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What Exactly Is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.

Ban Anything That Upsets The Status Quo 

Over the last few years, YouTube has made headlines with its incessant banning of videos and de-platforming of influencers’ accounts causing loss of income and online presence. Last year, Youtube de-platformed a myriad of ‘alt-right’ and so-called ‘conspiracy’ groups and removed these channels from the video streaming site. 

Youtube also started targeting cryptocurrency content creators and YouTubers who operated channels that discussed bitcoin and other digital assets. In late 2019, YouTube officials removed a massive number of cryptocurrency video channels for very little reasoning. The company typically just tells the person that the channel had “violated community guidelines.”

This week Bitcoin.com was also censored for sharing a video about their bitcoin mining pool. Bitcoin.com’s YouTube account was given one strike for allegedly “violating community guidelines”. This begs the question,  “Who or what consists of their so-called community?” 

When YouTube, the online video-sharing platform first started back in 2005, it was a community of people sharing ideas and fun videos with very little moderation and censorship. Now it’s looking more like the Ministry of Propaganda.  For the last three months, YouTube, now under the ownership of Google, has taken part in historic amounts of censorship regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki said that any videos that were in opposition to the World Health Organization (WHO) narrative of the COVID-19 outbreak would be removed.  

Subsequently, Wojcicki’s ruling was carried out as many videos were banned that portrayed another opinion or fact that went against the WHO narrative regarding the ‘official’ coronavirus data. YouTube and Wojcicki decided to shelter the public from progressive ideas and data that just may have some truth in them because it went against the authorities. 

Since the beginning of this virus and the panic it has caused, we now have proof as more research is taking place from many respected scientific think tanks, and epidemiologists are now trying to tell the public that the lockdowns were very irrational. 

Despite the proof, Youtube has banned a number of videos that go against the ongoing fear-mongering narrative. When a video was posted on Youtube that featured Dr. Daniel W. Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi from California, the video got 5 million views before it was removed. 


Youtube also banned a video called “Plandemic,” which featured Dr. Judy Mikovits soon after it was published on the online video sharing platform. Youtube, however, does allow videos that rebut Judy Mikovits, Daniel W. Erickson, and Dr. Artin Massihi’s narratives. The company has no issues allowing rebuttals that stay on course with the fear-mongering narrative.

Whatever the veracity of the doctors’ claims, YouTube’s censorship of unorthodox ideas in the name of protecting the public from misinformation is misguided and counter-productive. Sheltering the public from ideas, even bad ones, only makes society more susceptible to dangerous error. Knowledge is power and surely we should be able to think for ourselves and have the ability to investigate.


Across social media, censors have been racing to limit the flow of information that questions these new laws imposed. Facebook also conceded it had been working with state governments in California, New Jersey, and Nebraska to remove pages for anti-stay-at-home protests events that are popping up all over the platform. 

Ron Coleman, a prominent First Amendment lawyer said in a recent interview. 

“It’s the kind of totalitarian thinking and conduct that has cost millions of lives in recent world history. The fact that it’s being done by private companies and not government doesn’t change that.” 


The former head of biostatistics, epidemiology, and research design at Rockefeller University, Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, recently told the public that Youtube had banned his video that went against the lockdown, and over-reaction narrative after it gathered more than 1.3 million views. 

Wittkowski, who holds two doctorates in computer science and medical biometry, believes the coronavirus should be allowed to create “herd immunity,” and that short of a vaccine, the pandemic will only end after it has sufficiently spread through the population.

“With all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them won’t even have recognized that they were infected,” he says in the now-deleted video.

Wittkowski told The Post, saying he had no idea why it was removed. 

“I was just explaining what we had…They don’t tell you. They just say it violates our community standards. There’s no explanation for what those standards are or what standards it violated.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s videos were also removed when he spoke out against the stay-at-home narrative and the data spread by people like the epidemiologist Neil Ferguson dubbed Professor Lockdown who broke his own rule after convincing Prime Minister of the U.K. Boris Johnston to enforce the stay at home rule. 


YouTube’s Latest Target

Now Youtube has banned one of Bitcoin.com’s videos for sharing information about their mining pool. The video removal was based on the company’s “sale of regulated goods” policy and the video allegedly went against “community guidelines.” 

