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Evolving Technology Challenges The Status Quo


Evolving Technology Challenges The Status Quo

Evolution is the operative word poignant to every living thing and inanimate object on the planet. One of the fastest evolving elements I’ve seen in my lifetime is in the field of technology. We’ve seen more growth and emergence in technology in the last 100 years than in all the centuries leading up to today, and it’s accelerating. It has undoubtedly created a faster pace, more convenient, and comfortable lifestyle. The one thing that is still around is the age-old oligarchal type monopolies, wielding their clout, but for how long? 

Digital technology stems from divine inspiration. When used correctly for the betterment of humanity, it is a beautiful thing; however, we’ve all been subject to nefarious activity driven by greed, power, and control. Like everything else, technology must evolve, or it becomes obsolete eventually. The issues that have manifested and become problematic give rise to emerging technologies to counter them. 

Since the dawn of the internet, we have seen a consistent evolution in technology. One example is Yahoo back in 1994, providing a web portal, search engine with related services including email, finance, video sharing, etc. Then the MySpace social network came on the scene in 2005, surpassing Yahoo and even Google in 2006. But in 2009, MySpace was overtaken by Facebook globally.          

Falling From Grace

Complacency or the attitude of “too big to fail” can often be the demise of a successful organization. Ongoing research and development is a must to stay at the forefront. I also believe a company’s values, ethics, and purpose for the higher good play a prominent role, especially in the current circumstances being experienced worldwide. 

Many may think that Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and a few others are here to stay as they have a dominant position in the market; however, it’ll be because they improve technology and evolve if they remain. Being number one in the market is not automatic, nor is it free. It takes money to develop technologies along with marketing to retain users. 

That might seem doable for these tech giants, but what of their underlying agendas and motivations? Can or will a conglomerate evolve spiritually and humanistically? Or have they fallen into the ego trap giving them a false sense of security? Will they survive in a world of enlightened human beings? 

History tells us that competitors, at some level, can overtake large organizations, and now it is more critical than ever that people feel safe, secure, and free from the violations that have become so commonplace in the online space. Evolution on every level is the key to survival in the world of digital technologies. Evolution is not static; it is a dynamic process. 

Evolution in the technological world is fast becoming a revolution; A battle between good and evil, a tug of war between humility and ego drive. It may have been enough to surpass the top dog with only better technology in the past, but now it’s crunch time. The advent of the third millennium gives rise to the evolution of the human spirit, and altruistic motives need to be present in the next tech giant. 

Getting back to the technology side of things, users also desire the best in available technology. In the context of the digital world, people expect everything to happen in seconds and be very cheap, if not completely free. There’s also the need to have fewer entrance barriers, the better. It must be readily available, reliable, and user-friendly, and now we can add privacy, autonomy, and free speech to the list of needs that are fundamental human rights. 

The status quo of social and digital media, even marketing platforms, leaves a lot to be desired. Can they evolve in order to keep their top position? Are they in too deep and unable or unwilling to implement emerging technologies such as decentralized blockchain? 

Ecosystems Are Evolutionary

Evolution is a must and a natural process, and it’s no different when it comes to digital media. A few attempts have been made at creating an alternative to the tech giants that currently monopolize the online environment with cancel culture being the new order. We presently see a balkanization with many linear platforms in the mix. 

Just as the planet is an entire and complete ecosystem, we are now experiencing ecosystems in technology. This is an evolution in itself and is required if a platform is to be sustainable. Blockchain and crypto technology has made it possible for an innovative company or platform to develop a system from the ground up, which will solve many controversial issues plaguing social media today. 

At the forefront is Markethive, a complete ecosystem for the online user, be it social, professional, inbound marketing, commercial, artistic, or entrepreneurs from all walks of life, where every individual is empowered financially, professionally, and personally. 

Markethive, the Social Market Broadcasting Network, is constantly evolving, providing creative solutions and a sanctuary from the chaos of the internet. Blockchain technology has made it possible for Markethive to become the first completely decentralized social network, giving it the edge over technologies and systems of previous generations, including humanitarian values so desperately needed right now.      

The Evolution of Money

Paper money and coins are not the only money we use today. Money has evolved into a digital form using internet banking for transferring money and credit or debit cards. More and more people are using the internet for their banking needs. 

The banks are notorious for working at a snail’s pace and are not the best information technology innovators, so they evolve slowly. The trust factor has also become precarious. This has brought forth an evolution in decentralized blockchain technology that has a real potential to disrupt traditional banking, digital or otherwise.  

Cryptocurrency technologies can disrupt financial services, with the probability of becoming money and a store of value. Further technical development and evolution will see this happen to rival legacy banking and fiat currency with its hyperinflation. 

From a technological standpoint, money needs to evolve. The development of technologies needs to be a dynamic process, but the monetary base can and should be static. That means assets used as a store of value necessitate a fixed or predictable number of units. A predictable inflation rate is required with money when used as units of account and means of exchange. The inflation rate should be kept very low, and theoretically, it could even be at zero. 


Cryptocurrency Evolution 

Cryptocurrency technology must continue to evolve to become a viable alternative to traditional banking. There are now thousands of altcoins in the crypto space, many created by opportunists jumping on the bandwagon with no real purpose. They generate a coin for the sake of a coin with nothing substantial underpinning it. The outcome is a static one gaining no real value because their utility is limited or non-existent due to lack of development and foresight. 

Even Bitcoin has not evolved. Its progress in technology is plodding. Although we see much more awareness within the community now, even institutions invest in Bitcoin; it has its drawbacks and issues. It is not as decentralized as many think or expect. The PoW (Proof of Work) team behind Bitcoin is at odds with each other when issues arise. This stunts growth and evolution. 

However, Bitcoin is becoming an established store of value, and people are reluctant to tamper with it for fear of breaking anything. So it sits there, recognized as being the first crypto, allowing others to evolve, addressing the problems, finding solutions, and making it an all-around better experience for users. 

Bitcoin doesn’t have smart contracts and probably never will have. Ethereum came out with a smart contract protocol that is now experiencing bugs and human error in their PoW system. People have lost money as it has severe security issues and now very high gas (transaction) fees. 

The smart contract concept is very sound but needs to evolve and be better executed. Ethereum has realized this and declared it would integrate a PoS protocol. This is a huge undertaking and will take time, so of course, no timeline has been given as yet, to when this will take place. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum are not the be-all and end-all of cryptocurrency and smart contracts; it’s just the beginning. Evolution is in full swing with Cardano, having identified the issues that have manifested, working methodically, scientifically, and philosophically to create a fully decentralized blockchain PoS (Proof of Stake) platform and also become a better alternative to traditional banks or make them more fair and transparent.   

The Evolution Of Decentralization

But it’s not only about smart contracts. It’s also about the evolution of the quality of decentralization. Blockchain is the technology; decentralization is the movement. Relying on the PoW protocol is becoming doubtful and expensive! PoS allows for a more decentralized and scalable network. 

Let’s be honest. The current most extensive networks Bitcoin and Ethereum have costly fees. Expensive fees kill the usability of networks. Maybe it’s tolerable to pay a high fee when you use Bitcoin as a store of value and only make one transaction a month. We need to be able to afford to transact anytime, all the time, if we want a proper global payment system. 

Just the other day, I sent $10 worth of Bitcoin and paid more than double that in fees! We can have a global decentralized network with cheap and fast transactions. It is a natural evolution of technologies: no magic, just pure math and science.

Cardano can be thought of as a kind of insurance that can and is building a fully decentralized, stable, and scalable network regardless of what will happen with Bitcoin.
What About The Environment?
How much thought has gone into the impact on the global environment? We see the environmental impact of PoW (Proof of Work) like Bitcoin and other altcoins that use this model which consumes massive amounts of electricity. 

Why? Because this type of consensus mechanism needs an excessive amount of computational power with hardware devices that are expensive to buy and more expensive to run. The cryptographic algorithm that the miners must solve is complicated, and the power consumption used by Bitcoin recently estimated is more than that of the whole of Argentina. 

And what type of electricity are they using? Will they continue with fossil fuels, or will they commandeer renewable energy resources? Either way, it leads to unfathomable repercussions. 


According to this site, a single transaction of bitcoin has the same carbon footprint as 680,000 Visa transactions or 51,210 hours of watching YouTube.

Not only is PoW considered unhealthy for the environment, but it also slows down the rate of cryptocurrency adoption in the real world, as electricity bills can only be paid with fiat currency. There are also scalability issues as Bitcoin can only process seven transactions per second, and Ethereum comes in second place, transacting at only fifteen.

Bitcoin advocates have clearly expressed that they believe any environmental costs induced by mining Bitcoin via PoW are worth the broader implications it could have on society. Evolution in technology will prove there does not need to be any type of trade-off between cryptocurrency and the environment. 

This is where the PoS (Proof of Stake) method comes into play. The cost-effectiveness is extensive compared with PoW. It guarantees that much less electricity is used to mine cryptocurrency and verify transactions. 

Furthermore, the speed and number of transactions (scalability) increase thousandfold making it a far better option for mainstream adoption. The Cardano blockchain platform has effectively solved the three elements of the scalability issue: Throughput (Transactions per second), Network, and Data scaling. 

Markethive, now deploying the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, also plans to establish many mining hives distributed globally. This will create a massive surplus in electricity and be built on 100% green energy that supports the core distributed decentralized data-based systems using dWave computers, which utilizes the advanced theoretical technology of multiple parallel universes. 


Centralization Issues

These powerful computational devices are known as ASICs and have resulted in centralized organizations pooling their resources to buy thousands of devices that generate the highest mining power to more efficiently solve the cryptographic sum first (confirms and validates transactions). The winner gets a reward paid in Bitcoin.

The PoW system has proven to be unfair as the average individual has no chance of ever participating or competing to win the mining reward. The PoS (Proof of Stake) model prevents groups of people from joining forces to dominate the network. 

