Coinbase Pro To Add Support For DASH

Coinbase Pro To Add Support For DASH

The Coinbase Pro exchange announced that today it will be listing Dash (DASH),

the world’s sixteenth-largest cryptocurrency, on its platform.

Coinbase Pro account owners will be able to store, trade and receive Dash, in addition to Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, 0x, and Litecoin and 16 other cryptocurrencies. Coinbase’s exchange for advanced users will implement Dash support in four stages, the first consisting of allowing users to transfer Dash to Coinbase Pro accounts that are in Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions, excepting New York State and the United Kingdom. Dash is paired against USD and BTC, and users can start trading after 9:00 a.m. PST, if liquidity conditions are appropriate.

The exchange explained the next stages in its announcement:

“In the second stage, customers can post limit orders but there will be no matches (completed orders). Order books will be in post-only mode for a minimum of one minute. In the third stage, limit orders will start matching but customers are unable to submit market orders. Order books will be in limit-only mode for a minimum of ten minutes. In the final stage, full trading services will be available, including limit, market, and stop orders.” The exchange has stated that Dash is currently unavailable on or its mobile apps, and at first, it will not support Dash’s special features, such as instant confirmations.

Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor has maintained his stance that Dash is the most popular cryptocurrency used in the Venezuelan crisis. “The progress we made in Venezuela is real. We see evidence of it growing constantly. We’re managing to sign up larger and larger chains. We just signed up our largest chain: 22 pharmacies in Caracas, and we’re in negotiations with point-of-sale systems at this point. None of that work would be possible without Dash Merchant out there having built up a couple of thousand initial mom-and-pop type merchants. I think that the work in Venezuela is going to continue.”

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Bitcoin ATM Network Expansion Gets $1.5 Million Funding from CoinMe

Bitcoin ATM Network Expansion Gets $1.5 Million Funding from CoinMe

Crypto startup Coinme has secured up to $1.5 million for the expansion

of Bitcoin ATM network. With more people joining the crypto space, the use of crypto ATMs is becoming popular with each passing day. This calls for a larger network of the machines to be installed in various strategic locations. The move by Coinme will expand the infrastructure and enable more people to have access to their digital assets. The startup raised the funds through a recently launched A-1 funding round—a project of the Blockchain Finance Fund and Ripple’s Xpring. Co-founder and CEO of Coinme Neil Bergquist said that they are impressed by the confidence that Ripple and Blockchain Finance Fund exuded in the company.

He said:

“We are bolstered by this vote of confidence by Ripple and Blockchain Finance Fund in our vision and the exciting opportunity to provide access to digital currencies for millions of people around the world. Coinme is building the infrastructure that powers the rapidly growing digital currency economy. We can now bring that infrastructure to a global audience.”

Acquire More Bitcoin ATM Licenses

The CEO explained that they would use the funds generated from this round to process more cryptocurrency ATM licenses for further expansion in the US. The company also intends to survey the international market, targeting regions such as Europe, South America, and Central America. These regions have warmed up to blockchain and cryptocurrency and therefore, Coinme is focusing on conquering them. Importantly, Coinme intends to develop a digital wallet to be used for sending and paying cryptocurrencies. Once launched, the wallet will be in the market alongside others such as XRP wallet, which provides security for cryptocurrency users and their assets.

Coinme Network

Established in 2014, Coinme has the largest and most extensive network of Bitcoin ATMs across the world. Its ATMs are available in more than 2500 locations worldwide. As the company gets more funding, it will add more ATM outlets to its network. In addition to running Bitcoin ATMs, Coinme offers various options to its clients, including high volume transactions, concierge trading, and crypto retirement options.

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MacAfee – A Revolution Of One  Running For POTUS

MacAfee – A Revolution Of One 

Running For POTUS

The adventures of John McAfee has been a fascinating and ongoing saga full of intrigue. He is certainly an international man of mystery. McAfee has been on the run from authorities since 2012 when he was accused of fatally shooting his neighbor in Belize. He is still currently a person of interest but denies any involvement. He escaped Belize without making himself available to talk to the Belize cops as he believes it is just a ruse to capture him for the US authorities who he maintains they want to silence him, for good. 

His main communication with the world and his 1.2 million followers is his Twitter account where he stated. 

“I want you all to know that everything I have done, I have done for the cause of freedom, I want a world in which authorities discover crimes, not manufacture them. A free world.” 