The Bitcoin.com account was given a single strike, which gives the account a one week probation period. Two to three strikes could lead to far worse restrictions against the Bitcoin.com account that merely shares information and resources about cryptocurrency solutions. 

Bitcoin.com’s CEO Mate Tokay has spoken out against the Youtube censorship in a tweet letting the company and Wojcicki know they have been immoral, irrational, and illogical. 


Censorship tends to manipulate reality and it has engendered evil numerous times over the course of history. Social media platforms are private companies and they can impose any restrictions they choose, but what they choose to censor seems to be agenda-driven and in line with the status quo of authoritarianism. 


Critical Thinking Not Allowed

YouTube seems to ban videos that allow for critical thinking. Cryptocurrency is one sector that gains grassroots attention and makes people think critically. Censorship and the fact they allow fake news and propaganda certainly unveil the true colors of YouTube that it just may not have the best interests of the global community in mind.  

YouTube has banned videos that question the ‘official’ COVID-19 statistics because people are now realizing that a virus with a 99% survival rate isn’t as devastating as we first thought. As they scurry to remove the videos as soon as they emerge, it’s too little too late as millions have already seen them and the information that may just deliver a different point of view or perhaps even the truth. 

As FEE.org explains, “Youtube’s censorship of dissenting doctors will backfire.” By taking down the videos, YouTube has limited the extent to which that social learning can happen and insulated the error from debunking. If anything, YouTube’s censorship has lent additional credence to whatever mistakes they made by feeding into the narrative that the powers-that-be fear its truth. The debunking is being drowned out by outrage over the censorship. And the Streisand Effect (how censorship can boost something’s publicity) is causing it to spread even more.

As more people realize and get sick and tired of the tech giants’ antics the more they will migrate to other platforms that do want to genuinely help people understand and change the world, giving back freedom of choice and allowing citizens to think for themselves. Once upon a time, there was nowhere else to go but now things are changing.  


Image credit: observatory.tec

Markethive Encourages Critical Thinking

We have a future here where we can operate on a platform of decentralized data, a platform that advocates self-sovereignty. Markethive is a next-generation Social Market Network, built on the Blockchain that has positioned itself as a complete ecosystem for Entrepreneurs. 

Incorporating its cryptocurrency consumer coin (MHV), it provides prosperous solutions for all business owners, marketers, commercial artists, etc, who require an online presence ensuring privacy, and autonomy along with no measures in place to ban you, terminate your account or censor your content.

Markethive's foundation is built upon integrity, transparency, and autonomy. As we live in a not so perfect world, there is always negativity, topics, and opinions that individuals may not agree with or even find offensive. You will have the ability to filter your newsfeed and block any, what you consider, unsavory characters, or content, remembering your newsfeed is your property. There are no corporate officials deciding for you. That gives people the right and freedom to choose for themselves who they wish to communicate with what they wish to see. There is a saying “Live And Let Live” and I consider these wise words.


Markethive’s Design And Vision

Markethive is a decentralized, autonomous, fluid environment which includes manifestations of intellectual achievements, social habits, innovation, music, literature, technology, commerce, and the arts. A central “hub” built using blockchain technology, is designed to encourage “reciprocal interchange” of ideas, knowledge, or skills as well as providing for exchange, sales or purchases of goods, services, and commodities. 

This premier hybrid social network includes news feeds, blogging platforms, video channels, chat channels, groups, image sharing, link hubs, resume, profile page, with additional platforms for ecommerce and digital news site. 

But more than a social network, Markethive has also delivered  “Inbound Marketing tools” like broadcasting, capture pages, lead funnels, autoresponders, self-replicating group tools, traffic analytics, CMS, and more. This is provided for free to you and what’s more, you are paid for learning and using the platform. Markethive’s focus is on the rights of the people and providing a user-friendly, rewarding solution that is so much in need of right now. 


Markethive Is About To Start Its Engines

Markethive is in BETA at the moment as engineers are working tirelessly to implement all facets of this monumental system that caters to the entire worldwide market of entrepreneurs. That includes small businesses, local businesses, regional businesses, global businesses, cottage industries, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, affiliate marketers, software innovators, musicians, churches, political platforms, political candidates, distributors, network marketers, innovators, and dreamers! 