The Proof of Stake system essentially allows the community to contribute by buying any number of coins (although there is usually a minimum required) and holding them in a dedicated wallet. It freezes the coins where they are used to stake the network. PoS still uses a cryptographic algorithm; however, it uses a different process to confirm transactions and reach consensus.

The PoW model requires all of its miners to solve a complex equation, and the winner is usually the person or group with the most powerful and quantity of hardware. The PoS model randomly chooses the winner based on the amount they have staked. There are no block rewards; however, they get paid the transaction fee, which is determined by how much they’ve staked.

With PoS, there is no need for expensive hardware or high electricity costs. It’s proven to be faster, and you can simply mine from a typical laptop. So, of course, this negates any centralization issues making it a more fair and equitable system for all.  


The Beauty Of Evolution 

In its purest essence, technological evolution is brought about by innovative ideas and creative visions sourced from divine consciousness. It needs to improve on the current status quo, enhancing the lives of all humanity on every level. 

The first mover doesn’t necessarily secure its top spot in the marketplace, nor is it the best. Companies with foresight can learn from their predecessors’ mistakes combined with a culture of goodwill, can go far in succeeding for the company and the people they serve.  

As I mentioned earlier, this millennium brings to light the humanitarian, spiritual element. Unlike the industrial age, it’s not just about business and the bottom line; it’s about the development and well-being of the community holistically and cohesively. It is the era of love and peace. 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.



The Humanistic Values Of Cardano And Markethive – A Divine Synergism

The Humanistic Values Of Cardano And Markethive – A Divine Synergism

Cardano and Markethive – Two systems of the next generation on the rise, making their mark on so many levels. They will eclipse big tech disrupting the monopolizing status quo that the populace has come to accept and is part of their daily lives. As the monopolies conspire on who or what they will boycott or cancel out next, Markethive and Cardano have secured themselves in a position where the oligarchs cannot manipulate them. 

Markethive, the social market network, and Cardano, the blockchain technology company, are congruent in many areas. Apart from both being blockchain projects, the spiritual, humanitarian aspect is a major common denominator with the synergistic purpose of manifesting personal and financial sovereignty, delivering freedom and connectivity to emerging countries, aligning them globally.   

The blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies that have endured the “crypto winter” of 2018/19 are not the scams associated with the industry’s early days and are now positioning themselves to deliver ecosystems that are unique and evolutionary. 

Both Cardano and Markethive have watched other blockchain projects follow the more Silicon Valley approach of “move fast and break things,” resulting in subsequent issues with security and scalability. Cardano’s prominent team has taken a notably academic and philosophical approach publishing 102 peer-reviewed papers, and Markethive’s approach is an innovative, holistic and evolutionary one. 

Both companies are of Divine inspiration and a massive undertaking building a solid foundation for the sustainable long-term growth of sovereign ecosystems empowering societies bringing the people of the world together equitably. 

Blockchain And Defi Network

Cardano is wholly human-centered, with its ultimate mission to bring innovation and scientific-based technology, creating an ecosystem that is balanced, sustainable, and focused on the needs of its users. With the numerous applications Blockchain has, Cardano’s decentralized technology enables digital payments, smart contracts, food traceability, etc., all the technology necessary for systematic change. 

One of the aspects that the Founder and CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, is passionate about is using Cardano to unleash the potential of people in emerging countries. There are approximately 3 billion people “unbanked” who cannot access the infrastructures and institutions many of us take for granted. 

Cardano is taking its decentralized technology beyond Africa into other developing countries of South America and Asia in the food supply chain and Defi (Decentralized Finance). Charles says this technology has no owner and no central point of failure, and no one in control. Instead, it is a global infrastructure that uses the same infrastructure no matter how rich or poor you are.

A peer-to-peer lending protocol is one project of Cardano that will see a merger of markets in Ethiopia and other places with Defi. Micro banks cater to people with no bank accounts but are internet-enabled with increasing access to smartphones, building wealth, and desperately needing to globalize. 

Companies and individuals that get into this Defi ecosystem are the first movers in these marketplaces that will enable Africa and other places to grow and thrive in this new economy that is honest, fair, and transparent. A soulful Charles Hoskinson explains more in the video below.   

Decentralization With Good Governance

Blockchain is the enabling technology, but decentralization is the movement. Cardano is aiming to be the most decentralized platform in the world and is achieving its goal. It’s currently ranked number 5 on coinmarketcap.com and 71% of Cardano’s ADA token in circulation, with a total market capitalization of $38.7 billion at the time of this writing. 

Cardano has launched support for smart contracts as part of its ‘Goguen’ era, a time when decentralization and solutions to increase trust have ostensibly never been more crucial in modern history.

One of the reasons Charles Hoskinson ceased to work with Ethereum was a dispute over its governance structure. Cardano’s framework intends to – marginalize none and give power to all – through a system that incentivizes participation by individuals, and votes are immutably recorded. Hoskinson has prominently said that Cardano “will be 100 times more decentralized than Bitcoin.” 

Charles Hoskinson doesn’t dwell on price or get caught up in the short term. He says it’s more to do with the principles, vision, and a high-level goal to move from high-level to something to create real value for your token. If you have that, then the price works itself out. 

As Charles Hoskinson stated,

“There is a higher purpose and more meaning than digits on a computer screen. All we need to do is grow up and realize this is bigger than our egos and bigger than our wallets.”



MARKETHIVE – Ecosystem For Entrepreneurs – Crypto MHV
Sovereign Social Media & Broadcasting Market Network 

Markethive is committed to uplift our expanding community and bring forth the entrepreneurial spirit within each individual. Markethive is the ultimate market network, a complete ecosystem for Entrepreneurs leading the curve with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, making it a viable ecosystem that will survive the current and depreciating world economy. 

The Markethive platform is not only a forum for free speech on a social media front but also inbound marketing, saas, blogging, email, video, and media broadcasting network built on Blockchain with its consumer cryptocurrency coin (MHV). 

Wholly independent, the monolithic Markethive Network encompasses all facets of social media, inbound marketing, and digital media, making it the only platform to fully embrace an attainable sovereign income for all associates, particularly those in developing countries. 

As the Markethive community grows, we see an influx of souls from all walks of life experiencing the latest aftermath of a declining economy in the so-called “real world” of governments and bureaucracy. 


A True Decentralized Social Network

Markethive is a global company that caters to everyone. We are not specific to any national identity. We have no agenda, no left or right that invokes radicalization. Markethive is a meritocracy whose heart and soul are freedom, liberty, financial sovereignty, and entrepreneurialism. 

Markethive is unique with its cottage industry concept and driven by two engines that work simultaneously, bringing in the masses who aspire to be entrepreneurial and out from under the tyrannical pressures. Markethive runs on a decentralized network and is expanding continuously, facilitated by a dedicated team of engineers with CTO, Douglas Yates at the helm. 

With Markethive’s migration to the Cardano blockchain, we’ll soon see the release of the Markethive multi-dimensional wallet and MHV listed on significant coin exchanges. Then we’ll see the floodgates open. 

All the while, Markethive’s focus is to stay at the forefront of emerging technology, introducing unique and better solutions, enhancing all users’ experience, and who are the lifeblood of our entrepreneurial infrastructure. Markethive’s goal is to enrich the lives of people and humanity on every level. 

Just like Cardano, where the community will direct governance, Markethive is for the people, built by the people and of the people. This rules out the inequitable and autocratic power of the few at the top and cultivates a harmonious, more transparent environment.  

Founder and CEO of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast said,

“I got goosebumps when I became aware that Charles Hoskinson of Cardano’s passion was to bring economic sanity, stability, and entrepreneurial wealth to Africa. That is our calling too! Markethive is a mighty light on the mountain attracting the multitudes, the millions into our city to prepare for financial sovereignty and be free in this world of suppression and authoritarianism.” 


Creating And Facilitating Change In The World

Markethive and Cardano are here to create change, revive humanitarian values, working in synergy for all to have the freedom and autonomy to realize the goals, dreams, and life purpose of all individuals globally. The freedom to deviate from being just a cog in the wheel, to work, and be part of the legacy that has indoctrinated us from a young age and enslaved us to the system that looks at people as commodities and a lifestyle viewed as safe and predictable, but in essence, is restricted and soul-crushing. 

The world has changed, and the point of this technology is to change how society, organizations, and companies work. How we think and make decisions, what we value, to enable people to monetize things they never thought were monetizable. 

Cardano’s blockchain can facilitate Markethive in building distributed database clouds that are controlled by the blockchain. This will enable us to develop and issue downloadable wallets apart from the exchange wallet that will be made available as the first of Markethive’s wallet integration. 

It will also give us the ability to produce the type of blockchain that no social network has achieved; simply because social media platforms have so much data in terms of video, images, and content, previous blockchain generations can’t accommodate. 

You could fundamentally change the incentives behind passions and give people the means they need to pursue the things they love. What Markethive and Cardano are fundamentally doing is allowing the broader community to wake up every day and autonomously work for a cryptocurrency, knowing you are part of something much bigger where every individual can attain freedom of expression and financial sovereignty.

People are paid to have opinions and their passions, whatever they might be; art, psychology, science, engineering, writing, or marketing, to name a few, now have the opportunity with the systems Cardano is constructing. The many diverse platforms, hubs, and portals Markethive has and will be integrating bring your work or passion to the forefront in a liberated and equitable online world. This is the mandate of Charles Hoskinson of Cardano and Thomas Prendergast of Markethive to change the world. A match made in Heaven.  

ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.








Understanding The Metrics And Strategies Of Marketing 

There are many facets to Markethive – It is a complete Market Network and broadcasting platform with a Social Media interface. It has everything you need to succeed in whatever you do online, including the potential of extra revenue made available to Entrepreneur One (E1) associates through the first of many upcoming money machines – The Banner Impressions Exchange. 

It is a concept and unprecedented innovation where Markethive returns 100% of the ad-revenue into your pocket. There have been 20+ years of high energy poured into Markethive. This is a Divine inspiration and places all of the members of Markethive first and foremost. 

