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GLOB: the revolutionary altcoin of 2020 that will change the way you think of money forever

GLOB: the revolutionary altcoin of 2020 that will change the way you think of money forever

GLOB is the first cryptocurrency that multiplies itself within a year with every transaction in an easy,

immutable and transparent way via the implementation of the revolutionary Proof of Transaction protocol. It aims at removing the gap between the rich and the poor and making every project in the world profitable. Now, this sounds like a true promise of disrupting the predatory economic system controlled by the 1%. Read below to find out all the details.

When we think of the idea of money making more money, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional way of “putting money to work” via the banking industry, or Ponzi schemes, neither of which is sustainable or ethical. Would you like your money to multiply itself? Wouldn’t it be nice to send a 100$ and receive a guaranteed 100% cashback, while the recipient also receives the amount sent? If you think it is impossible, think again. This new altcoin will make you revisit everything you know about how the money – and cryptocurrency – works. GLOB’s main principles are the breakeven of mutual settlements, inability to use assets for speculative purposes, elimination of financial risks and absence of debt obligations.

Sounds exciting? Many cryptos have promised to change the world, eliminate poverty and make money fair again, but let’s be honest: most, if not all, cryptos have ended up being used by the same “whales” for speculative purposes, while the smaller fish either gets breadcrumbs from the “master’s table” or is eaten in the process, left with nothing but losses. Is there are a way to change the situation and make sure that every transaction and all investments become profitable? Yes, there is, and this is not utopia. The developers of GLOB have a sustainable solution.

GLOB’s Proof of Transaction protocol entails conducting a reserve transaction that would mine GLOB cryptocurrency for 365 days from the date of the transaction. According to the mining outcome, the sender receives a 100% cashback of the amount sent, and the recipient receives a 100% reward of the amount received. 20% of the transaction amount is withdrawn as payment for mining and to limit emissions, and can subsequently be destroyed or transferred to the Charity Fund of the Reserve System or to the Project Development Fund at the discretion of the transaction initiator

What is GLOB why is it important?

  • The creators of the new ERC-20 altcoin called GLOB want to revolutionalize the way the money works and remove all the speculators, intermediaries and any powers that tackle the financial system for their own benefit with little consideration of the majority. They believe that the emission of money must be controlled by the end-users, like you and me. 
  • This open-source immutable blockchain digital asset built on Ethereum utilizes the revolutionary decentralized emission protocol called Proof Of Transaction and is not controlled by any centralized authority or group. Proof of Transaction (PoT) is implemented by means of a smart contract, according to which a transaction registered in the system by a reserve fund (user) is the basis for the emission (mining) of GLOB cryptocurrency. The withdrawal of a fixed percentage of the transaction amount to cover mining costs and the creation of a reserve transaction for the distribution of created assets are both mandatory conditions.
  • The main aim is for the global economy to steer clear of the predatory practices of the current financial elites. The economy needs to be able to freely recover and grow at an unprecedented pace. Regular people would be able to manage profitability after the complete elimination of the main limiting factors and fractions. 
  • The decision of the ecosystem will be taken based on the consensus of large groups of users, a “middle class” of sorts, rather than small groups of corrupt elites. That is, there will be a kind of conflict-free change in the economic system. The free global technocratic capitalism must replace the toxic imperialism

How does GLOB work?

According to the GLOB whitepaper, “the emission of decentralized digital assets is at the core of the new economic system of GLOB and solves the current issues of the existing economic model with no conflict of interest between regulatory bodies or the main players. The Global Reserve System is a network of private reserve funds connected by partnerships that conduct settlements using the GLOB cryptocurrency under alternative economic conditions. During a transaction, the system’s smart contract conducts a decentralized emission of GLOB cryptocurrency, distributed in favor of the parties involved over 365 days. Senders receive a 100% return on the amounts sent, and recipients receive a 100% reward on the amounts received.

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Bitcoin and Altcoins Consolidate Above Key Supports

Bitcoin and Altcoins Consolidate Above Key Supports

  • Bitcoin price is consolidating above the USD 7,100 and USD 7,000 support levels.