5 Star Hotel Accommodation

He is currently on the run evading the US authorities who earlier this year indicted him for tax evasion. Communicating out of his Faraday cage, in an unknown location somewhere in this world, McAfee does keep himself busy working on many different projects. He is running his presidential campaign for the 2020 elections and has enlisted 1000’s of volunteers in the US across the nation who are doing a thorough job in his absence. 

“I Am a presidential candidate with 1.2 mil followers. My crime is not filing tax returns – not a crime. The rest is propaganda by the U.S. government to silence me. My voice is the voice of dissent. If I am silenced, dissent itself will be next.”

McAfee claimed the world did not need income tax and should his run for the White House be successful next year, he will abolish it. 

‘In America, prior to the civil war, we had no income tax and we survived fine” he said. “There are a thousand ways to vastly improve our country and our government with no taxes. Road use is one. We have millions of miles of roads in America. What if we pay based on our use of the roads? Why should someone who never uses them have to pay the same as someone who does a million miles a year? That would generate enough revenue to pay for everything” 

Although he always had a problem with income taxes, eight years ago John McAfee had no problems with the IRS, especially after paying a hundred million dollars in taxes. He then suddenly became a target for the IRS because of his talks about how people can avoid income taxes using Bitcoin. 

On The Run

Soon after, John finds out that he and his whole family received unspecified IRS charges and a court date. Refusing to put his family in harm’s way, he sailed to the Bahamas where he discovered that the Bahamian government also had a list of ridiculous charges from the IRS against him. John went to Cuba, but the chase with the US government continues. John encountered a lot of obstacles while on the run against the IRS, leading him to hide in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe until the 2020 Presidential elections arrive.

Profound But Hysterical

He does have a wicked sense of humor and very entertaining. Although some people think he’s paranoid and somewhat delusional, it has to be said, he seems to be more in touch with life, very philosophical, with a sincere sense of empathy and it certainly does take a character like him to stand up and help lead the world out of its turmoil and tyranny. 

As a crypto advocate, he sees the incredible freeing possibilities Blockchain and Cryptocurrency can have on society. He urges people to educate themselves and we will be looking into his crypto habits and advice along with his extraordinary adventures, past and present in subsequent blogs. 

“Yes. I'm still running for President. Please! Be warned.”

Not In It To Win It

John McAfee ran for president in 2016 under the libertarian banner. He got in all the debates including the national debates back then. He said he had “a blast”, but he went about it all wrong.  He was playing politics as normal, but this time he isn’t. He is running for US president on a pro-cryptocurrency platform. 

 McAfee knows he will not win and doesn’t expect to. He is running purely because it gives him the opportunity to access the national stage to try to wake people up a little more. To paraphrase, he says, it is a mistake to underestimate the intelligence of the average American person. Slowly people are waking up to what they are subject to by the Governments, higher authorities, and oligarchs.  

McAfee seems to have realistic expectations for his current presidential run saying,

“Don’t think I have a chance at winning. I do not. But what truly changes America is not the president, but the process of creating one”  

When all said and done, McAfee’s presidential bid will raise his profile and probably won’t do any damage to his bottom line either. John revealed he is charging $105,000 per tweet to promote a cryptocurrency or an initial Coin Offering. Up there for thinking! 



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Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 





Bitcoin Banks Get the Thumbs-Up from Switzerland

Bitcoin Banks Get the Thumbs-Up from Switzerland


Bitcoin Now Accepted at Burger King in Germany

Bitcoin Now Accepted at Burger King in Germany

Burger King customers in Germany can now pay for their burgers and fries with Bitcoin through the restaurant’s delivery website and mobile app.

Mainstream Bitcoin acceptance is steadily growing. The last couple of years have seen a number of businesses begin accepting BTC as a payment option, and the latest entry on this list is the Burger King chain of restaurants in Germany.

Spending Bitcoin Your Way

Now Germans who are craving a Whopper hamburger, onion rings, or a milkshake from Burger King can purchase their favorite fast food by spending cryptocurrency. The company’s delivery website and mobile app have added Bitcoin as a payment option. This is tremendous news as Burger King has over 600 locations throughout Germany. It should be pointed out that there is no confirmation that BTC can be spent at the actual restaurants. Still, this is definitely a step forward as many people are now using mobile apps to order and pay for their food in advance. This isn’t the first time that Burger King has accepted Bitcoin as a payment option. Franchises in Russia began accepting BTC back in 2017.

