin Clip in Markethive to purchase ILPs with MHV. I will delve deeper into that topic in a future blog. Stay tuned for updates and more exciting things to come. 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 







Who Is John David McAfee? 

Who Is John David McAfee? 

Some of you may be familiar with John McAfee if you had a computer and installed his anti-virus software back in the day. Historically, he founded the McAfee Software company way back in 1987 and was instrumental in running the business until 1994 when he resigned from the company. McAfee Associates achieved early success as the creators of McAfee, the first commercial anti-virus software. The business was bought by Intel in 2011 with TPG Capital now owning a majority stake since 2017 and now produces a range of enterprise security software. 

A Bit About John

John McAfee was born in the United Kingdom in 1945 on a U.S. Army Base to an American father who was stationed there. His mother was English. They settled in Salem, Virginia US where McAfee was raised. However, he has said he feels as much British as he is American. It was unfortunate that McAfee’s father, an abusive alcoholic, committed suicide when he was just 15 years old. 

He went on to achieve a bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1967, from Roanoke College which subsequently awarded him an honorary Doctor Of Science (Sc.D) degree in 2008.  

McAfee was employed as a programmer by NASA's Institute for Space Studies in New York City from 1968 to 1970. From there he went to Univac as a software designer and later to Xerox as an operating system architect. In 1978 he joined Computer Sciences Corporation as a software consultant. He worked for consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton from 1980–1982 In the 1980s, while employed by Lockheed, McAfee received a copy of the Brain-computer virus and began developing software to combat viruses.

He then went on to open his own company McAfee Associates in 1987 while working at Lockheed. In 1989 he quit Lockheed and worked fulltime on his business which he initially operated out of his home in Santa Clara, California. 

Since leaving McAfee Associates in 1997, he has founded the companies Tribal Voice (makers of the PowWow chat program), QuorumEx and Future Tense Central, among others, and has been involved in leadership positions in the companies Everykey, MGT Capital Investments, and Luxcore, among others. His personal and business interests include smartphone apps, cryptocurrency, yoga, and all-natural antibiotics. 

John McAfee’s wealth peaked in 2007 at $100 million, before his investments plummeted in the event of the Global Financial Crisis that began that year. It was reported that his personal fortune had declined to $4 million. 

He bounced back when he moved to Belize where he started the company, QuorumEx in 2010 which aimed to produce commercial all-natural antibiotics based on anti-quorum sensing technology. He resided for a number of years in Belize but later returned to the United States in 2013.

McAfee is also a political activist, who sought the 2016 Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election, losing to former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. He has since announced his plans to run for president in the 2020 elections. His primary platform is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. He did state that he will either seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party for a second time or form his own party. 

This is one creative side of John McAfee

“The perfect mathematics of the blockchains (yes – there are many different blockchains). As a mathematician, this is how the blockchain math would sound, to me, if it was music.” – John McAfee

What Is His Political Stance

McAfee identifies as a libertarian, advocating the decriminalization of cannabis and an end to the war on drugs, non-interventionism in foreign policy, and a free market economy that does not redistribute wealth, and he upholds free trade

McAfee advocates for increased cyber awareness and more action against the threat of cyberwarfare.

McAfee has advocated for religious liberty, saying that business owners should be able to deny service in cases that contradict their religious beliefs.

He also states, 
 "No one is forcing you to buy anything or to choose one person over another. So why should I be forced to do anything if I am not harming you? It's my choice to sell, your choice to buy."

A Passionate Man

John McAfee, a Cryptocurrency maximalist, has led a very colorful and somewhat controversial life. He has been caught up in numerous legal issues some are fact, and many are fiction according to him. He’s not afraid to speak out. You either love him or you hate him. 

He and his wife are currently in hiding, communicating within a Faraday cage  This is just the beginning of the next chapter for the anarchist that in many cases makes a lot of sense in his reasonings and advocacies. We will be following him over the next couple of months to find out who is the real John McAfee? Does he have a purpose? And what will be his legacy? 

Apart from his outlandish behavior that many have balked at, he is principled and is predominately fighting the good fight, for the people, as John McAfee is truly an essential part of the resistance to government corruption and tyranny. It does take a bit of thinking outside the box to understand him. A little patience and forgiveness to overlook his faux-pas, but you got to admit he’s entertaining. Stay tuned… 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 



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Groups And Campaigns Go Next Level

Automated and managed advertising and marketing campaigns can be done through a group or what is now called a “Storefront”. You are able to set up Co-ops and automate members’ contributions to a particular campaign. Publish and build the Blog Section of the group to keep your group members up to date and knowledgable about your business or interest. You can also reward a members’ activity with a smart rotator meaning any conversions you receive will be distributed to the members based on their engagement within the group. 