It’s been almost a year since the launch of the Banner Impressions Exchange (BIX), with many seeing great results on both fronts.

  1. Selling impressions on the exchange.
  2. Banner advertising campaigns

Still, many are still unfamiliar with the strategies of metrics and the unique system Markethive offers by sharing its significant and ever-increasing traffic with the community. Given that it’s coming up to the first anniversary of BIX, I thought it appropriate to revise and update the Banner Impressions Exchange features and benefits and how you can maximize your marketing efforts by understanding the metrics.


Markethive Banner Impressions Exchange (BIX) Overview

The Banner Impressions Exchange is a system that delivers to the media buyer a transparent value for their impressions in an exchange-type environment. This ensures open market principles, allowing anyone who wants to advertise their banners on all of Markethive’s domains to buy impressions from the exchange, similar to purchasing coins in a coin exchange. The market sets the price. 

This means that the CPM (Cost Per Mille = 1000 impressions) you pay is based on the market setting the price based on demand, effectiveness, and availability. This also means third-party sites can join the Markethive Banner Impressions Exchange to put their impressions up for sale based on the same principle of supply and demand and the free market driving the value accordingly.

The BIX is part of the Entrepreneur One Upgrade arsenal, where an equal share of impressions derived from Markethive’s massive traffic is allocated to each E1 member every month.  An E1 member can create a Banner Ad business within the Markethive system by reselling their impressions on the exchange for any member of Markethive to purchase. If you do not need to use them yourself, why not sell them?  

Furthermore, the remaining impressions allocated for any given month are rolled over to the following month. This means that if they are not assigned to a particular banner advertisement or sold to a buyer within the current month, they can be used the next month along with the new allocation of impressions. 

However, the end goal is to utilize this commodity by either placing your banners on prime real estate or on-selling them to someone who wants to use them. It’s not practical to hoard your supply of impressions – they are a limited resource to an ever-expanding market. The demand is going to continue to increase.

Forms of payment for impressions can vary and are at the seller’s discretion; however, choosing MHV, Markethive Coin, as the transaction process is straightforward, as payments are automated within the system. The other methods such as BTC, ETH, Paypal, and others are done manually and need to be managed by the seller.

Banner Advertising Campaigns

This banner service is for Entrepreneur Level Members Only and all members that have purchased banner impressions through the BIX

In other words, anyone who is holding impressions in their Markethive account can create a banner that is displayed on what is considered AAA online real estate. The complete Markethive Network includes all pages, websites, and the many domains Markethive owns. This means your banners are viewed not just by members within Markethive but also by the vast internet traffic and onlookers. 

Important to note: Some specific guidelines and qualifications need to be followed when creating a banner: 

  • Ensure your banner is sized to 960px x 80px.
  • Use images with white or transparent backgrounds.
  • Images must not touch the border and can only be 20% of the banner area.

For more clarification on the banner creation and the guidelines, please refer to MARKETHIVE BANNERS SLIDES AND INFOGRAPHICS FREE & AVAILABLE

Keep in mind these banners are viewed on the complete Markethive Network and all other systems we have, so the number of impressions any banner receives will be exponential. 

Understanding The Different Metrics

Many randomly post advertisements hoping they bring results without knowing the statistics of the process. Sorting out the data produced by an online advertising campaign can be an intimidating task, especially if you’re new to online advertising. If you’re a marketer, you will have heard of the terminology used to measure online ad campaign statistics. Still, it’s not always clear or understood how they are differentiated and why all metrics are equally important. 

Many understand the importance of social media engagement; however, when it comes to strategy, it’s critical to know the difference between the key terms or metrics that are frequently used, as it will help you make sense of your campaign statistics. It’s all about accurately measuring your data to know what’s working and identifying areas where you can increase your efforts or improve on your content where it’s not working so well. 


Identifying The Fundamentals Of Metrics  


Reach is the total number of unique people who can see your ad or content. If 1000 people in total have seen your ad, that means your ad’s reach is 1000.

The advantage of having accounts on various social media platforms and a central system that allows you to broadcast your blog or advertisement to those individual platforms have the potential to increase your reach into the millions. Markethive, with its proprietary blogcasting system, is the springboard and gives you the ability to create massive reach, which is exponential and very powerful. 

For example, If I subscribe to your blog and have 20,000 followers across all my social media accounts, and you have 15,000 subscribers, each with a similar following, your blogs have now been potentially seen by around 300,000,000 people, by-enlarge are not directly subscribed to you. 

Every time you publish a blog with Markethive as the core platform, that article is posted to hundreds, even thousands of social network news feeds and WordPress sites. 



Impressions are the number of times your content or advertisement is delivered and displayed on any given website or page. Let’s say that your ad from the previous example above popped up on those people’s screens a total of 3000 times. That means the number of impressions used for that ad is 3000.

Impressions are where your online advertising begins, and most likely where you will see the highest numbers as an impression is generated every time a web page is loaded and potentially viewed. It’s important to note that just because the banner was displayed doesn’t guarantee the visitor saw it. 

It’s a bit like driving past a billboard on the side of the road, the ad is displayed continuously, but it doesn’t mean that you took any notice of it. So, in a sense, every car that passes the billboard would represent an impression, as the potential for the ad to be viewed is there but no guarantee that every driver saw it.

Impressions are typically used for displaying banner advertisements across the internet on any site that allows this type of advertising. This comes at a cost that varies across the board and is usually set by the management of the company website. See some comparisons here. 

This protocol has now been preceded by a new unprecedented system, as Markethive, the social market network and ecosystem for entrepreneurs, has developed a Banner Impressions Exchange (BIX). It is advertising as a non-fungible token built into an exchange.

Are Impressions Important For Your Business?

Yes, they are the very foundation of the advertising process. They are essential for branding campaigns. Awareness is created from impressions, and continuing to drive impressions will be crucial to brand success. Increased impressions will lead to increased engagement and community size.

  • Impressions are the “eyes” that see your ad. It could be as little as a three-second scroll in some cases.
  • Reach/Engagements involve some kind of interaction, usually. But the impression comes first.
  • Lastly, clicks or actions are the most important. That is where your leads, and ultimately, your sales come to fruition.

You can’t have reach or clicks without impressions first. Without impressions, which is the availability to view, there would be no clicks.



Clicks are usually seen as the most important step in the online advertising process, as a click means you have an interested visitor and a potential sale. 

A click is recorded when a visitor clicks on your banner, takes them to your website, where a lead is captured, or the possibility of a sale. But when it comes to clicks, relative to impressions, you need the impressions to generate a click, and since not every person who views your banner (which is counted as an impression) will click on it, you will always have more impressions than clicks. 

This ratio of clicks to impressions is measured by what’s known as the click-through rate (CTR). To calculate CTR, simply divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions.

For example, if your banner received 1,000 impressions and, out of that, you got 25 clicks, you would have a 2.5% CTR. The rule of thumb is that a banner with a high CTR effectively grabs a visitor’s attention, while a low CTR banner means that you may need to tweak something about the banner image or ad text to harvest more clicks, hopefully.

Your ideal ad click-through rate takes time to determine. It’s not the same for everyone, and the average CTR also depends on such factors as your industry and keywords and how competitive they are.

Based on the internal data of Wordstream, they’ve determined that the average CTR across all industries in Google Ads is 1.91% on the search network and 0.35% on the display network. The graphic below shows the variation in the average click-through rate for twenty different industries.

Image Credit – Wordstream



Conversions are the ultimate goal and end-result that every marketer sets out to accomplish.

Generating conversions means that the purpose of the advertisement/banner has been achieved. The term conversion covers a broad spectrum of actions, including capturing a lead, making a sale, or just having a visitor download an ebook or whitepaper. It’s good to measure the effectiveness of any campaign by determining how many conversions are achieved to how many dollars are spent. This calculates your return on investment (ROI). 


All Metrics Are Equally Important

When you’re analyzing your campaign data, it’s not a good idea to draw conclusions based upon only one metric. You always need to consider how each metric relates to the other. 

For example, (1) you may have an ad with an exceptionally high CTR but a disheartening conversion rate. Conversely, (2) you may have an ad that gets very few clicks, but it almost always converts when it does. 

The first scenario is not ideal because you’ll spend a lot of money on clicks but have little to show for it, especially if you’re using pay-per-click (PPC). The second scenario is not okay either because you won’t be able to scale that campaign to any significant size properly.

One of the most reliable ways to determine where best to channel your resources is by using a metric known as “Profit per Impression” (PPI). This metric takes both the beginning being impressions and ending being conversions or (profit) points of the advertising process. It uses them to determine the ultimate viability of an ad campaign. 

This is particularly helpful when participating in Markethive’s Banner Impressions Exchange, where you can purchase impressions for your Banner Ad Campaigns and view the detailed statistics of any given active banner in your BIX section of Markethive. 



How Do You Calculate PPI? (Profit Per Impressions)

The way to calculate PPI is to simply find out how much profit (not revenue) you generated from a campaign and then divide that by the number of ad impressions it took to produce that profit. 

For example, if it took a total of 90,000 impressions to produce $20,000 in profits, then your PPI would be $0.22 ($20,000 divided by 90,000 impressions). This enables you to see how well your banners perform after all costs have been covered. Campaigns with high PPIs will ultimately be the best candidates for scaling and growth.

By keeping the Profit per Impression (PPI) metric in mind gives you more confidence, and you will be more clear as to which ads will ultimately generate the most profit for your advertising campaign.

Another Factor To Consider – The Rule Of 7 – What Is It?

The Rule of 7 is a marketing principle that states that your prospects need to come across your offer at least seven times before they notice it and start to take action. Your prospects can be exposed to your offer significantly more than seven times, but they need to see it at least seven times.

This helps them remember you amongst an overwhelming amount of marketing messages, other information or clutter, and positions you to get better results from your marketing efforts. It’s not just about banners – social media and digital marketing require a thoughtful content strategy approach. This is accomplished by sharing content, interacting with people, and targeting ads to people interested in what you sell.

