IE Option – 91% Profit on BTC Fluctuations in Every 60s

IE Option – 91% Profit on BTC Fluctuations in Every 60s

On Thursday, Bitcoin price broke below $6,700 and hit the weekly low to $6,480.

Then, it rebounded back above $7,000 again with an increasing rate of 5%. At press time, based on the incomplete statistics, more than $720 million worth cryptocurrency futures contracts have been liquidated in this week. During the strong market fluctuation, investors are learning a hard lesson about the downside of cryptocurrency futures trading with leverage. Since we know that we cannot make money by investing in BTC spot trade during the bear market, and we notice the high risks of liquidation by trading leveraged bitcoin futures contracts, how can we hedge the loss in spot trade and profit from the BTC market volatility? BTC Option is a profitable trading product that you can turn to!

What is Option?

Option is a type of crypto derivative contract which enables investors to make speculative bet on price rising and falling. Call option means that trader long BTC at a given strike price, while Put option allows trader to short BTC at a given strike price. For example, if you predict that BTC price may surge, you can buy a call option. Suppose that you buy a call option at $7,000. As long as price exceeds $7,000, you can make profit. 

IE Option – Get 91% Profit in Every 60s

IE Option, headquartered in United Kingdom, is a bitcoin-based exchange that provides options trading of BTC, ETH, LTC and EOS. Established in early 2019 and developed by the professional team including blockchain architects and financial experts who worked in City of London, IE Option has gain popularity of more than $20 million traders all around the world.

Here are the reasons why traders choose it. 

  • Fast Trade, Great Profit

IE Option allows traders to quickly get in and out of trades. If you predict BTC is about to perform an upward movement, select the volume and click the green button “up”. For instance, you use 0.1 BTC to buy/up when BTC prices at $7,000. If BTC rises to $7,000.1, you can earn 0.1 BTC. Making accurate market prediction, you can earn up to 1 BTC within 60 seconds.  

  • Demo Trading with No Risk

For beginner, IE Option provides demo trading with 10 free BTC. In demo trading, you can practice trend analysis and learn how to trade options without losing a penny. 

  • Trade on the Go

IE Option’s Android and iOS apps are available in Google Play and App Store separately. With the app, you can take good advantage of every BTC fluctuations and make profits anytime anywhere.  

  • Up to 10 BTC Giveaway for First Deposit

Each trader can enjoy up to 100% deposit bonus once. For example, if you deposit 2 BTC at a time, there will be 4 BTC credited in your account which increases your chance to earn BTC. Still losing money in spot trade and futures contracts? Options trading is the easiest and fastest trading instrument that can help you hedge the loss and double the profits!

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