Huge Growth Potential

An important upside to Burger King accepting Bitcoin is the sheer scale of potential adoption. While Russian and German Burger Kings are accepting cryptocurrency, the franchise has a staggering total of 17,796 restaurants scattered across 100 countries as of the end of 2018. As more countries begin to establish regulations for cryptocurrency, further mainstream adoption is much more likely. Another interesting aspect of this situation is if other fast food franchises follow in Burger King’s footsteps in accepting cryptocurrency payments. The entire industry is highly competitive where a new offering from one chain is quickly countered by something new from a competing chain.

Such competition could lead to other fast food outlets seeing cryptocurrency as a viable payment option, and the upside to such circumstances is huge. McDonald’s boasts 37,855 locations in over 100 countries, and Wendy’s has 6,711 restaurants, which are mostly located in North America. Kentucky Fried Chicken has 22,621 restaurants in 136 countries while Taco Bell has 7,072 locations. The 1980s saw the “Burger Wars” where the different chains fought each other for market share and dominance. It would be interesting to see if a new cryptocurrency-focused war will break out between the various fast food franchises.

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How Does Markethive Create Token Velocity? 

How Does Markethive Create Token Velocity? 

What Is The Difference Between A Token And Coin? 

Firstly, let’s set the stage to determine what the terms Coin and Token really mean. They are often used interchangeably however they are fundamentally different. A crypto coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Markethive Coin have their own Blockchain, otherwise known as an Independent Distributed Ledger used for transactional purposes. Coins have the same characteristics as money. They are fungible, divisible, acceptable, portable and durable with a limited supply. 

Tokens are a representation of a particular asset or utility. It usually resides on top of another blockchain.  Generating a token does not require creating a blockchain from scratch. They are fundamentally made possible through a smart contract and are created to fund project development or start-up company as is the case with the  Markethive ILP. (Incentivized Loan Program)

To sum it up, coins are a method of payment, while tokens represent a company’s share or provide access to a product or service within the company. Coins are fundamentally currencies that are used for buying and selling things. You can buy a token with a coin, but you cannot buy a coin with a token. 

Coins operate independently while a token has a specific use in a project's ecosystem. 


How Important Is Coin Or Token Velocity?

What is Velocity? Velocity is the speed at which transactions take place and is a key aspect that affects the value of the coin in the future. Velocity is correlated to transactional volume so a level of currency movement is needed in a healthy economy. 

In attempting to describe token or coin velocity, there are a few different explanations that vary in their solution. It’s a whole new way of looking at value creation that requires a different level of abstraction as illustrated in this blog post.

Low velocity essentially means people are holding on to the coin which minimizes the velocity, in the hope the price increases. In actuality, if you hold all coins and nobody trades or utilizes it then the transactional volume collapses and so does the price of the coin simply because there is no demand. 

People may store it simply due to speculation of a price increase. More speculation drives the price up further, however, the process also works in reverse as people start to sell the coin. The more people sell, the further decrease in price. Fundamentally, because there is no need to hold the coin as the price is only linked to speculation.

Velocity that is too high can also be detrimental to the coin. There are currently many token economies being projected as purely a medium of exchange token. 

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. A decentralized Cab company creates a token to be used within its economy, so all passengers using their service need to acquire their token for payment. So the passenger converts Fiat or BTC to the company’s “Cabcoin” to pay the driver. The driver immediately converts it back into Fiat or BTC as no member wants to hold the coin because all other expenses are in fiat. After all, they have bills to pay. 

If the company grew as big as Uber, then the transactional volume would be very high and so would the velocity. Overall, the company may have $40 billion in value, but their Cabcoin would not accrue this value. 


Velocity – Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold – JUST RIGHT

Goldilocks Zone – Clearly the ideal velocity needs to be maintained within a range. Too low is damaging and so is too high.  There needs to be a balance between holding, circulating, and transacting to maintain a healthy ecosystem and sustainability to ensure the coin value. 

Token Economies are still very new technology so more research needs to be performed. Even the financial experts in the field of economics have conflicting analogies at present. They are calling it an economic tautology, however, it stands to reason we at Markethive are on the right track here. 

Not only is Markethive Coin a medium of exchange, but it also has great utility value in its products and services. It is a consumer coin so there is a need to hold it and consume it within the ecosystem of Markethive. 


Maintaining The “Just Right” Velocity

There are different scenarios that can be used to adjust velocity. These involve incentivizing members or coin users to hold at least some of their coins for an extended period of time and also use them within the ecosystem. If the consumer or utility benefit of the ecosystem doesn't go beyond the holding cost, then the system will struggle to achieve adoption. These include: 

Products and Services

As Markethive is a Social Network with much sought after products and services, the traction and membership are ever-increasing at an exponential rate, therefore, creating more demand, which in turn diminishes supply which leads to an increase in the coin price. 