Socially-savvy companies like Markethive have the best of both worlds when it comes to marketing your business. It has the social newsfeed and specific storefront groups, inbound marketing tools, and now the banner impressions exchange. This gives you the ability to engage with prospects at every level of the buying process, as it’s been proven that the more positive contact you have, the easier it is to develop and sustain relationships and ultimately attain more sales. 


What Can Marketers Do To Capitalize On The Rule Of 7?

So if the Rule of 7 involves encouraging repeat interactions with prospects, how do you do this?

  • Have a very clear idea of who your customers are. Develop a plan to make yourself visible amongst your target customers and know where they hang out or which websites they visit. 
  • Make quality and consistent use of Banner Advertising on high-profile sites with lots of relevant traffic.
  • Have a content marketing plan that gets your prospects to notice you, so you need to provide content they perceive to add value. Your blogs or articles should start conversations and prompt people to want to find out more about you and your product, so make sure you have the necessary calls to action to lead them to where you want them to go. 
  • Amplify your content into social media. Ideally, your content will get you some SEO visibility, but broadcasting your content to the various social media channels will increase your reach. 
  • Have an email nurture campaign. Don’t think of email as an opportunity to make sales. Think of it as a way to help and nurture your prospects and customers. Drive email opt-ins by offering helpful free content so that they can subscribe.

With these initiatives in place, you will start to develop a level of visibility that will mean your prospects are being more frequently exposed to your brand. This can all be achieved and facilitated within the Markethive Platform utilizing its comprehensive range of marketing tools. 

The result will be an increase in brand searches, increasing the number of inquiries, leading to a rise in sales. Don’t expect overnight results; this requires a consistent, long-term effort.

You need to have a bigger picture view to see how all these metrics and systems with all their different moving parts work together, especially when it comes to valuing impressions, clicks, and conversions. The best way to understand how these factors work together and track your results is to test and tweak your marketing campaigns continually. 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.




Markethive’s Apprentice Platform Explained (blog)

Markethive’s Apprentice Platform Explained (blog)

Entrepreneur One To Be Phased Out – Apprentice Upgrade To be Phased In 

As Markethive moves forward, our Entrepreneur One Loyalty upgrade (the ultimate loyalty program for Markethive’s early adopters) will be phased out and not available to new members. However, this makes way for our next phase, the Apprentice Loyalty Upgrade, which is in preparation for launch and will be released about the same time the Markethive wallet is integrated. 

Currently, the Entrepreneur One Upgrade (E1) is still available to new members. There will be a countdown ticker badge of 30 days placed on the Markethive home page for you to view, giving you ample notification of its cessation to new members. 

There is also a moratorium for canceled or lapsed E1 accounts, starting at the same time as the countdown badge. This allows former Entrepreneur One members to resume their membership as though they never left. The months that lapsed will be compressed to show a continuation of a paid year to date. 

Once this 30-day period has ended, the wallet and Apprentice Loyalty Program will be released. We have a lot going on now; it’s thrilling that Markethive is coming out of BETA with this launch. The innovative visions and tireless work of the Founders’ are coming to fruition for all of us. 

Apprentice Upgrade Illustrated 

The Apprentice Program will include everything stated below. This is the first and basic draft, so there might be a few additions and maybe subject to change, but this is primarily the features.  

1. The first is the large wallet transfer/transactions. There's no limit for the Entrepreneur One member; however, the Apprentice Program will be the second-largest wallet transfer. So the number of MHV coins that you will be able to transfer out with this wallet will be substantial. 

2.  You will enjoy a matching bonus when you refer new members, just like the Entrepreneur One has a matching bonus. This consists of a 100% matching bonus on the first three that sign up with you, which is 50% more than a free member, and then 25% on each subsequent sign-up for the duration of your active membership.

For example, if the new sign-ups airdrop is 100 MHV, you're going to get 25 coins for as long as you are active in the Apprentice upgrade. 

3. You get the full inbound marketing system. All the features and functions will be available, except for the email broadcasting system, which is limited. You will be able to email your associates (sign-ups) and your group members, but not your friends you have accumulated on Markethive; that is only available to Entrepreneur One associates. 

4. You will have access to full data on the first 16 visitors. This includes their other social media accounts, phone number, and email address. This means you'll get access to the first 16 people who visit your Markethive profile and be able to see who they are. You can contact and reach out to them because they are obviously interested in you, as they came to see you.

5. Access to a friend’s “Friends List”  giving you access to your friends’ list, similar to LinkedIn and Facebook.

6.  Automatic video and blog posts to the news feed. Coming very soon is the four different types of newsfeed that are four different types of feeds. As an Apprentice Upgrade, you will have access to the first three.

  1. First is the general newsfeed, similar to a Twitter/Facebook type of feed.
  2. The second is the blogging system, so your blogs will be displayed in that feed. 
  3. The third is the video feed where you can upload organic videos to the Markethive Video Channel and your videos from 3rd party video platforms. All your videos you upload will be shown in your video newsfeed. 
  4. The fourth newsfeed is the curation newsfeed which is limited to Entrepreneur One members only. 

7. Increased Limits On your Video Uploads. Notably, with YouTube, you need to be qualified to be able to upload unlimited videos. If you do not pass their qualifications, they limit the size of your video uploads. As an Apprentice Upgrade, there is no limit to the size, length, or number of videos you can upload.

8. 10% Discounts on Services, such as Press Releases, Banner Impressions rebate, Boost, Video Ads, etc. E1’s get more discount; however, free members will need to negotiate with either Entrepreneur One or Apprentice level and pay them to acquire any of these services or purchase them at full price from Markethive, the company.     

9. Upgrade activities interest (staking) on the Vault.  As an Apprentice Upgrade, you will receive an increase in micropayments for all your activities in Markethive. Plus, any MHV you hold in the Vault will be paid interest. 

10. KYC (Know Your Customer). All Apprentice level and Entrepreneur One associates will have a blue verification checkmark on their profile. So your KYC verification steps will be a lot easier to do as an upgrade than they would be if you were a free member.

11. Newsfeed Rich Text Formatting. You will be able to highlight with bold, italics, or underline in your newsfeeds as an Apprentice Upgrade. This makes your posts stand out a lot more. 

12. Fully Functioning Storefronts. It is also known as Groups but with the added advantage of monetizing it with capture pages, custom Splash pages, videos, co-ops, shopping carts, etc. You create a complete campaign with a capture page that lands on the splash page built into the group. Essentially, this is a Storefront where people can visit and buy your products listed via your shopping cart.

So you can essentially turn your group into a landing page that also gives you the ability to communicate with those in that storefront group, much like a forum. It really is an innovation that takes the whole thing and turns it into a turnkey Marketing System.

A free membership gets the group, but you’re getting a storefront when you upgrade to Apprentice or Entrepreneur One.

13. Group/Storefront posts in profile feed option.  So whenever you post in your group newsfeed, you have the opportunity to post into your profile feed automatically.

14. Full Video Channel System is a full YouTube-like video system where followers, friends, and associates can subscribe to your channel. They can comment on your videos, and all the features on YouTube will also be in the myhive.tube video system. 

The other great thing about the full video channel system is that as an Upgrade, the system will ask if you have accounts on other video platforms whenever you upload your video. (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook, Twitter) You'll be able to link to all of these 3rd party video platforms. 

So you upload your videos into Markethive, which will also upload your thumbnail to those videos and remotely publish out to all the other video accounts that you may have so you get extensive video distribution.

It’s worth noting that when videos are posted on another platform, only a snippet of the video can be viewed. To watch the whole video, users will be directed back to the Markethive platform. This is a huge advantage considering YouTube’s predilection to censorship.

15. Full Conference Room Channel. All members will have access to Markethive’s free conference rooms; however, they will be limited according to your membership level. Free members will have two seats (you and a guest). Apprentice will have ten seats, and the Entrepreneur One Upgrade will have unlimited seats.  

Our conference room system is integrated into inbound marketing, calendars, and timers, making it a very sophisticated system.

16. Bookmark Newsfeed Management. If there are posts in the news feed that you like or want to remember, you will be able to bookmark them if you’re going to reference them again, creating easy access to them in the future. 

17. Self Deleting Posts (Set timer option) Like Snapchat, you will be able to send a message to someone or make a post, then set a timer for it to self-delete. This is an excellent option if you have a message or post that is time-sensitive. 

18. Send Messages to anyone in Markethive. (Limited to (?) per month) The number of people you can message is still yet to be determined. However, as an upgrade, you will be able to message any member, no matter their level. If you see their profile page or a post they did, you can send a message to them. 

Once this feature is in place, nobody else can send messages to anybody unless their first level friends.

19. Markethive sub-ROKU Channel. Markethive already has a Roku Channel, and we can build Roku sub-channels into it. What this means is, as an Apprentice or E1, you will be able to have your own sub-channel, which will be named, yourusername.markethive.  

So when you upload a video into Markethive, you can designate to upload it as well to your Roku sub-channel. 

To gain more insight, watch this recording of the Sunday meeting – Feb. 28, 2021, presented by Founders,  CEO, Thomas Prendergast and CTO, Douglas Yates


Apprentice Platform Plan Proposal

So there you have it. This is an impressive menu of options for the Apprentice Loyalty Upgrade, which can be paid in part using MHV along with BTC or credit/debit card. The subscription prices are not set in stone as yet; however, if you attended Sunday’s meeting or viewed the recording, you would have seen the mock-up of the various plan options proposal pictured below. The MHV is based on the value of one penny in the image. However, the coin price will fluctuate when listed on the exchanges, so the amount of MHV will be adjusted accordingly. 


Markethive built this system to lift you up financially while giving you a mighty broadcasting Social Network. Our foundation is built upon the precept that freedom and liberty are very much at the forefront and our main product. Upgrading to the Apprentice Platform gives you additional leverage and greater power to broadcast your message while supporting our mission to lift up the entrepreneurial spirit found in all of us. 