  • Ethereum is holding the USD 125 support and XRP is trading near USD 0.192.

  • LUNA gained more than 15% and MATIC is up around 8% today.

Yesterday, we saw a fresh decline in bitcoin price below the USD 7,400 and USD 7,350 support levels. BTC/USD even traded below the USD 7,250 level and it is currently (09:00 UTC) consolidating losses above USD 7,100. To start a fresh increase, the price must climb above USD 7,350 and USD 7,400 in the near term. Similarly, most major altcoins are trading above key supports, including ethereum, XRP, bitcoin cash, litecoin, EOS, BNB, ADA, TRX and XLM. ETH/USD is trading above the USD 125 support and it could revisit the USD 130 resistance. XRP/USD is consolidating near the USD 0.190 level and it is facing hurdles near USD 0.195.

Bitcoin price

Recently, bitcoin price trimmed most of its gains and declined below the USD 7,350 support levels. BTC/USD even traded close to the USD 7,150 and USD 7,100 support levels. It is currently consolidating losses above USD 7,150 and it could correct higher. An initial resistance is near USD 7,350, above which it could continue to rise towards the USD 7,550 resistance area. On the flip side, the price could break the USD 7,150 and USD 7,100 support levels. In this case, bitcoin could accelerate its decline below USD 7,000.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price is showing a few bearish signs below the USD 130 and USD 132 resistance levels. However, ETH/USD is holding the USD 125 support level and it could correct higher. The next key support is near the USD 120 level. On the upside, the USD 130 and USD 132 levels are likely to prevent gains. To move into a positive zone, the price has to climb above the USD 135 resistance area.

Bitcoin cash, litecoin and XRP price

Bitcoin cash price is currently consolidating above the USD 185 support area. BCH/USD is facing many hurdles on the upside, starting with USD 192. The main hurdles are near USD 1995 and USD 200, above which the price is likely to accelerate higher. On the downside, a break below USD 185 might lead the price towards USD 170. Litecoin is holding the USD 40.00 support area and it is trading in a range. LTC/USD must climb above the USD 41.20 and USD 42.50 resistance levels to set the stage for a push towards the USD 45.00 level. On the downside, the price could test USD 38.50 if it breaks USD 40.00. XRP price remained confined in a range below the USD 0.195 resistance level and above the USD 0.185 support level. It seems like XRP/USD may soon make another attempt to surpass the USD 0.200 resistance area in the near term.

Other altcoins market today

In the past three sessions, a few small capitalization altcoins climbed higher, including LUNA, MATIC, THETA, MANA and ENJ. On the other hand, BCN, EKT, SXP and ATOM faced an increase in selling pressure. Overall, bitcoin price is trading near a couple of important supports above USD 7,100. Therefore, BTC/USD might start a fresh increase towards USD 7,550 as long as there is no close below the USD 7,100 support. The next major supports are USD 6,850 and USD 6,550.

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Bitfinex Shareholder: Tether plans to print Digital Yuan soon, named CNHT

Bitfinex Shareholder: Tether plans to print Digital Yuan soon, named CNHT


Tether Holdings, a subsidiary of Bitfinex and the company behind

the world’s most popular stable coin USDT, is going to print Yuan based stable coin soon. The new stable coin is called CNHT. Zhao Dong, a shareholder of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex revealed in an interview that Tether plans to launch the Chinese Yuan backed Stablecoin – CNHT. Moreover, he also revealed that Tether plans to launch a new coin backed by commodities such as gold, rubber and crude oil. Tether created stable coin, USDT, is currently the biggest and the most popular stable coin. USDT has a current valuation of $4 billion. It is said that manipulation of USDT was the reason for Bitcoin’s 2017 all-time high price of $20,000. Zhao Dong runs his OTC business, Renrenbit, and he added that they will

support the newly minted CNHT.

“Personally, I think the offshore yuan stable coin could boost the circulation of the offshore renminbi and internationalize it. Regulators may be happy to see it proceed and succeed,” he said on Wechat.