This gives all members an opportunity to accumulate their coins just by taking part in daily activities where they consistently earn MHV on the platform thus creating velocity. As the demand increases, the supply drops which in turn increases the price. 

Tipping is another way to keep the coin circulating within the ecosystem. 

Gamification is fun and creates incentives for members to accumulate and hold the coin.

Become a Store Of Value

When people see real value in a token or coin, they are more willing to hold on to excess tokens for longer rather than selling them. 


Become A Cryptocurrency

When people trust the stability of the coin compared to other alternatives they hold the currency so they can purchase goods and services with the coin within that ecosystem at any given time. If the users of the network are also providers of the network, they are not likely to sell their coin.

The Vault – Staking

The Vault will be designed and implemented prior to the wallet being added. Once the wallet is active, Markethive Ad Credits and MHV Coins can be purchased and transferred over into the Vault. So this is like an online banking system. It’s a savings account with interest paid on it. This is an ingenious way to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Markethive Ecosystem. That’s a whole other blog for a later time.

 Profit-Sharing – Loyalty Program

Markethive’s Incentivized Loan Program (ILP) is another perfect example and trumps the issue of an unbalanced velocity. In this case, you’re not buying a safe with a limited number of tokens, you’re buying a field full of oil wells. As the Markethive Coin (MHV) is already active on the blockchain and in exchanges, this makes it possible to purchase a percentage of an ILP with the Markethive Coin. 

An added advantage is the fact that we are a meritocracy and all Markethive members are able to take part in and own a portion of an ILP which means they share in the success and wealth of Markethive. 

You will be able to buy MHV from exchanges (open market) and transfer into Markethive to buy ILP before the wallet is launched. 

  • 1 ILP will cost 1 million MHV
  • ½ ILP will cost 600,000 MHV
  • ¼ ILP will cost  350,000 MHV
  • 1/10 ILP will cost 200,000 MHV
  • 100thILP will cost 5,000 MHV

All the way to a 1000th ILP (to be advised) 

Once the wallet is launched you will then be able to sell your ILPs to the many who want them. As the velocity and the price of the coin increases the number of ILPs will reduce. They will diminish just as the airdrops and micropayments will reduce. 

There will always be a percentage of people “cashing out” their coin, however, given the nature, utility and consumer value of Markethive will ensure a healthy combination of transactional, and holding activity. 


After much research, I have discovered the velocity of tokens and coins to be a very complex topic, with very little data to draw analogies from. From what I understand and agree with is there has to be a Goldilocks Zone to maximize the complete economy of any given token or coin and its ability to capture and essentially hold its value.  

A token that is only a medium of exchange has a very strong chance of falling victim to price manipulation. Alternatively, Markethive has in place, numerous velocity stabilizers including staking, (The Vault), network utility expansion, and the fact it is a cryptocurrency coin, will keep the balance of velocity. This ensures that the velocity is maintained for the initial and long term price of MHV and is indicative of a healthy Markethive Ecosystem. A strong economy will in turn sustainably increase MHV’s price.
Coins or Tokens that are structured to capture a significant portion of the economic value generated by the network will reward both the investors who took on early-stage risk as well as the platform who can continue to fund development through the retention of now valuable tokens. 

There is a huge market looking for what Markethive does. You’re not just buying or earning to accumulate a coin, you’re buying an oil field. Markethive is an eternal economy that has more demand than supply, therefore, the demand will continue to outstrip the supply. The bottom line being the Markethive Consumer Coin (MHV) and Incentivized Loan Program or ILP Token (HFS) will only become increasingly more valuable. 


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Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 






Ethereum Istanbul Hardfork Delayed to Early October

Ethereum Istanbul Hardfork Delayed to Early October

The community manager of Ethereum Foundation,

Hudson Jameson said that the testnet implementation of Istanbul Hardfork is delayed to early October. According to a post by Coindesk, Jameson said on a developer’s call that the launch of Istanbul Hardfork is scheduled to early October.

He further added:

“For anyone listening in who doesn’t know how this works, we pick a block number that we estimate to be around the 2nd of October. […] However, that might be one or two days behind or forward from that date based on how fast blocks are produced between now and then.”

Another delay in Istanbul Hardfork

Bitcoinik reported on 28 August that Parity an blockchain infrastructure company that runs core nodes of Ethereum network has delayed the Istanbul Hardfork until 6 September. Wei Tang the lead developer at Parity explains that they need atleast two more weeks to fix some minor issues before devs could select a block number for Hardfork implementation.