There's Still Time To Secure Your Entrepreneur One Upgrade

And of course, there is still time to upgrade to the ultimate loyalty program, The Entrepreneur One, for US$100 per month, which includes a 1/10th ILP (Incentivized Loan Program) after 12 months of consecutive payments. Essentially you have shares in the company! This is a golden opportunity; think of the Web 2.0 social media platforms like Facebook et al., when they were looking for funding; they engaged the affluent Venture Capitalists. The difference here is you are the VCs, without needing the capital, and you will reap the rewards as Markethive becomes the next tech giant of Web 3.0. 


Stay up to date with the progress by attending the Markethive meetings, on Sundays at 10 am Mountain Time. The link to the meeting room can be found on the Markethive Calendar. Come with us as we make our way through the final stages of BETA, where the full potential of Markethive will be realized creating more leverage, opportunities, and the ability for you to achieve your personal and professional goals. 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs  


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.








While the self-appointed few are on an unrealistic mission to reset the world, enforcing their imperialistic rules and way of life for civilization, entrepreneurialism, and sovereign technology will be a force to be reckoned with. 

Just like Noah, who built the ark when asked by God to save a chosen few in the face of destruction by the great flood, Markethive is building its ark for all humanity in the face of the new world tyrannical order. 

And what will it take to triumph over this flood of autocracy? 

A community of entrepreneurs showing and leading the way to a haven, an ecosystem that withstands the promised displacement and socialism of Agenda 2030.

What Defines An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are leaders, "not managers.” Innovators and visionaries with an endless supply of enthusiasm connected to a resource of inner knowledge and ideas.

Skilled entrepreneurs lead the way and show others the way. Still, many potential entrepreneurs are enslaved or inhibited by the pressure to get a college education, become a cog in the wheel, get a job, run into debt, or comply with the authorities, the traditions, and suppressive rules. 

Entrepreneurs are always first in and the last out, just like with the Marines, and it takes a lot of courage, determination, and willingness to rise above the most challenging obstacles.

Tom Sawyer, the proverbial entrepreneur, shows the crowd his tour de force of painting a fence faster and more superior than the crowd of people who all gathered to watch him. The awe is enough to get the people to pick up their brushes and join in. So inspired by Tom, they continued with this process and recruited others to help. 

Entrepreneurs never take shortcuts. With a firm ethical attitude, they are natural-born leaders, a level of integrity that attracts and acknowledges others, internalized by their work ethic.

The entrepreneur hacks away, even in the most adverse conditions. They don’t take as many breaks, nor do they stop to watch others. They believe in themselves and what they do, are proactive, and tend not to get fired; however, they can be disruptive, particularly if an unfair system wrongs them. 

However, entrepreneurs can get fired up and quit a job when asked to do something against their principles. On the other hand, if the reasons are strong enough, they will work at any job and particularly if they’ve given their word. All of this is fuelled by a strong sense of self-esteem and a deep belief in their entrepreneurial ability.


From Mission-driven To Vision-driven 

Markethive is the ultimate market network, a complete ecosystem for Entrepreneurs. Our mission has spanned for more than 20 years producing millions of subscribers, 1000s of friends and success, and many millionaires in their process. 

This long-term mission has afforded us the financial clout to continue with our mission, leading the curve with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, making it a viable ecosystem that will survive the current and depreciating world economy. 

Markethive is unique with its cottage industry concept and driven by two engines that work simultaneously, bringing in the masses who aspire to be entrepreneurial. Typically, social media, marketing, or digital media platform would only have one engine, subscriber, or traffic. 

However, the monolithic Markethive Network encompasses all facets of social media, inbound marketing, and digital media, making it the only platform to fully embrace an attainable sovereign income for all associates. 

Passion drives us to empower the entrepreneur and build long-term relationships with our customers, partners, contractors, and employees. This is what makes us unique as entrepreneurs, parents, and friends.

We never rest, always seeking better solutions; our vision perceives beyond the horizon as we pursue, leading to excellence for our members and the world.

  • “The future is sooner and stranger than you think,” by Reid Hoffman.
  • Everyone is now an entrepreneur, whether they realize it or not.
  • We have entered the Rise of the Entrepreneur, and Markethive is the horse.

Everything is about people; our engineers, our marketing and creative people, our clients, and customers, our family.


Everything we do for our subscribers’ we do to change the entire world. We are reinventing ourselves, social media, and the way we work and market online. We see challenges as bricks, and we offer our clients the mortar that fills the cracks, the ultimate network.

We constantly invent ourselves backward, so we are the customer until we become your solution.  Our cultural wisdom is one of transparency, truth, and empathy, and we live by the concept that simple is most difficult and in the process are the three points; Quality, Value, and Support.

Our mission is to give you the tools and inspire the courage to follow your heart and intuition, which somehow already knows what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.

Markethive is an assembly of tools, tradition, innovation, inspiration, relationships in a network that inspires that is greater than the sum of its system; a team of people, ideas, and inspiration.
Markethive is a concept and a vision that evolved from 20+ years of Veretekk. 

Veretekk was a mission-driven company. 
Markethive is a vision-driven company.

Markethive’s CEO, Founder, and Visionary, Thomas Prendergast, says,

“We have a 25-year mission that has merged with the ‘Rise of the Entrepreneur’ vision. The entrepreneur, small business, aspiring little gal, and guy, seeking a viable alternative to build a sustainable income and make a difference and ability to help others as well”.


In this video, Thomas explains the Mission and Vision of Markethive. It was recorded a few years ago, and since then, Marketive has continued to evolve; however, the fundamental message is still the same and very powerful. 

When you have a healthy, self-employed sustainable middle class, the benefits are amazing:

1. A no consumer debt culture vs. a business investment culture

2. Private property ownership (not a mortgage) low overhead more money to invest.

3. Stronger family values (An agrarian type family unit), stronger morals, integrity-based foundations.

4. Homeschool (online school options) children bond with parents and each other.

5. Immediate portability (Live anywhere you want, when you want) vote with your feet.

Our purpose is to empower every associate to reach their dreams and change the world in their own special way with delight, prosperity, a sense of well-being, and belonging as the ultimate objective.

Corporate structure and competition are out – Entrepreneurialism and creativity are in. 

Blue Ocean Strategy is the marketing theory and a book published in 2004, then adapted in 2015 and written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, professors at INSEAD.

Markethive fits right in with the Blue Ocean Strategy instead of the red ocean strategy cut-throat and competitive, turning the ocean red. 

The Red Ocean consists of industries with virtually identical business models fighting for survival today but are known and have been the accepted market strategy for decades.

Competition from existing rival companies is cut-throat, turning the ocean blood-red; ergo, the Red Ocean strategy is all about competition. As the market becomes more saturated, companies need to be more fierce to compete for a larger share of limited demand.

The Blue Ocean cultivates new industries and next generational ways of adopting strategies that set themselves apart, rendering the competition irrelevant. The blue ocean is unexplored and untouched by competition and vast, deep, and powerful growth opportunities. 

Instead of arguing over a shrinking profit pool, blue ocean companies are developing uncontested market space. The Blue Ocean strategy creates new demand, whereas the Red Ocean policies invoke competition.

Competition in red oceans is a deal-breaker: A market that needs to compete divides existing profit and market share between rival companies. So, as competition escalates, prospects, growth, and profit diminish. 

The Blue ocean strategy provides considerable opportunities for profitable and rapid growth, whether through the development of new technologies, new markets, or even the creation of a new economy.



Markethive is a mighty light on the mountain attracting the multitudes, the millions into our city to prepare for financial sovereignty and be free in this world of suppression and authoritarianism. 

The next-generation market network is expanding daily. More and more people see the magnificent vision as Markethive progress with the many integrations, various platforms, and money-making systems that make up the complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs. 

Markethive, the social market network, was founded by an entrepreneur, envisioned by an entrepreneur, built by entrepreneurs, built for entrepreneurs, and filled with entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Markethive, the quintessence of the Blue Ocean Strategy.



Source: Thomas Prendergast


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.





Successful Marketing on Social Media

Successful Marketing on Social Media

To have a competitive Online Business in today's world, Social Media Marketing needs to be part of your Marketing Strategy. Below are procedures to create an effective plan for growing your business and your bottom line.

Before we start, though, let's define just what is a Social Media Marketing strategy.

What is a social media marketing strategy?

Following are some questions that need to be addressed when creating a Social Media Strategy:

  • What are the Objectives: what are the results you're looking for, and how will they be measured?
  • What is the Target audience: outline the characteristics of your ideal customer.
  • What will be your Content Mix: put together a social media schedule based on your recurring presentation formats.
  • Which Channels you will select: what will be the best of the social networks available to use, and how will you use them.
  • What is your Process: outline the procedures and tools used to execute your strategy effectively.

Answering these questions will produce a framework for laying the foundation of your Social Media Strategy and better prepare you for knowing how to combine them and review your strategies progress over time.

Step 1. The Why

Identify your reason to begin marketing on social networks. Why provide business access to your social media and SME? If you only wish to place ads and sell by sending targeted messages, this strategy is not for you. 

Social networks are conversations. Consumers want to converse, criticize, report, and advise the company or brand name of their experience or if they have a complaint about a product or service.

So be clear about your goals and objectives on social media. Do you want to retain and talk with existing customers, build your brand reputation, or find new customers and increase sales? Each of these objectives determines how your business behaves on social media and in which networks you should participate.

Important: List out the main reasons why you want to get started on social networks. Be specific about the results you are looking to achieve (clear objectives: quantity and goals).

Step 2. The Plan And Other Marketing Aspects

When you put together your online plan, think about how social networks will be integrated into the company's overall digital marketing plan. Will you be selling through social media? Would you be using Twitter, for example, to make offers? How will you determine the success of your efforts, both online and offline?

Important: If, for example, the customer service or sales team is affected by the new social marketing tools, be sure to take the time to bring them up to date. Make sure everyone has the same goal for both in-house and outside communication.