When USDT was first launched in 2014, Bitfinex revealed that they would be launching three tokens in the future. USDT (Tether backed by USD), Euro backed stable coin, and Japanese Yen backed stable coin. But due to the popularity of USDT in China, Tether plans to launch CNHT first.

Fake CNHT’s in the Market

The news of Bitfinex releasing CNHT has attracted a lot of attention. Some scammers on various forums and groups have started selling “CNHT”. The scam begins by the person claiming they are from Bitfinex or Tether and are doing some airdrops. They send the ERC20 smart contract the users and give the user a 30% discount on early investment on CNHT. Currently, CNHT hasn’t been released and no release date has been given by Bitfinex or Tether. In fact, no official word regarding CNHT has been given by Bitfinex or Tether.

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Ishan is a cryptocurrency trader and a journalist. He is the founder of Blockmanity. He trades cryptocurrencies and holds some but he prefers holding USDT.



OKEx Reached Partnership with BitBns as the First Step into India Crypto Market

OKEx Reached Partnership with BitBns as the First Step into India Crypto Market


OKEx, the world-leading digital asset exchange,

established itself as a reliable and stability focused entity is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BitBns, India’s leading exchange to bring the global brand experience of secureness and reliability to Indian crypto traders. This strategic partnership with BitBns marked the entry of OKEx into Indian crypto ecosystem, which not only enhances OKEx’s position in the Indian crypto industry but also restores the lost faith in Indian crypto community by maximizing the crypto trading experience and resources.

Being the world’s leading digital asset exchange, the Malta-based crypto exchange OKEx already caters to over 20 million users from over 100 countries with business centers scattered across the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, Luxembourg, and Seoul. OKEx provides a safe, reliable, and stable environment for digital asset trading globally, providing comprehensive digital assets trading services including Fiat-to-Token Trading (OTC), Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Futures Trading, Perpetual Swap (1x-100x), with the aim to enrich the investment choice of users. Currently, the exchange offers over 400 token and futures trading pairs, enabling users to optimize their strategies, as well as 24/7 local customer service to provide

a perfect experience for traders.

“This announcement with India’s largest exchange, BitBns is the first solid step in our journey to build on our vision to serve Indian crypto community,” according to OKEx official. “OKEx has been very dedicated to supporting blockchain development around the globe and we respect regulation in all the countries. To cultivate the blockchain ecosystem, we are always happy and open to share our experience and insight with the local regulator in order to prompt the regulatory environment.”

OKEx upholds the openness and win-win strategy to accelerate globally business layout and achieve the widespread adoption of Blockchain technology. Towards this end, OKEx is establishing a local team & executing localized operations by partnering up with authoritative crypto entities, including prime projects, crypto exchanges, and tech startups in developing underlying technology.

In the future, the company will fully open up to accumulate the resources in India, as well as share ecological dividends and user traffic. OKEx will work with high-quality blockchain projects to integrate Indian market resources and help local exchange with global liquidity to accelerate and extend their capabilities, with the aim to promote positive development for blockchain industry by building a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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Ishan is a cryptocurrency trader and a journalist. He is the founder of Blockmanity. He trades cryptocurrencies and holds some but he prefers holding USDT.



US Banking and Remittance Firm— PNC, Now Utilises RippleNet

US Banking and Remittance Firm— PNC, Now Utilises RippleNet

According to a recent report, a leading financial institution PNC

has become the first bank to provide international remittances service in the United States using RippleNet after it remitted $4.3 billion as revenue in the first quarter of 2019, and had $385.9 billion in average assets. The bank now uses Ripple’s chain of banks and financial institutions which is referred to as RippleNet to transfer funds overseas.

The released publication stated that:

“As the first US bank to process these payments in real-time, PNC offers commercial clients in the US with the ability to receive a payment from an overseas buyer against their invoices instantly, transforming the way they manage their global account receivables and allowing them to better manage their working capital.”

The partnership between PNC and Ripple was firstly revealed in September of 2018 during which PNC stated that:

“As the global economy becomes increasingly digital, the need for real-time payments globally is critical. We are focused on providing our clients with capabilities that enable making secure digital payments in an instant, whether they are sent across the street or across the world.”