Tang said:

“We need time till 6th September to finish the implementation. Not only because we accepted EIPs late but right now we just happened to be a large code base refactoring and we probably want to merge them first before merging Istanbul EIP.”

Vitalik Said Ethereum Chain is Almost Full

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin said that the Ethereum chain is almost full and that will lead to fight for transaction fee and space on the network. Ethere network will be migrated to proof-of-stake (PoS) from proof-of-work (PoW).

Vitalik further added:

“Scalability is a big bottleneck because the Ethereum blockchain is almost full. If you’re a bigger organization, the calculus is that if we join, it will not only be more full but we will be competing with everyone for transaction space. It’s already expensive and it will be even five times more expensive because of us. There is pressure to keeping people from joining.”

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How to Earn Bitcoin? 13 Different Ways to Earn Bitcoin Free

How to Earn Bitcoin? 13 Different Ways to Earn Bitcoin Free


Everyone likes free money. When it comes to Bitcoins

the first question in everyone mind is that how can I earn free Bitcoins. In this post, we will cover all the methods of how to earn Bitcoin.

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There are many different ways to earn money with Bitcoin. The free methods consume a lot of time and not reliable for a passive income source. Here is a list of different ways to earn Bitcoins:

  • Faucets/ Ads Click
  • Referral
  • Hardforks
  • HYIPs
  • Bitcointalk
  • Blogging/YouTube
  • Mining
  • Airdrop
  • Paid Trading Signals
  • Bounty
  • Trading
  • Betting/Gambling
  • Lending

Bitcoin is Not the Magical Money

People think that Bitcoin is a type of magical money from which many people make good profits and income. Bitcoin is not magic money, rather we ca compare Bitcoin to Gold and say Bitcoin is Digital Gold. There are no magic ways to earn Bitcoin. It takes a lot of time and efforts depending on which method you are using.

There are three factor that you should take care.

  • How much money you can make from that source?
  • How much efforts does it take?
  • How much risk is there?

All the methods we share in the post is tested by Bitcoinik team, so all of them are legit and genuine. Without any further delay Let’s Start:

1 Earn Bitcoin from Faucets

Efforts – High, Income – Low, Risk – Low

Faucets are the website which gives a very small fraction of Bitcoin ( Or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Doge etc.) in a fixed time interval. This is the easiest method to earn free Bitcoin that need only a Bitcoin wallet. You did not need any technical knowledge about how Blockchain works and other market stuff. This is available free so there is no risk of money but need a lot of time. This method takes a lot of time and efforts to earn some bucks. If you claim every hour or every time a faucet allows then the earning is between 10 cents to 50 cents a day. You can try faucet that gives $0.05 to $200 every hour. Another Faucet website give 1 cent to 10 cents every 15 minutes.

2 Join Bitcoin Referral/Affiliate Programs

Efforts – Medium, Income – Medium to High, Risk – Low

Referral or Affiliate means you can earn Bitcoin by promoting other business. You need to bring new people who joined with your link and buy the products. Affiliate/ Referral is totally free all you need is to bring people to buy the products. There are many ways to become an affiliate, you can share your link on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or run ads campaign. You can share the links on your website that have good traffic. Many crypto exchanges and websites provide affiliate/referral programs. The commission per sale is between 2 percent to 50 percent or even more than this. Binance exchange gives 40 percent of the trading fee back to you when your referral makes a trade. Bitmex a margin trading crypto exchange gives a 10% fee discount for 6 months. BestChange a cryptocurrency converter gives $0.65 for each user who signup from your link. Imagine if you can successfully signup 100 users you will earn $65 without doing anything.

3 Earn From BitcoinTalk Campaign

Efforts – Medium, Income – Low to Medium, Risk – Medium

BitcoinTalk a leading Bitcoin forum can be used for ads campaign. You can join a signature campaign and earn for every post you write. The website is used for all types of discussion related to cryptocurrencies. You can advertise a product or website below your profile to get paid. The payment will be given as per your membership level. To raise your level you need to post regularly good quality content. There are strict restrictions for post length and original content. There is also a minimum post requirement per week. You can make from $1 to $10 depends on the signature campaign and your level. All payouts are only sent in Bitcoin.

4 Write and Create Video About Cryptocurrency

Efforts – Medium to High, Income – Medium to High, Risk – Medium

If you are in crypto for a long time and have enough experience of the Bitcoin space, you can become a writer and create good content. Crypto is an emerging space for startups and they are in need of experienced professional for their business. It’s very hard to find good content makers, you can make handsome money by writing and exploring about Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. You can find job/opening section on many websites or you can email them. You can upload your profile on Upwork – an international freelance marketplace. You must have sample articles to show your skills. If you are looking to work for Bitcoinik please leave a comment below.