What Are Storefronts?

Markethive is in the process of creating a function to turn your Group into a Store Front. 

Storefronts create a single thread all driving people into the StoreFront via advertising campaigns, funnels, etc. A storefront will focus on one particular business however they will come through the Markethive portal directly into that storefront group via a capture page. Your prospects will be welcomed there with a splash page with your branding and message straight into that group. 

Storefronts are essentially a  lead generation campaign that is powered by Markethive, but not necessarily promoting Markethive. You are primarily generating leads and signups for your private business within that storefront. Once the prospects are in a storefront group, they then can experience the Markethive ecosystem at their leisure. 

This streamlines your lead generation and conversions and you can conduct everything within that group including commerce meaning you’ll be able to accept payments within that group. 

Regular capture pages that realistically only give you a name and email and very little control in the follow-up process can have a diminishing effect whereas being placed into a storefront group through Markethive, you have all the verified information you need and the ability to nurture them within a collaborative environment. This is very powerful.  The bonus is they receive the signup bonus of 500 MHV which at present equates to $100usd. This can excite and make them feel right at home. 

The bottom line is this type of lead system brings the person into the sales page so now they are a member of Markethive, with access to Markethive autoresponders including the one you allocate to them for your business. They also have the opportunity to be trained by Markethive which may lead to further signups within the Markethive system, thereby activating the faucet which pays them for all activity and any other loyalty programs they utilize. So now they are receiving the nurturing and collaboration which is the essence of Markethive, plus absolute exclusivity in the sphere of influence and working with them to build your business, whatever it may be. 


Group Procedures

If a sign up is achieved through the Group’s profile page link, the owner of the group is the referrer.  If a group capture page is used, the owner of the group is the referrer.  If a group member uses their permalink created by the owner of the group, then that group member is the referrer.  If the groups' rotator link is used, then it rotates through the members for the referrer.

Another advantage is that all prospects that sign up using a group page or link are automatically added to the group regardless of the groups' security settings.  Also, each time they log in they land on the groups' page as opposed to the Markethive Home Page. Soon widgets will be available in a group. So you can embed a signup widget on your external web page to sign new members into your group.


Markethive’s Vision – The Bigger Picture 

Everything Markethive builds is to your advantage. To increase your sphere of influence Markethive is the foundational support of your pursuit and success. Markethive is so different from anything else out there. It will bring the entrepreneurial spirit out in people. They will be able to dare to dream because of Markethive. Centralized entities of the world are reputed to be corrupt and unfair structures that oppress people. Markethive is here to liberate. To give people the freedom, self-sovereignty, to lift and inspire.

When people realize that there is an organization, culture, and system that will give them what they need to be able to achieve financial sovereignty such as Markethive, (meaning we are not dependent upon governments or financial structures that oppress communities and Society in general), Markethive’s growth will be exponential and lead us to 1000’s of hybrid hive farms cultivating Medicinal Marijuana and producing or mining coins. 


The Architecture 

A simple explanation: A server and farm at the bottom of the building, the second story is a greenhouse. The greenhouse is producing electricity to feed the servers below. The servers are producing the heat which in turn produces coin and at the core of all that is our Quantum dWave computer as one of the many decentralized database systems that are operated, controlled and protected by the blockchain of our wallet, meaning Markethives presence will be in every nook and cranny in the world and we will be spread out and decentralized along with many projects that will inspire and improve the world. 

Initially, 3 Data centers will work in conjunction with our wallet on the blockchain and will be part of managing our distributed database. Eventually, Markethive will have 10,000+ data centers spread out globally in our mining hive facilities so the entire system will run off the closest data center to you but all interconnected, all updating themselves and all managed by blockchain. This is a substantial technological advancement with no other company doing it presently. 


A Goal Within Reach

Markethive’s goal is to reach the very top of the Alexa Ranking which means massive traffic. At the time of writing, we have just topped 100,000 unique visitors a day. This is organic and surprisingly in almost every country in the world. Markethive will become a Multi trillion-dollar company and we are well represented in all parts of the world. You can help by installing the Alexa Toolbar Extension and checking it daily. 