With the new partnership, PNC’s commercial clients will be able to receive real-time invoice payments from their buyers who are not based in the United States.

The Senior Vice President of Customer Service at Ripple, Marcus Treacher said that:

“For far too long, the technology underlying cross-border payments has been opaque, slow and costly. PNC, as an innovative and forward-thinking institution, understands the promise of emerging technologies like blockchain,” “Quite a few payment providers have joined RippleNet recently, so it’s great to see one of the major U.S. banks come on board as well,” he added.

Also, PNC is probably utilising Ripple’s payment messaging system xCurrent to carry out cross-border transactions because xRapid is still encountering some regulatory issues in the United States.

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Altcoins Real Dominance Is Only 10% Of The Crypto Market, Not 30%: New Study Reveals

Altcoins Real Dominance Is Only 10% Of The Crypto Market, Not 30%: New Study Reveals


Bitcoin dominance is the crypto market share of the leading cryptocurrency,

Bitcoin, over the rest of the crypto market. The indicator has been fluctuating between a high of almost 96% in November 2013 and a low of 33.4% recorded in January 2018, during the craziest altcoin season. Following the BItcoin’s Bull Run of 2019, the dominance has risen from 51% at the beginning of the year to nearly 70% as of now. However, a new study suggests that the real dominance of Bitcoin is approximately 90%, a lot more than what we are used to.

Market Dominance Calculated

In order to obtain the percentage of each coin, the circulating supply must be multiplied by the coin’s price and then divided by the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies. Doing this math shows that Bitcoin has always been the most dominant force in the cryptocurrency community. As per Coingecko, Bitcoin’s market dominance today is 68.13%, which is near to the year-to-date high of 69.73%. However, new research by Arcane shows that different numbers may arise when adding trading liquidity to the mix.

90% Bitcoin Dominance

When liquidity is considered as well, Bitcoin’s presence appears to be even more dominant at around 90%. Liquidity is the key to receiving the most accurate market capitalization numbers as per the person who conducted the research – Bendik Schei,

who explains:

“The main reason is that one could easily create a cryptocurrency with 1 billion pre-mined coins, and do one trade at say three dollars each. This would lead to a total market capitalization of $3 billion, which would represent 1% market dominance with today’s valuations and inflate the total market capitalization. The problem is that the calculation does not take liquidity into account. One might be able to sell one token for three dollars, but what happens if you want to sell 1 million? Without accounting for liquidity, market capitalization becomes a meaningless measure.”

What is Left for Altcoins?

By modifying the numbers when liquidity is in the mix, altcoins appear to be in an unenviable position. Even the highest altcoins in regular market capitalization like Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum struggle to achieve 10% combined. Schei also added: “Everyday Bitcoin stays ahead, it becomes less likely that any other cryptocurrency can compete as money.”

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Are Altcoins Dead? Bitcoin (BTC) Gathers Momentum As Domaince Tops 70% Leaving 30% For Altcoins

Are Altcoins Dead? Bitcoin (BTC) Gathers Momentum As Domaince Tops 70% Leaving 30% For Altcoins


Again, Bitcoin BTC soars despite comments made by financial institutions

and government bodies. The price rose to $11,000 from $10,700 the previous night. Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry have been under attack from political figures and the government. The onslaught started the US president Donald Trump, who called bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market ‘substance less’. The chief of the Federal Reserve took the baton and criticized bitcoin, the crypto industry and facebook’s plan to launch its cryptocurrency. The most recent advocate for the ban on cryptocurrency was US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin.


Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019 – Bitcoin’s Dominance Surges To 70%

Bitcoin news today learned that Steven Mnuchin believed that cryptocurrencies were a risk to national security and could be exploited to finance terrorism, drug trafficking, tax evasion, and cybercrimes. Steven Mnuchin also declared that he didn’t feel comfortable with facebook’s proposed move to cryptocurrency. Analysts, on the other hand, give a bitcoin price prediction in favor of a rise in the price of bitcoin BTC. Tom Robinson, the chief scientist in a blockchain forensics company called Elliptic said that the government’s stand against bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry was bullish as the government’s stand only seemed to bolster bitcoin BTC. Tom Robinson stated that the government already had anti-money laundering laws in place.