5 Mine Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies

Efforts – High, Income – Medium to High, Risk – Medium to High

Bitcoin mining is a process of verifying the transactions on the digital ledger (Blockchain). Each and every transaction on a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain is verified by miners. A mathematical problem is solved to verify the transaction and who did that first get the reward. Bitcoin reward per block is 12.5 BTC. Anyone can solve the problem and earn the reward but the probability is calculated by your mining power. The current difficulty for Bitcoin is 6,353,030,562,983 so you can calculate your probability according to your power. Altcoin mining on the other hand is easier than Bitcoin. If you have less hardware you can mine low marketcap coins.

There are two types of crypto mining available:

  • Cloud Mining
  • Hardware Mining

In cloud mining, the website gives you investment plans and returns based on your investment amount. Cloud mining is easy all you need is to send your Bitcoin (another crypto) to the website and they give you daily/monthly returns. Sooner or Later the website exit as a scam. On the other hand, Hardware mining is real and cost more than cloud mining. You need to set all hardware devices and need better electricity and coolants for long life. Must do your own research before investing, after all its your money.

6 Become a Crypto Trader

Efforts – High, Income – Medium to High, Risk – Medium to High

Always remember in trading “Trend is your friend“. Trading is one of the best ways to generate a good income. You can trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on different crypto exchanges. Trading is simple “Buy Low Sell High“. Many people think that trading is gambling and only luck works when your trade goes right, but this is not true. Traders spend a lot of time in reading charts and learning about market movements. You must learn risk management in trading and know when to trade and when not. Noone is perfect in trading even Pro-Traders can lose money in some of the trades, they look at this as learning lessons and ready for long term profits. If you can make 6-8 successful trades out of 10 you can make good money. Start with the small trading amount and increase it with learning. Always remember “Only Invest that You Can Afford to Lose

7 Paid Trading Signal

Efforts – High, Income – Medium to High, Risk – Low to Medium

If you are good at technical analysis and have a good success rate in trading then you can give paid trading signals on different platforms (Telegram, Facebook, Trading view). There are many people who are looking for a portfolio manager. They give you dividends based on profits or you can take a monthly fee. First, you need to prove yourself a good trader to share your previous trading history and your technical analysis. You can join a trading firm that will give provide you with better tools and capital for trading. This is not an easy job and you need a good experience (more than 2 years) for that.

8 Participate in Bounty Programs

Efforts – High, Income – Medium to High, Risk – High

The bounty program is run by a company to educate people about the product or to find any bugs/problems in the product. Many crypto coins run a bounty program to promote their business and pay according to the content and sales. Others can run a bounty program to find bugs/problems in the end user product. The income varies according to the tasks and companies. You can get up to $10,000 to find a bug in the software or up to $1,000 to create a video or write a blog review.

9 Try Luck With Gambling/Betting

Efforts – Low,  Income – Medium to High, Risk – Very High

This method is highly risky and you can lose all amount in seconds. There are various crypto gambling websites that provide different games. There is not so much to write about this method but if you want to try this please make sure that the gambling website is fair. If you have an interest in sports and have good knowledge you can try Cloudbet the leading sports betting website with good odds. Sports betting is much better than casino gambling and you get a 50-50 chance of winning.

10 Lend Your Bitcoin/Crypto

Efforts – Low,  Income – Medium to High, Risk – Very High

You can lend your Bitcoin and get monthly/yearly returns. This method is very risky because the crypto market is highly volatile and it is not possible to generate the same returns every month. The borrowers can run away from the deal or go totally broke. There are some lending website that gives good returns but can turn into a scam anytime.

11 Earn From Airdrops

Efforts – Medium, Income – Low to Medium, Risk – Medium to High

Airdrops are a medium of spreading the cryptocurrency to users so that they aware of the crypto-coin and take some interest in it. The coins are distributed to users free of cost but sometimes there are some requirements to qualify for the Airdrop. Currently, Blockchain (crypto company) is giving $25 worth of Stellar Lumen (XLM). Airdrops are risky and can be used to steal your private keys and passwords. Never use your primary email for airdrops and same passwords. You should create a different wallet and email id for airdrops registration.