Markethive’s social networks have grown exponentially in the last few weeks now over 40,000 with functions in place to increase our followers into the multi-millions. 

Individually and holistically we create a massive reach with Markethive’s WordPress plugin and SNAP (social network auto poster) Department. The SNAP Dept will help your WordPress become a mini digital media publisher where Markethive press releases and articles will be sent out to your WordPress which in turn gives you increases in your faucets, bounties, airdrops, and vault as well as online presence and branding. 

This is an image of the Log in Map into Markethive which shows organically just where we are in the world. So many countries have been touched with Markethive’s blessing already. 

CEO and Co-Founder of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast states,
“I have every confidence that we have sitting in front of us the ability to reach 500 million subscribers in Markethive within a year.” 


A Conservative Projection

A Social Market Network where the members are at the forefront of Markethive’s vision and agenda stands to benefit greatly with the Incentivized Load Program (ILP) and Entrepreneur Upgrade

Let’s keep this projection at 50 million subscribers in the next year. Based on LinkedIn’s figures and Markethive’s projection if…

39% upgrade to Entrepreneur program   = 19,500.000 subscribers x $100 per month 
= $1.95 billion per month, of which 20% is allocated to ILP holders. 

20% = $390 million allocated to the ILP holders. 

Notably, there will be a limit of 1000 ILPs. 

So with 1000 ILPs that equates to $390,000 per month to each ILP holder of one full ILP. 

A 1/10th of an ILP can be achieved by staying active in the Entrepreneur Program for $100 per month for 12 months. Every year you stay active will earn another 1/10th so in 10 years you will have a full ILP. Even a 1/10th ILP will provide you with a dividend of $19,500 per month based on these figures. 

This is on top of all the services the Entrepreneur Program provides for its members.

Thomas Prendergast emphatically affirms,
"This is going to eliminate the struggle and empower you. This is the reality and these are real numbers Markethive will build the superstructure to bring on the last harvest."


So to put it all in a nutshell, we have automated and managed advertising and marketing campaigns. We can set up Co-ops and automate members' contributions and shares to any particular campaign.  Build contribution blogging among groups or storefronts and reward activity with a smart rotator.  Also, create a massive reach with our WordPress plugin and our SNAP (social network auto poster) Department. Reward your members with waited traffic and leads based upon their engagement within the group. Also, track and monitor 3rd party article submissions and Press releases. Additionally, build backlinks and monitor with Markethive’s exclusive data matrix display tracking system. 

And remember, anything you do in Markethive, whether it be to promote Markethive as your business or a completely separate and private business, you are receiving Markethive Coin (MHV) as a reward for your efforts. Now is the time to accumulate as much coin as you can and be ready for the launch of our wallet. Think about becoming an Entrepreneur Upgrade as it will be the last thing you ever need to do to secure your future. As stated by Thomas, MHV will become the Bitcoin of the Consumer Coin.  


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 



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MARKETHIVE – The Multi-Dimensional System

MARKETHIVE – The Multi-Dimensional System

Markethive is a multi-dimensional, deep level linking dynamics, social organizational integrated system. Integrating Vast Social networks reaches, internal social network connections, unlimited interconnected WordPress blogs, the vast API news sites like NBC, Wired Magazine, Bloomberg, Western journal, Mashable and 1000s of other news sites, that continue to expand due to the power of your own Markethive network and the collaboration of separate Markethive groups all working in union with each other. 

The ability to register and assign your many social networks into the Markethive matrix produces reaches into the literal billions. And with the advanced nature of Markethive to be able to not only visualize the huge content cloud at work for you but to be able to physically grab and manipulate it to actually see your cloud in 3 dimensions as it grows and evolves before your very eyes.

Markethive is an upcoming Market Media and Content Publisher offering Press Releases and Sponsored Articles at a negligible cost and with a reach well beyond existing social and market networks. After comparing 480 other news media sites with regards to their social reach and followers and Alexa ranking, Markethive sits at Number 6 with an Alexa ranking of 13,600 at the time of writing. This continues to drop daily as subscribers flock to join the Markethive network. 

A Real Game Changer

Markethive is a game-changer and a force multiplier for the average Joe and Jane of the Internet. Now aspiring fledgling entrepreneurs, have the ability to join the ranks of professional and successful entrepreneurs.

Grouping data and clusters, your content develops a velocity that carries your message into areas you may never realize until you use the Markethive’s data technology to do the visual research.