Step 3. Communicating: Defining Your Voice

How will your product be offered online, and who is in charge of communication? Will it be a company director, the owner, an employee, or perhaps an outside advisor? Frequently, companies manage a presence with several individuals who share duties. On social network platforms, you must express your brand value. No one will render your presence necessary, not having your own defined value.

Important: Based on your business's size, it requires investing insight, time, and capital to plan with your marketing partners how your organization is presented, how it communicates, and who manages it.

Step 4. Define Your Customer

Identify who makes up your target audience? Where are they located? What gender and age are they? In a physical store or business, you can connect with your customers. Online, however, you should investigate where they spend time. This includes both learning and listening online. One example, for local businesses, Facebook may provide more influence than LinkedIn.

Social media is worldwide. Are you conversing with everyone just concentrating on your local customer base? Invest your time outlining your contact strategy for your social media target audience.

Important: Who are they? Where are they? And any additional info regarding your target audience will assist you in creating a successful marketing strategy and better segment your customer base.

Step 5. Examine And Evaluate Everything

How will "influence" on social media be determined? Some methods are measured by sales. Others could be based on fulfilling customer requests, creating a brand, prompting questions, or building email lists.

Each of these measures is valid. Specify your goals before beginning, so you can plan out, evaluate, and determine if your endeavors are successful.

Important: Select some metrics and create a simple way to track and evaluate them, such as a spreadsheet that indicates the increase of fans weekly. Whether or not the investment for analysis and measurement is profitable will be shown in the medium term.

Hopefully, this guide will help beginners in social networking start more cleanly and in a planned way. It can help to ensure the success of your business in a reasonable time.

Markethive – The Perfect Complement

The perfect complement for your Social Media Marketing or any marketing you want to do is Markethive. They deliver an Inbound Marketing platform equal to or superior to Marketo and Hubspot. 

Markethive’s tools include email autoresponders, blogging platforms, landing pages, social media broadcasting, Tracking analytics, SEO, backlinking automation, messaging, and e-commerce. 

The benefits of these systems are to "attract and engage," "convert and nurture," "close and delight," "analyze" and build a large, loyal, long-term customer base. 

For any additional information or to become a Free Member, Click on the Banner below:

ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Written by Gene Aasen
Entrepreneur 1 and Writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network.  I’m a strong advocate of the Markethive mission for technology, world progress, and freedom of speech. I support change and endeavor to help others understand, grow, and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 







Referral Program For Free Members And Upgraded Associates

Markethive is steadfast and in preparation to take a large share of the new Market Network that is the next generation following the Social Media craze of Web 2.0. Markethive is a Social Market Broadcasting Network. It sounds like a mouthful, and it is! 
Markethive is an all-encompassing platform that has integrated;

  • Social Media (like Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • SAAS tools (like GoToMeeting, Aweber, Google Apps)
  • Inbound Marketing (like Marketo, Hubspot) 
  • Commerce platform (like eBay, Freelancers, Amazon) 
  • Digital Media (like Cointelegraph, Bitcoin.com)

As Markethive’s foundation is Blockchain-driven, it has its consumer coin, Markethive Coin (MHV), which is fully integrated into the system and has created an Ecosystem for all Markethive members, free and upgraded Entrepreneurs. 

So Markethive has established their niche as the only social (Market) Network with an infinity Airdrop and a system that rewards the users for engaging on the platform and learning how to use it with ongoing, real-time micropayments, otherwise known as a Faucet.

Markethive has the combined power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Marketo, and Amazon, with the real advantage of deriving and income within the Markethive system while promoting your business and enjoying the social media platform. 

What If You’re A Free Member?

If you’ve just signed up to Markethive, you will have received your airdrop of 500 Markethive Coins (MHV) to your CoinClip. The next thing to do is to refer just 3 of your friends or colleagues to Markethive, which unlocks the Micropayment Faucet, allowing you to receive lifetime rewards of MHV Coin.

So a Free Membership in Markethive allows you to earn coins with every post, process, and function within the system and, like a faucet system, earn micropayments of Markethive Coin. 

Remember, it is not just another payment service provider other Social Media platforms have adopted. You genuinely earn MHV Coins, and now is a perfect time to accumulate your coins. 


Markethive will also reward you with a  bonus of 250MHV for your first three members you invite to join us. You will receive these coins to your coin clip as soon as they sign up and complete the verification process via SMS code.

Please note: To receive the maximum of 500 MHV bonus airdrop for all subsequent referrals (after the first three), you will need to upgrade to Entrepreneur One.


Markethive Wallet And Coin Exchanges

Markethive is in the process of listing MHV on choice high-profile coin exchanges, along with the multidimensional wallet. You’ll be able to convert it into the currency of your choice or buy products and services within the Markethive ecosystem. 

As stated in this article, Markethive will roll out a schedule to deliver the wallets and administer them in tiers and stages led by the upgraded Entreprepreneurs as the first cab off the rank. 


Thinking About Upgrading To Entrepreneur One?

Upgrading to Entrepreneur One provides many benefits and extra opportunities to monetize your activities and businesses, as defined in this article and is predominantly an online cottage industry. 

Furthermore, apart from the matching coin bonus of 500 MHV for each person you refer, you will have access to an advanced CMS control panel for your new "associate leads" found in the Friends section. You are essentially building your email list for your email autoresponder and broadcaster within the Markethive SaaS tools portfolio. 

As an Entrepreneur One Upgrade, you are considered an early adopter of Markethive, so also included are ILP shares (Incentivized Loan Program) in the net profit revenue of Markethive. 

In and of itself, this is a unique opportunity to create a legacy and reap the rewards only venture capitalists could otherwise enjoy. Go here to learn more

To upgrade to Entrepreneur One level now,  navigate to the home page and click on “Loyalty Programs” displayed in the menu.

For your first upgrade, go to  https://markethive.com/index_members?subscriptions.

You can have more than one subscription, which not only multiplies the assets you receive as an Entrepreneur One associate; you also have the opportunity to onsell the subscription as they are limited and will not be available from Markethive soon. 

The Entrepreneur One will become extremely valuable as we introduce more of the unique money machines, including the Blast, Press Release, and video advertising.  

To acquire two or more, go to The Vault page: https://markethive.com/vault?subscriptions.

To learn more about The Vault, click here.

The Automated Referral Panel

Using your referral links via the automated referral panel is an easy way to promote Markethive to your friends and colleagues on other social media sites.

You will find the automated referral panel on the home page menu named Referral Program. You have two links, as shown in the image below.

The top one is the link to your Profile Page or Bio. Sharing this link is excellent for branding yourself or your business, as explained here

Share your unique Referral Link on your social network profile consistently and quickly receive a lot of referrals! Click on the Social Media buttons, and your Capture page referral link will automatically be included. There is an assortment of thumbnails (images) that will rotate, giving your post a fresh new look every time you share. 

The Capture Page 

The second link is your Capture page that is incredibly informative with a video and bullet point explanations. It’s intuitive, simple, and captivating. 


The Bottom Line

Bottom line, by joining Markethive, you will get a Market Network Inbound Marketing platform worth $2500 per month for free and get “Airdropped” paid up to 500 Markethive coins [MHV] just for joining. 

By referring three people only, you activate the micropayment faucet and continue to receive MHV coin payments for the duration of your life within the hive for all activity you perform on the Markethive Platform. 

Since the entire system runs on Markethive coin, you can expect the volume demand and increased velocity of the MHV coin to drive coin value accordingly. This is one of the main reasons we refer to our system as a legitimate alternative to universal income, based on ethics and integrity, not government-mandated theft and graft.

Interestingly, the first Faucet invented was the Bitcoin faucet launched by Gavin Andresen, one of the earliest Bitcoin developers, in June 2010. At that time, Bitcoin was about 8 cents. It gave out 5 Bitcoins a day until 2011 when it ran out of coins. 

Markethive has embraced this reward system and applied it to the many marketing and communications aspects within Markethive.  The big what if is; in 10 years, will Markethive coin have a similar rise in value? No doubt in my mind, given that MHV is a consumer coin with a real use case, unlike so many other altcoins on the market. Time, technology, and the universal need for a holistic platform such as Markethive are on our side. Markethive to the moon! 

ecosystem for entrepreneurs  

Meanwhile, get busy and refer three people to unlock the faucet and start accumulating MHV coin. You will enjoy the fruits of Universal Income, which is Markethive’s vision for everyone and destined to achieve. 

Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.




How to Deliver Value With Your Content

How to Deliver Value With Your Content

There are over 400 million blog posts that are published daily. The majority will only receive a few clicks. How can you get your's to rise above the noise?
The usual scenario involves finding 'How To' manuals trying to find 'hacks' or 'shortcuts' that will get your content noticed. Someone's post, video, or meme goes viral, and tons of copycats appear for the next few months. They never do better than the original.
For example, the original Old Spice campaign video resulted in over 55 million views on Youtube and was copied many thousands of times. Sesame Street was one of the copycats, and the result was five times fewer views than the original.
So if Sesame Street, with multi-millions of dollars for the best production resources, can't come close to topping the original video, how are you and your small business going to do it?
Copying is not the best way to produce content. I'll be covering five tips in this post on delivering real value in your content.


The WIIFM Formula 

WIIFM means, "What's in it for me?" but we turn the formula over. Your content needs to focus on 'What's in it for THEM, not YOU. That's when people will read your content. Too often, entrepreneurs write self-serving content. It's like going into a pub and shouting out how great you are, your latest accomplishment, and all the reasons you are God's gift to the world. But that is the very thing so many brands do when they only write about themselves and how excellent their products are on social media and their blog.
It is a much better strategy to put yourself in your target market's shoes, focus on what they need and care about, and then write content that addresses that.

Know Your Target Market 

To create WIIFM content, you must understand your target customers. Building customer personas will help with this.