The engine power that Markethive has will make this a goliath in social media, inbound marketing, cryptocurrency, ecommerce, and digital media distribution. 

Many systems within the platform are up and running now and as we near the completion of the Markethive wallet we are continuously growing as more people become aware of who and what we are and stand for. Intrinsically, Markethive gives the power back to the people. It has been built for the people, by the people and is of the people. We will reach that moment when the whole world will notice as we rise up as a giant voice of the ENTREPRENEUR! 

Join us at our weekly webinars for updates on Sundays at 10 am (mountain time) Markethive Weekly Meeting Link – meet.google


ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Reference: Bitcoin.com

Deb Williams
A Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast and a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. I embrace "change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept, and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 


Bias In Big Tech Exposed – Insider Whistleblower Is Outed

Bias In Big Tech Exposed –

Insider Whistleblower Is Outed

Bias in big tech is big news, Just recently, the Justice Department launched an anti-trust review and Project Veritas, an organization that was formed to expose corruption and a go-to for whistleblowers was present at a White House Summit with the President and other influencers to talk about big tech. Project Veritas Investigations have been featured in congressional hearings and its momentum is growing. 

In June of 2019, an ex-employee of Google Zachary Vorhies, came forward as he claims he just couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t expose what he knew Google was doing behind the scenes and implement the plans they were planning. After 3 years of becoming aware of what Google was doing since 2016, he now feels more at peace, as if a great burden has been lifted off his soul. 

After Zachary leaked the internal documents to Project Veritas anonymously, he decided to go public as he received a letter from Google to cease and desist his actions and return all documents to Google. He did comply with Google’s demands, but not before he sent those documents to the Justice Antitrust Division.

Interesting to note, Project Veritas had to re-upload the anonymous Google Exposé after it was taken down by YouTube ahead of the White House Social Media Summit where Project Veritas CEO and Founder James O’Keefe was invited shortly after the initial release of the report. 

James O’Keefe accepted the invitation and released a statement:

“If legendary muckrakers like Lincoln Steffens and Ida Tarbell can work alongside Teddy Roosevelt to expose and reform Big Oil — Project Veritas can be synergistic with the Trump administration to pull back the curtain surrounding Big Tech.”


U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert also responded to the undercover video of Google released by Project Veritas in a Press Release  saying, 

“Google should not be deciding whether content is important or trivial and they most assuredly should not be meddling in our election process. They need their immunity stripped…”


 Zachary Vorhies, The brave and humble whistleblower subsequently made the decision to do an on-the-record video interview with Project Veritas where he stated, 

“I had been collecting the documents for over a year. And the reason why I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company and I realized that there were going to not only tamper with the elections  but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.”

Zachary Vorhies also added that these documents were extensively available to full-time employees of Google,

“These documents were available to every single employee within the company that was full-time. And so as a fulltime employee at the company, I just searched for some keywords and these documents started to pop up. And so once I started finding one document and started finding keywords for other documents and I would enter that in and continue this cycle until I had a treasure trove and archive of documents that clearly spelled out the system, what they’re attempting to do in very clear language.” 


Whistleblower, Identified

Zachary Vorhies was outed and identified by an anonymous account on social media as a “leaker”. It’s worth noting that Zachary believes that the account belongs to a Google employee. Consequently, he was approached by the San Fransisco police at his home in California after they had received a call from Google which prompted a “wellness check.”  To put it more bluntly “a mental health call”. 

Mr. Vorhies described the incident to Project Veritas,

“they got inside the gate, the police, and they started banging on my door… And so the police decided that they were going to call in additional forces. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.”

He went on to say, “…This is a large way in which [Google tries to] intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company…”


Below is the Project Veritas video of the on-the-record interview with Zachary Vorhies 


The Leaked Google Documents

Thanks to Vorhies brave actions, Project Veritas did release hundreds of internal Google documents

One of those documents is a file called “news blacklist site for google now” This blacklist restricts certain websites from appearing on news feeds. What this means is these sites will not show up underneath the search bar on an Android phone. Google has publically stated under oath they do not have blacklists but this clearly proves they do. 