Bitcoin latest update shows that Bitcoin rose by 8% in the last 24 hours from less than $10,000 to the $10,800 mark where it currently resides. The BTC briefly touch the $11,000 mark but couldn’t remain there for long. It has been trading comfortably at the $10,600 to $10,700 range. This rise in price for the number one cryptocurrency in the industry is a much-needed boost. This is because there has been a trend of dips across the major coins in the market. Having a strong and steady BTC is hoped would stabilize the other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction – Bitcoin Latest Update – Bitcoin’s Positive Resurgence Is Hope For The Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin price prediction made by crypto analysts shows a resistance level of $11,00 to $11,200. The supporting levels are $10,600 and $10,300. Bitcoin BTC market cap stands at $190 billion. It has over 17million BTC coin in circulation and ROI of 7,862.71%. The 24hr volume stands at over $22billion. Bitcoin MACD is bullish and the RSI is 60. Researchers and analysts point out from a bitcoin price analysis that a dominant BTC was the norm in the cryptocurrency market. Trader and crypto analysts Luke Martin showed the pattern of dominance by bitcoin throughout history. Bitcoin dominates up to 90 percent of the cryptocurrency market. He stated that it would be odd if that dominance fell to 50 percent or below, as Bitcoin BTC affects the other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin price forecast shows that the rise for bitcoin will remain bullish and it will continue to dominate the crypto market. An expected rise to $15,000 before the end of the year is predicted. This mark seems feasible even though there have been some rough patches in the climb to attain that goal. A bitcoin price prediction sees the value of BTC reaching $30,000 in the next two years.

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Altcoin | What is an altcoin?

Altcoin | What is an altcoin?


These days, everybody talks about altcoins.

Indeed, bitcoin is no longer a profitable coin to mine if you don’t have the specialized hardware. Therefore, people are looking for easier coins to mine. And with the large choice available, it’s not that simple to find the best altcoin to mine. But let’s start at the beginning: What is an altcoin?

Definition of altcoin

What is altcoin? The term altcoin, or alt coin, comes from ALTernative COIN (I also read about alternate coin sometimes). While some people use this term to define cryptocurrencies in general, I prefer to keep it as an alternative to bitcoin. Indeed, bitcoin is the first digital currency and, as such, is the reference. And all the newcomers are alternatives.

Bitcoin alternatives

Bitcoin is not the only crypto-coin anymore. Indeed, since 2009, many new coins have hit the market. And all these new coins are alt coins. And the first alternative currency is the namecoin, which is based on the decentralization of domain name registration. The first clone of bitcoin, litecoin, is available since October 2011. And there are more than 700 cryptographic currencies available on the market today. While many of them are not worth much (or are simply scams like onecoin), some of them could make you rich!

Founding principles of altcoins

In the cryptomoney industry, there are founding principles each coin has to respect, such as decentralization and total transparency. Therefore, a true cryptocurrency always has a blockchain, or chain of blocks. And its code is generally available to the whole community. Furthermore, the community is in charge of all major decisions on the future of the currency, which should respect the specifications defined when creating the currency. As a result, if you find a “crypto-currency” that has neither a block chain nor free software available, it’s NOT an altcoin. But it’s most certainly a scam to extort money from you, using the reputation of the bitcoin.

What altcoins to invest in?

While you could buy many coins from many unknown altcoins, it’s a risky investment. Therefore, if you want to buy altcoins, you should focus on the currencies which have a daily trade volume of at least 100,000 USD. To play it safer, you could invest in the most serious alt-coins, with a daily exchange volume of more than a million dollars such as ethereum, ripple, litecoin, monero, Factom or Zcash. Since the currencies are dynamic, you should study their prices regularly before buying altcoins. And don’t forget to invest only what you can afford to lose!

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