Identify the following characteristics:

  • Their location(s)?
  • Their values?
  • Their key demographics (job title, age range, etc.)? 
  • The sort of content they are consuming currently?
  • Their pain points?
  • How will your offer resolve those pain points?


Show Real Expertise 

One of the main reasons your content may not be resonating is when you are producing mirage content. Content that replicates what everyone else in your field is putting out. In most cases, this happens when the person writing the blog post hasn't any real expertise doing what they are writing.
If you sell race car parts, your website's blog posts should be written by someone that knows about race cars (Perhaps they build and race cars on the weekend?) Don't have some junior copywriter that you hired paraphrase a bunch of content they saw from a basic Google search.  

The Development of expertise takes time. Either you or whoever writes your content has to:

  • Do a lot of reading.
  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Invest time doing the thing that is being written. 
  • Be willing to experiment.
  • Fail often. 

You will need to figure a way to resolve any lack of expertise in your subject matter. You could hire writers who are subject matter experts. You could interview some experts. Or you could invest the time to become an expert yourself.


Be Focused on Customer Intent, not Traffic Volume.

Many companies go after the ‘Top of the Funnel’ (TOFU) keywords. These have tons of search volume and organic traffic but are not as likely to convert sales. Additionally, these keywords are probably going to be competitive. It will be extremely challenging and costly to rank on page one of Google.
The opposite approach converts much better. Begin with ‘Bottom of the Funnel’ (BOFU) long-tail keywords. They may have just a fraction of the traffic but are much easier to rank for, and the chances of them converting to customers are much more significant. 
As an example, the most popular post on Hubspot’s site is “how to make an animated gif”. How many of those people are looking for a complex CRM or marketing automation software? Probably not very many.
Long-tail keywords to target can be found using SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush.
Also, some excellent keyword research tools are completely free and include:

  • Reddit 
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Amazon 

In particular, Social media can provide a look into just how your target customers are talking about your product and your competitors’ products. This will let you get ideas on what content to write next and how to present the content in a way most likely to resonate with them. 


Don’t Try to Go Viral. 

When you try to go viral, you are taking part in the marketing equivalent of purchasing lotto tickets. You are basing your strategy on something out of your control, can’t be repeated, and most likely will not happen.
For example, if you sell garden shovels and rakes, the chances of your video about the best fertilizer to use in your tulip garden going viral are pretty low.

The problem is with “viral content”, you are looking for a one-hit-wonder. If you were to get lucky and one of your videos takes off, the odds of it leading to a ton of sales and being repeatable over and over is very low.
A more proven strategy is to regularly create ‘How-To Videos’ week after week that show your company’s expertise and helps your target customers solve real problems. These videos may only result in a few hundred views each, but they are building your reputation and solving a real problem for your target customers. 

As an example, Minaal produces carry-on luggage for minimalist travelers. They aren’t focused on producing viral pranks. Instead, they do an excellent job of making how-to videos related to packing light.

If you are just getting started check out this detailed guide for beginners. It outlines how to start blogging in 5 easy steps. When you are ready to start your blog, the most complete platform, and blogging tools around can be found at Markethive. Below is a video presented by Thomas Prendergast, the CEO, and Marketing Director of Markethive, with some excellent tips on how to create a blog.

In summary, to create content that delivers real value, you must invest time in understanding your target customers. It will require spending the time to learn about (and talk to) your target customers, practicing humility, and being empathetic. 

ecosystem for entrepreneurs  


Written by Gene Aasen
Entrepreneur 1 and Writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network.  I’m a strong advocate of the Markethive mission for technology, world progress, and freedom of speech. I support change and endeavor to help others understand, grow, and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 




How to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Secure


Are Your Social Media Accounts Secure?

Initially, the intent of social media was to bring people together. We could share our lives with our loved ones and friends that were far away while making new friends across time zones and cultural boundaries. If this were the only outcome of people sharing cat videos and baby photos, the world would be a sweeter place. Unfortunately, something more unfriendly also came with this intent—putting it mildly.

Marketing organizations, hackers, and many other entities will take and share your informational data for a whole variety of reasons. Some extreme examples such as Cambridge Analytica using your likes and dislikes for influencing an election should give the average user some pause for thought. Following, we will look at what kinds of security issues come from social media and what you can do to keep yourself along with your data safe in these times when everybody is online all of the time.

How Is Social Media a Security Risk?

Currently, almost everybody having an internet connection or a mobile device will have at least one social media account. Their usage may differ from reading news, sharing their lives, or updating their professional resume. Regardless of usage, social media is a part of modern-day life. 

What was considered private conversations in past years are now openly shared in public spaces like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Massive numbers of strangers have access to your opinions, comments, political leanings, and family concerns. It is essential to know how to protect your privacy and the data being disclosed on social media. Following best practices for safely using social media will give you peace of mind.

Begin with a Strong Password

When it comes to social media protection, Password Managers is your top tool. A Password Manager produces a varied series of letters and symbols that are distinct, difficult to decipher, and hard to recall. With that in mind, the Password Manager saves these in a secure location that is readily available. You can find trusted password manager apps everywhere, but the top ones include:

When you have numerous accounts requiring passwords, these apps will save them all together while revising the existing passwords. It is advisable never to assign the same password to multiple accounts. The Chrome Password Manager is a tool that creates diverse character strings for you.

Facebook Security Concerns
The behemoth of all social media is Facebook. 


Facebook has an estimated two billion daily users. You can minimize the use of Facebook's platform, but it would be extremely difficult to disengage from it completely. Most social media users assume others have a Facebook presence. Consider how family, friends, and colleagues use it. Even educational and performance institutions depend on Facebook for announcing essential events. Regardless of its flaws and changing demographics, most everyone seems to be using it.

Now review all the issues that result from this situation. Investigators and documentary films have exposed extensive hacking and manipulation of personal information. Cambridge Analytica acquired personal information on more than 50 million Facebook accounts and with it altered the results of a democratic election. As the saying goes, "If you are not paying for the product, you ARE the product." We are currently a long way from any reliable enactment of worldwide information rights being human rights law. Thus, the user needs to know how to safeguard themself and their online identity.

Facebook Account Security Tips:

  • Make a unique Password & save it with a Password Manager.
  • When viewing your Facebook account on remote devices that are not your personal mobile phone or home computer, do not activate "Keep Me Logged In."
  • To ensure only you can log into your account, set up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). This can be activated in the Settings Menu under Setup.
  • Friend requests should only be accepted from persons you know already in the real world or are no more than two degrees of separation from your direct network. 
  • Notify Facebook of any irregular activity.
  • If you are harassed or attacked on any comment threads, Block their accounts.


Next up, Twitter!
Twitter has revamped how we consume the news and media.

From its short bursts of journalism, its humorous use of wordplay and jest, to its regrettable reports of radical ideology and cluelessness, this social media organization has altered the process of gaining information. No longer does one need to scour entire news blogs to track down a report that is important to you. Identify the author on Twitter, follow them, or find a relevant hashtag to get the latest updates.

Also, Twitter is excellent for the self-promotion of a local business, developing a group of trustworthy associates, and marketing products and services pertinent to your activities. However, with this remarkable opportunity to communicate, there also come significant risks. 

Some valuable ways of protecting your identity, location, and data on Twitter are:

  • Like Facebook, start by creating a complex password and store it in a Password Manager.
  • From now on, your best friend is 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)! Use it wherever and whenever it's offered on a social media platform.
  • Go into "Settings & Privacy" and select "Protect my tweets" for added privacy. This way, only your approved followers can see what you choose to share and say on Twitter.
  • All third-party apps with permission for entry to your Twitter account must be monitored. Some permit access to data, so it is prudent to control any third-party functions.
  • Do not accept or respond to any direct communications from unknown senders to avoid viruses and phishing attacks and viruses.
  • Remember to always log out of instruments that are not your personal mobile phone or home-based computer.

Now Onward to LinkedIn

Most likely, if you have looked for work sometime in the past decade, you have set up a LinkedIn profile. It is the worldwide benchmark for executive networking and hosts a vast amount of personal data ranging from your locality to your educational history and business associates. This is very tempting for hackers, identity thieves, or third-party marketers.

LinkedIn is targeted by scammers offering dream work positions, phishing schemes, and the ordinary hackers that saturate the internet. This can put your occupational life at risk if you do follow the privacy practices outlined below.

Here is what to do on LinkedIn:

  • Create a complex Password to start and file it in a Password Manager.
  • Carefully go over the information you want to provide on LinkedIn. Post only essential details about yourself. If your resume has already been posted, review it, and remove any non-essential items.
  • Identify the third-party apps given access to your LinkedIn account. Most often, these would be old applications processed or outside job boards. Remove all that is not being used.
  • Watch out for any direct messages coming from unknown recruiters or countries where you've never done business. Maintain internet savvy and don't trust every message you receive.
  • Maintain a record of your job applications and how your LinkedIn profile has been disclosed.


Instagram, Picture Perfect Privacy:

Who does not love pretty pictures?

The popularity of Instagram has soared in recent years. What formerly was a niche photo-sharing site has beaten the old standard Flickr. Instagram has risen in popularity to the top spot. Its platform promotes the exploring of stunning fashions, spectacular landscapes, and unbelievable parties. It also allows for following hashtags, sharing stories, discussion threads, and links to other profiles.

A nice thing with Instagram is you can make your profile totally protected from spying eyes. If the Instagram user, or bot, does not appear in your curated followers' list, they won't be able to see your photos. Despite having more than 1 billion active users, privacy is important.

Ensuring privacy in your IG account:

  • As with all other social media platforms, create a complex Password to start and file it in a Password Manager.
  • Enable 2FA (two-factor authentication).
  • Every few months, change your passwords as an additional precaution against fraud. Do NOT use a password more than one time.
  • Identify the third-party apps given access to your Instagram account. Disable all not being used.
  • Disable Geotagging that permits your locality to be shown when you post a photo. Do not geotag your photos.
  • Unless it is necessary, do not hashtag your locality. For example, if you post a photograph of the hotel, you visited a couple of months ago, that might not be leaking private information. However, if you are now on a trip and away from your house—that is currently empty—you might want to reconsider posting that photo on Instagram.