Google calls itself a Platform so it is exempt under the Section 230 Act, but as Zachary stated Google is playing both sides of the game. On one hand, they are saying they are a platform and immune from being sued for the content they host on their website. However, on‌ ‌the‌ ‌other‌ ‌hand, they are acting as a publisher where they determine the editorial agender of certain companies. If these companies don’t fall in line with Google’s editorial agender, then their news articles get de-boosted and de-ranked. If people do fall in line with their agenda they will get boosted and pushed to the top. 

The list includes conservative and progressive websites, such as newsbusters.orgmediamatters.organd Infowars.comThe document says that some sites are listed with or because of a “high user block rate.”

Other documents include employees discussing diversity hiring practices where a Google employee expresses concern that the document appears to “misrepresent Google’s hiring practices in a way that could raise legal questions…” 

Another Google document shows a thread of employees at Google discussing and proposing a plan to change the Google translation of the term “Covfefe” An infamous tweet made by President Trump. 


A newly published document titled “Fringe Ranking/Classifier: Defining Channel Quality”. It lists an example ranking of various news sites including CNN and FOX News. another document titled  “Fake news & other fringe: Trashy recap” reveals that videos are rated by multiple “human raters.”


Anti-Conservative Bias

Another internal Google document Project Veritas published shows Google employees calling conservative commentators “nazis:”


“People Like Us Are Programmed” 

An additional document of the hundreds that were handed over by Vorhies, titled “Fair is Not the Default” says “People (like us) are programmed” after the results of machine learning fairness.  The document describes how “unconscious bias” and algorithms interact.


Zachary Vorhies hopes that more insiders at Google decide to go public and discuss what happening with big tech abuses, He implores,

“My message to those that are on the fence is I released the documents. They can go in, they can see everything that Google is doing and then they can see the scale of it. Because I think that there’s a lot of engineers that have a hint that things are wrong, but they don’t understand the colossal scale that it’s at. And so for those people, I say, look at the documents, take the pulse of America, see what’s happening and come and tell the world you know what you already know to be true.”


A Second Insider Comes forward 

Greg Coppola Senior Google Engineer is now on administrative leave after he spoke to Project Veritas in an on-the-record interview about alleged bias in Google News and Google Search. 

Greg Coppola states that we are at a very important point in human history and tech history for that matter.

Previously, we had tech that was politically neutral and generally felt safe when it came to our personal data. No one really could foresee what was to come, including the very happy and loyal engineers' of Google that felt extremely fortunate to work at Google. Good working conditions, good pay and even free food. 

Do we run the technology or does the technology run us? Are we going to continue to have elections that mean anything? Are we going to continue to think for ourselves or just let the biggest tech companies decide who wins the election from now on? 

There is an ambiguity of whether big tech is neutral or whether it’s biased. There are Google executives going to congress stating that it’s not manipulative or political but certain whistleblowers, Google insiders, are sure that these statements are just not true. 


Find out more about Greg Cappola and the interview that took place at Project Veritas 


Greg Cappola also gave the first live television interview with host Tucker Carlson. The interview was short and when asked will he be punished for coming on the show, he replied that he wasn’t sure what the future holds for him at the moment. At that time he was Senior Google Engineer but has since been put on Administrative Leave. 



The mission of Project Veritas is to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society. Their goal is to inform the public of wrongdoing and allow the public to make judgments on the issues. Project Veritas will continue to investigate political bias at big tech companies. 

I admire James O’Keefe, Zachary Vorhies, Greg Cappola and anyone else who stands their ground in this revolution to expose the wrongdoing of the tech giants and get the IoT back on the track of free enterprise, transparency, autonomy, and total fairness. Whether big tech is doing it unwittingly, with good intentions or calculated planning to further bias agendas, it must be stopped. Exposure at any cost will, in‌ ‌turn, benefit all. 

This is just the beginning and with the technology of the Blockchain which allows free speech, privacy, and autonomy the power that these conglomerates hold will be more evenly distributed. The people will have a choice of who they will trust and what services they will utilize. 

Markethive, an upcoming news site, in fact, a complete platform and an entire ecosystem is one company standing up for the people. Built on Blockchain with state of the art technology not reliant on the Google search engines is for the people, by the people, and of the people. The world is changing, nefarious activity and monopolies are being exposed and it’s all for the better to make way for the next generation of a fairer, more autonomous internet. 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs




Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 



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