Interaction with other members builds an exponential effect with content development and Metrics is the cement that confirms your networks and traffic. Markethive has integrated traffic metrics into all aspects of your broadcasting platforms, capture pages, blogging, groups, profile pages, *Store Fronts (*coming soon),  and our WP plugins even report the real traffic to your WordPress blogs.

Our capture page widgets, which can be embedded into many 3rd party blogs, profile pages, and press release platforms report accurate traffic, origin, bounce rates, and duration. This is all also displayed in our visualization matrix displays.

Data analysis (big data) is built to serve you, not exploit you with our systems, by analyzing this data and delivering it in interactive graphics, charts, and displays make it easy to determine what is working to drive traffic and what is not.



Markethive now has its own department which offers a service to help you with your goals and overcome any challenges you may face with getting your word out into the social reaches of the world wide web. Run by Engineer and WP Plugin expert Steven Cavan, he can completely organize, set up and maintain your plugins, so you can concentrate on what you do best. Your welcome to visit the group where you can contact Steven. Just click on the image below. 


What Is In The Works?

Dynamics Interactive Displays are being developed to deliver a 3-dimensional production that gives a powerful perceptual display.

Vector research has been developed in Markethive to deliver deep research and accurate reports on the depth and dynamics of the multilevel relationships that Markethive develops.

A major part of this foundation is your Social Networks control panel, where adding all your social accounts gives you incredible power, reach and additional income with our Bounty Program. What that means is once installed and by following Markethive’s social accounts, you will be rewarded with MHV. Just another fraction of Markethive’s generous Faucet system that continually pays you for your activity on the platform. 


Blockchain – Making It Even Better

Blockchain Technology and the cryptocurrency sphere have enabled businesses to align themselves with the users’ need and right to be in control of their data and how they use their time to monetize their efforts. Markethive, with their mandate being the rise of the entrepreneur and the fall of the tyrannies that plague society was created by a visionary who saw this coming and much needed to empower social media users, create equality and universal income to enrich society on the whole on every level. 



Markethive, 20 years in the making has had the forward-thinking and tenacity to integrate the latest technology to deliver a complete ecosystem for anybody aspiring to work online.
It is the world’s first Market Network with a social media interface built on the blockchain. This is the next-gen of all things from the past. It’s up and running now but in 2019 it will be full speed ahead. It offers everything other platforms don’t including Universal Income for all commercial writers, bloggers, vloggers, and entrepreneurs. In fact all commercial artists from all backgrounds, plus privacy and transparency. It’s for the people by the people. In essence, it gives the power back to the people.


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 



Website: https://markethive.com 
Token Site: http://markethive.io/ 
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Walmart Deploys Blockchain Technology: Things You Need to Know

Walmart Deploys Blockchain Technology: Things You Need to Know


Over the past few years, blockchain technology has become synonymous with cryptocurrencies,

but it is important to note that the technology in itself has a wide variety of uses. Plenty of companies that have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies are now exploring ways in which to incorporate blockchain technology into operations. Walmart is one of those companies.

Important Update

In a new development, it has emerged that retail behemoth Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is now deploying blockchain technology in order to improve the system for food traceability. The whole system is based on proof of concept, and the company has tested the whole system twice.The testing has been on done on two separate projects. The whole point of the use of such a system is to trace the origin of the food products that are being sold at Walmart. Considering the sheer size of Walmart’s operations, the use of such a system could prove to be a huge boost for the company. The first project was engaged in tracing the origins of all the variants of mangoes that were being sold in Walmart stores in the United States. The other one was to trace the source of pork that the company brings in from a range of Chinese outlets. Since the whole project is about food, traceability is a hugely important factor for the safety of the consumers.

However, the company has now expanded the whole project significantly and the system, known as Walmart’s Hyperledger Fabric, run on blockchain, can now trace as many as 25 different products. Moreover, the system can trace it from as many as five different suppliers. Walmart had been trying to install a traceability system for years, but it had not been able to do so, and now it seems that blockchain technology has come to the company’s rescue. The company is now going to incorporate all of its vegetable suppliers into the new system.

Article Produced By
Ankit Singhania

Based in India, Ankit is a financial content writer and stock market analyst. He has worked for almost a decade on several financial projects related to the stock market news, fundamental research and technical analysis for several websites. He obtained his Masters Degree In finance (MS – finance) from ICFAI. Currently, he serves as a financial consultant and technical analyst at Tradersinsights.com.