Staying Safe Online

Adhering to these basic security and privacy guidelines is a valuable procedure for making them the usual way you interact when employing social media. They are mostly just common sense with exemplary password usage. Become familiar with the special distinctions of each platform your personal details are on, and implement the changes needed for a safe and secure user experience.

The documentary, The Great Hack, describes Julian Wheatland's effort to have Facebook regulated as a utility. Wheatland said: "every company is a data company today, and how that data is ethically managed needs to spread through all companies." 

As our developmental and spiritual view becomes overtaken by social media, we must be focused on protecting ourselves. At the same time, we should continue to learn from people and share our experiences throughout the world.

 ecosystem for entrepreneurs  


Written by Gene Aasen
Entrepreneur 1 and Writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network.  I’m a strong advocate of the Markethive mission for technology, world progress, and freedom of speech. I support change and endeavor to help others understand, grow, and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 





KYC, WALLET, MHV – Your Questions Answered

KYC, WALLET, MHV – Your Questions Answered

As we move closer to one of the most significant milestones of Markethive yet, I would like to touch on a few topics that the more recent members of Markethive may not know or be aware of.  Questions and queries are continuously being asked about subjects relating to KYC, the value of our coin (MHV), and exchanges.  

Below, I explain some critical factors and clear up some misinformation and assumed expectations of a few that may have been misled. 

What Is KYC? (Know Your Customer)

"Know Your Customer" (KYC) refers to detailed and authenticated information required by banks and financial institutions and first introduced in the 1990s. Today it's applied to a wide range of business sectors, especially online businesses.

According to Wikipedia, Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of a business verifying its clients' identity. KYC policies mandated by regulators globally are becoming progressively essential to prevent identity theft fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing. 

The process was once a simple one but now becoming an expensive nightmare for organizations and their customers due to compliance costs and the increasingly long time to complete the customer onboarding process.

As more companies begin to intensify their customer identification security policies, technology has provided us with biometrics for KYC management. The use of biometric identification management technology for accurate customer identity verification has proven to deliver efficiency and convenience for organizations and comply with government regulations to prevent identity theft and money laundering. 

Biometrics use intrinsic data, allowing for immutable identification and verification of people, and is fast and straightforward. Like face recognition and fingerprints, this inherent data is the way to go when accessing wallet apps on smartphones. 

The Genesis Of MHV Revisited 

Let's revisit for a moment a little bit of the history with the Markethive Coin. Established in 2018 with the micropayments faucet system released in January 2019 into the Markethive system. In March 2019, Markethive took the next step and listed MHV onto its first exchange, Raisex.io, and was subsequently listed on coinranking.com, a cryptocurrency information site. 

However, it wasn't long after the raisex exchange collapsed, but MHV is still listed on the Coinranking info site. Coinranking insists on keeping MHV recorded while Markethive moves forward to establish MHV on more high profile coin exchanges. Coinranking will then show MHV as listed on these alternate exchanges, and the actual value of MHV will be realized. 

The Value Of MHV

Right now, MHV's price is coinciding and fluctuating with the price of Bitcoin and, as explained above, is a failed report of a dead exchange, so for the benefit of the newer members, it's currently not listed on a live exchange to date. The value of MHV can not be officially determined until our wallet is released and the exchanges we will be listed on have achieved equilibrium. In other words, demand and supply are considered to be in a steady-state.
Currently, MHV can only be utilized internally with the Banner Impressions Exchange (BIX), whereby you can purchase impressions with MHV. Or if a Markethive Associate offers a product or service accepting MHV as payment. There will be many services and products (such as The Blast, to be released soon) that you will be able to purchase with MHV and only with MHV, including ILPs. It's what an ecosystem is all about. 

When the Markethive multi-purpose wallet is rolled out, along with the exchanges, Markethive will be listing its coin on (to be announced) will mean you can buy and sell MHV, thereby creating equilibrium and value in a free and open market. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Every savvy online entrepreneur knows that when it comes to technology, setting a deadline or an actual date for the release can be misleading and is difficult due to its complex nature; however, we can project a timeline. The Markethive Wallet and exchanges are on the table, ready for release when the timing is right, as there are numerous facets to consider. 

Instead of waiting to join Markethive until the wallet is released or proven, join now and be ready. A growing number of social media users and marketers are fed up with the likes of mainstream social media with their dubious agendas and the tyranny it continues to dish out. Also, paying way too much for the access to expensive SaaS marketing platforms. 

All should embrace Markethive and accumulate as many MHV as possible before its debut on the worldwide free market. It's close and will be an opportunity for long-term prosperity, so you won't want to miss out. 

First, receive the MHV coin airdrop for just joining Markethive. Next, refer three people to activate your micropayments and earn MHV for every activity you perform on the Markethive platform after that. 

That's a great start; then, by taking the time to learn how the blockchain-driven social media and inbound marketing market network works, you will be busy, having fun in the collaborative, free-thinking environment while earning income! 

Instead of giving away your content and hard work to the social media platforms that make money off you, why not have the platform pay you? That's what you get from Markethive, along with all the tools you need to build your business and acquire a brand presence. 

The author of this article, Facebook Is Dead (It Just Doesn't Know It Yet) just about sums up the current state of mainstream social media and opines in no uncertain terms the way he feels. Jared A. Brock is on the right path when it comes to new opportunities and next-gen platforms. He's just not aware of Markethive yet, but he will be. 


 A Visionary's Life's Work With A Mission At Markethive

CE0 & Founder of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast, a passionate Entrepreneur by nature, declared,

 "I'm put on this earth to empower and bring prosperity to every living soul with a purpose. Even if that purpose is only to be free from the shackles of the Social Media tyranny we all face, this is a new era with the evolution of technology. It is the next generation of Social Media and Market Networks." 

 Mr. Prendergast added,

"I am fully committed to building the members of Markethive into huge success stories. This is my way of helping make this world a little bit brighter and helping the struggling entrepreneur to have a lot more advantages to reach their goals".

The Release Of The Wallet Will Be In Stages

The wallet will be released in four phases: (The first phase is projected to roll out sometime this month.)

Phase 1: The Entrepreneur One associates will have access to their wallets with no limits on transactions or the number of MHV coins per day.    

Phase 2: The Apprentice Membership associates wallets, limited transactions – 10 MHV coins per day

Phase 3: Activated free members wallets, limited transactions – 1 MHV coin per day

Phase 4: Entry-level free members wallets, limited transactions – 0.1 MHV coin per day. 

All members will be required to submit and be approved via a KYC process (Know Your Customer.) For free members, that will incur a cost of US$20. 

The above schedule is subject to change and is required to protect Markethive and its coin from shills and pump and dump scenarios. 

Markethive is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, not a pump and dump, like so many speculative coins on the market, with numerous failing miserably due to the lack of protocol and integrity. 


The Apprentice Program And The Unleashing Of Markethive

The Apprentice Program is just about there, ready to be integrated into the Markethive system, which means free members can go to the next level at a minimal cost and have access to more services and be ready for the Phase 2 wallet release. 

The Apprentice membership is for the masses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and marketers looking to earn an income in a meritocratic and sovereign environment. 
Markethive's multidimensional wallet is a POS wallet, a Mining Wallet (through MH faucet systems and Bounty Program), a private KYC/AML authentication provider, and a secured messaging system – ALL IN ONE.
This multidimensional wallet will not only preserve, protect and grow your coins through a Proof of Stake function, but it will also provide you 100% control of your private KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/ Anti-Money Laundering) information. It is also a secure messaging portal. 

This multi-functional wallet is part of Markethive's proprietary Intellectual Property. 

Within the local and app-based wallet, you will store MHV coins and other top coins like BTC, ETH, etc. You will also be able to upload your KYC documents into your device and only release a READ ONLY view of them at authentication time, with your approval; 100% under your control. 

Markethive will never store your private information; an authentication code will be held in Markethive's Blockchain. The secure messaging portal will also be integrated into Markethive's cloud ecosystem and take full advantage of the groups and folder technology.

Culture Of Integrity

What we are building here in Markethive is a culture of integrity, eliminating duplicate or fake accounts and hackers. Furthermore, as Markethive is built on the Blockchain it's not centralized information. 

Once the system has verified you, your information is placed in your wallet, and only you receive the Key to that wallet. It belongs to you, and no one else has access to your information or MHV coins you accumulate by using the platform, including Markethive – the company.  

When Markethive implements the wallets, the KYC protocol will be mandatory for every member. In the past, for any company, it was commonplace for us to scan and upload a utility bill, passport, or drivers' license when asked for verification. Organizations in the online world now require a much more verifiable course of action.

A photo with you holding your drivers' license or some form of identity card and a signed piece of paper with Markethive with the date written on it next to your face is a foolproof way to authenticate. It will secure your identity, account, and any transactions you administer within the Markethive system. 

A video stating who you are may be implemented and will be another level to the whole KYC process, ensuring your peace of mind and Markethive. 


Implementing live and recorded video calls while scanning and comparing photo ID (govt identity cards, passport, utility bill, and bank statements) between you and Markethive adds a verification level. When combined with the SMS code and Social Networked OAUTH that was executed when first registering to the Markethive Network, delivers a real person, not a clone or a fake sock puppet. 

This more in-depth KYC protocol is a step up from web 2.0. It is the next generation where privacy, security, and autonomy are of the utmost priority, with Markethive leading the way on its mission to deliver a Social Market Network of the highest integrity. 

There's still time to upgrade to Entrepreneur One and be privy to the complete Markethive system that can be described as a cottage industry with money machines that champions everything else out there. You will be one of Markethive's early adopters and have a rare opportunity to cement your future of self-sovereignty. 

Come with us as we make our way through the final stages of BETA, building the foundation and on the road to realizing the full potential of Markethive and you. 

ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.