12 Claim Free Coins From Hardforks

Efforts – Medium, Income – Low to Medium, Risk – High

The first popular Bitcoin Hardfork was held on 1 August 2017. A new coin (Bitcoin Cash BCH) is created by the fork and Bitcoin holders get free BCH coin in 1:1. The highest price 1 BCH was $4090, means you get free coins worth $4090 if you sell at all time high. After that, there are many hardforks (Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin Diamond and many more) were held in regular intervals. Bitcoin holders can claim free coins as per their holdings and sell them on exchange for USD or btc. If you don’t know how to claim free coins you may lose all your Bitcoins. There are many exchanges and compaines those support a hardfork will help you in this, but always do your research because they can turn into scams easiy. This method needs technical knowledge and always risky because the Bitcoin market is volatile. The income reward is medium to high according to the support of the new coin.

13 Double Your Bitcoin With HYIPs

Efforts – Medium, Income – Medium to High, Risk – High

Everyone should avoid this method known as High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). These websites claim to double your Bitcoin overnight or give very high daily interest rates. HYIP websites claims that they have highly professional trading team that make such type of profits. Actually, they are just doing money circulation from new members to the old members until they reached their goal. These websites also have attractive referral programs so that users can bring more new users. The average lifetime of a HYIP website is from 10 days to 150 days depends on how high the daily returns they give. One day the website just get offline and stop giving payouts. Any website that claims to give more than 20 percent annually will turn into scam anytime. Our advice is to stay away from such websites.


Here we covered 13 different ways to earn Bitcoin. Each method has its own pros and cons. Some are highly risky while others need more efforts. There is no risk-free and easy way to earn bitcoin. The interesting thing about the bitcoin space is that when you put some efforts to learn about it then you will find many different ways to earn bitcoin.

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AMFEIX Fund: Where Your Bitcoin Investment Consistently Multiplies

AMFEIX Fund: Where Your Bitcoin Investment Consistently Multiplies


Bitcoin holders who want to see their crypto multiply now have somewhere they can invest

it and see it grow. At AMFEIX Fund, managed by AMFEIX Digital Asset Management, investors will experience increased returns after the firm profits from trading different crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairings. With only 0.02 BTC, any investor has an opportunity to participate in a very lucrative venture that promises an average of 23 % in monthly returns.

Why Invest in AMFEIX

Secretive and Undemanding Registration Process allows investors to deposit their crypto with the fund without providing any personal details. They can keep their details private by using pseudo-anonymous addresses. When it comes to the process of registering for an account, it is effortless. After you create your wallet, you will need to transfer Bitcoin from either your existing wallet or exchange. Once you send your bitcoin to the AMFEIX wallet, your amount will reflect on your wallet. However, you will wait for 24 hours for the amount to reflect on the AMFEIX Fund page.

Nil Fixed or Hidden Fees

AMFEIX does not have any fixed or hidden costs. The firm only deducts 20 percent of the profits it generates as a compensation for the services it renders; it researches on the best pairs to trade in so that it can generate profits for its investors and, thereby, get some compensation.

Favourable Profit Sharing

AMFEIX uses a 2:8 profit sharing ratio to distribute profits, meaning that the firm earns 20% while the investors take 80%.

Continuously Compounding Capital

Once investors make a profit, they can choose to reinvest their gains and see their wealth grow continually.

One-click Withdrawal Procedure

For withdrawals, the process is only done by clicking a button. Investors can withdraw their funds, either in full or in part. After 24 hours of making the withdrawal request, investors will find their funds, ready for withdrawal, in their wallet.

Very Secure Site

AMFEIX uses several ways to guarantee the security of funds in its platform. Because the platform is built on Ethereum platform, it is decentralized, ensuring that no entity can try to interfere with investors’ funds. To protect funds from hackers who may try to steal them, AMFEIX uses cold storage. Since cold storage is detached from the internet, the funds are protected from any unauthorized access and any vulnerability that may emanate from the World Wide Web. Traders have seed keys that they use to access their wallets. The keys comprise of 12 letters, which the investor should memorize; the keys are used to link their devices to their account and require a password consisting of 8 characters to access their wallets.

Safe Investment Policy

AMFEIX has a safe investment policy that entails to only allocate 30-50% of funds for trading at any particular time. Such a move ensures that the firm does not lose a lot due to risky trading decisions.

Highly Rewarding Referral Program

Investors can use the AMFEIX referral program to get huge rewards by only referring their friends to invest with the firm. After your referrals have invested in the fund, out of the profits they make, you will get a 10%.

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Can Bitcoin Be A Good Future Investment?

Can Bitcoin Be A Good Future Investment?


Bitcoin has suffered a lot in 2017.

Its price dropped from an all-time high of $19,783.06 on December 17, 2017 down to just $3,747on January 1, 2019. That’s an 81% drop in a span of 12 months. Bitcoin’s value during that period suffered a lot because of numerous hacks and thefts experienced by several established cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Fortunately, Bitcoin’s value has risen over the last couple of months and is now on an uptrend. Bitcoin’s price today is hovering above the $10,000 mark. 

It is believed that after the crash of Bitcoin’s price in 2017, the market needed to be stabilized and must be corrected so it can experience a rise again. Some say that Bitcoin is due for a rise these coming months because of the sentimental attachment of investors who lost a lot and those who are still holding on to their Bitcoins. On the other hand, others predict that Bitcoin’s value will continue to crash. Despite these opposing views, if you’re still interested in investing in Bitcoin, you can visit for more information. For now, let’s try to figure out whether Bitcoin is still considered to be a good future investment. 

The Future of Bitcoin

It’s not a secret at all that cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are so volatile. Their value tends to fluctuate over and over again, but there is also overwhelming evidence that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Even though Bitcoin is relatively new and unregulated as a digital currency, it is still very popular because of the fact that no central authority, government, bank, financial institution or country has control over it. Most people have a growing distrust of traditional banks, which cause them to turn to digital currencies instead. That said, Bitcoin will most likely stick around because of the popularity it is enjoying today, even though more and more cryptocurrencies are coming out. 

It’s also worth noting, however, that as Bitcoin continues to be strongly popular, regulations that surround this digital currency will also become stronger. In fact, multiple countries such as Brazil, China, Russia, and Venezuela have declared that they are going to develop their own cryptocurrency in the future. So if you think that investing in Bitcoin is no longer a good future investment, you are mistaken. Check out the following reasons why Bitcoins are still a very good investment in the long run:

  1. High Adoption Rate

Out of the 1,600 cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin is one that has been able to prove itself and has established good credibility over the years. This is also the reason why everyone is starting to adopt Bitcoin more and more. Even the biggest companies of the world like Amazon and Apple are already adopting cryptocurrencies, especially the blockchain technology that was introduced alongside Bitcoin in Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. Countries such as Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela also showed an increase in the number of Bitcoin trading over the last couple of months. Bitcoin trading volumes around the world are likely to see a significant increase over the next couple of years since countless people are beginning to adopt Bitcoins. 

  1. Cryptocurrency Bull Run

The cryptocurrency bull run is what is called as “invest now and double your investment later on.” As of now, we are currently riding this bull run, making this the perfect time to invest in Bitcoin. Whether you’re a beginner or daily trader, investing in Bitcoin today is one of the best investments you can make. Bitcoin promises big returns on investment (ROI) in the future, and the best thing about it is that you don’t even have to make a very large investment. While a lot of people are questioning the future of Bitcoin and whether it’s still good to invest in it after the crash of 2017, what they often fail to realize is that after the crash, Bitcoin has started to recover. As mentioned, it is going through an uptrend that will likely continue for the next couple of years. 

  1. The Demand for Bitcoin is High

Since Bitcoin is the most popular of all the cryptocurrencies on the market right now, it is also because of this popularity that the demand for Bitcoin is very high. However, even with a high demand, Bitcoin is considered to be scarce. At the time it was introduced, there are only 21 million Bitcoins available. Out of that number, 17 million have already been mined. There are now only 4 million Bitcoins left, but it is expected that more and more Bitcoins will be available soon. This is why it is recommended that you invest in Bitcoin now. As the demand increases, so will its value. This will give you a fair amount of ROI in the next couple of years.


Bitcoin is starting an epic financial revolution that invites everyone to get rich and earn a fair amount of ROI in the years to come. Bitcoin won’t only help make you wealthy, but it can also open up for you more revenue streams. However, you have to know that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency out there. In case you haven’t noticed, when Bitcoin’s value surges, other cryptocurrencies are also likely to follow. That said, it is a good idea to invest in other cryptocurrencies as well since they can provide you with good revenue in the future.

When it comes to Bitcoins, the question shouldn’t solely revolve around whether or not you should invest in it. You should also make it a point to know how you can accomplish this endeavor. The best thing you can do to succeed in investing in Bitcoin is to educate yourself about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies as a whole. If you feel like you’ve already acquired the necessary knowledge, you can then come up with your own answer. When you start investing in Bitcoin, just start small as you continue to learn more about it. Moreover, never invest anything that you can’t afford to lose so you won’t have any regrets later on.

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