You may have noticed, we’ve recently entered into a downtrend in the crypto market, with Bitcoin, the digital gold store of value for all cryptos, now traveling sideways, staying in the range of 33k to 40k. According to crypto pundits, it seems to be a textbook accumulation pattern of institutions, as explained in this video about the Wyckoff method. 

These downtrends, corrections, and consolidations are the principal dialogue that people tend to focus on. The novices cash out driven by fear while the knowledgeable and experienced ride through the crypto storms and manipulations. 

In a recent video, Charles Hoskinson, CEO, and Founder of Cardano, emphatically expressed that he mostly ignores the markets because the markets are macro. They can be very frustrating as an entrepreneur and project leader committed to creating, building, and executing new, in many cases, life-changing concepts.

In the video below, Charles speaks passionately about what really matters.

Crypto Industry Is Maturing Shifting The Macro

Before the GFC of 2008, life was great for many outstanding business people, did all the right things, had solid relationships with their customers, and always honored their commitments. Then along came the GFC, and many got wiped out because the macro moved against them.

For a long time, the crypto industry has also been this way. In 2017/18, we saw a significant bear market, and many got hurt. It was a case of; if Bitcoin goes up, everybody goes up. If Bitcoin goes down, everybody goes down, and it was very depressing for numerous entrepreneurs. 

It doesn't matter what technology you have, what you've accomplished, or the deals you've done, the announcements made, whatever it might be, although there can be some counter-cyclic play, for the most part, these markets are driven in that direction.

But in 2020/21, things are turning around, and, interestingly, this is the first time we've noticed significant counter-cyclical movement, where Bitcoin dominance has fallen tremendously. 

Currently, Bitcoin dominance is sitting around 42%. Basically, that's the percentage of all the totality of market cap Bitcoin owns, relative to all other cryptos. We’ve also seen that institutional preferences have not been unilaterally Bitcoin followed by everything else.

People are starting to differentiate proof of stake from proof of work, and we're starting to see a separation of things. The industry is maturing, and we see where Bitcoin falls short, and others in the industry are improving the technology. 

Cardano, with its Ouroborous, along with Elgorand, Solano among others, will get it done as an industry where they are all on par for building remarkable engines that will process billions of transactions every year, containing trillions of dollars of value collectively.

Furthermore, the Cardano blockchain can accommodate the trillions of data a social media and marketing platform generates while upholding privacy and autonomy in a totally decentralized environment, which is why Markethive, the social market broadcasting network, chose to build its blockchain on Cardano

Markethive is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs that will include financial transactions into the billions with its Hivecoin. This technology will benefit the Markethive community greatly and create a sovereign system for the global community in this precarious world. 

As Charles states, 

“We're future-proofing programmable finance, and this financial operating system is going to be social, it's going to be institutional, and it's going to be Fortune 500. It's going to run nation-states at some point. It's inevitable. We're making it a better place and I love the fact that I get to do it with a smile on my face.” 

He goes on to say that this is the reality because we're coming from a siloed world. We're coming from a controlled, top-down world. We're coming from a fragmented world that's incredibly exclusive for certain people.  A small group of people gets to decide everything, and nothing is working. 

We have negative interest rates, hyperinflation, massive deficit spending, completely unaccountable banks, and financial systems that are super fragile and too-big-to-fail. Corruption, nepotism, and doublespeak are everywhere. 

As a matter of interest, if you were a US citizen and you got that $1,200 stimulus cheque last year, it would be worth about $1,150 in real terms now. However, if you had invested in Bitcoin, it would be worth over $6,500 (and that is even with the recent dip). Likewise, if you invested that money into Markethive or Cardano, you will be one happy camper in the months to come. 

So there's an inevitability to the crypto, blockchain industry en masse, and there's a maturing of our industry, by and large. The diversity in the markets and the distributions in the markets, the vibrance of them, and their volatility represent that.

Over The Next Ten Years

Over the next ten years, there will be more advancement in monetary policy from the crypto industry than in the last hundred years of central banks. There will be more advancement in financial engineering, construction of financial products, marketplaces that trade them than the previous hundred years from Wall Street and other world stock markets combined. 

There will be more movement of wealth, 24/7 on the crypto rails than through the BIS and fixed protocols and other things that are the staples of the financial world. There will also be more automation and innovation, open law, and automated law and regulation in our industry than in the last hundred years of international agreements that have occurred. 

The vast majority of the following two billion people that enter the world financial system will be brought into our system from the cryptocurrencies phase. That's where we're at and what this industry is all about, and why so many prodigious people in this industry work incredibly hard every day. 

Unlike the past cycles in 2017/18, we're now in a situation where we've decoupled from Bitcoin, and people are starting to realize that while that was a great innovation, it's not the be-all-end-all; there's more to the story. 

And unlike the past, the macro is starting to actually move in favor of altcoins with meaning and purpose instead of just being these weird, composite cyclic maneuvers. 

Charles says,

“We will move beyond an industry that is deathly afraid of a 60 billion dollar stable coin being solvent or not. We're going to move beyond an industry that's definitely afraid of a hash rate falling because a single nation-state makes a stupid decision to ban mining or not. We're going to move beyond that”.


All In A Life’s Work

Thomas Prendergast, CEO and Founder of Markethive, and Charles Hoskinson of Cardano has a humanitarian and vested interest in the developing world of Africa and alike, highlighting the use-cases of the unbanked; however, by no means is this exclusive to developing nations. The reality is, we are all entitled to and deserve economic sovereignty and identity that is being taken from us. 

Banks, overdraft fees are taking it, and bank accounts that arbitrarily decide what businesses we are allowed to be in or not—taken by politicians who decide that they are smarter than us and determine what we’re allowed to own and how to live our financial lives. It’s being decided by employers, bureaucrats, and arbitrarily by marketplaces that we don’t have control over and never can because we are not invited to the table. 

That is the world we’ve inherited, but we are here to change that for our children and future generations. The decentralized crypto industry is all about making a world where we are in charge. This is Cardano’s and Markethive’s life’s work, as well as all the entrepreneurs within these ecosystems, and is why there is so much passion and excitement, tribalism, and volatility in our industry. 

The progress we’ve made includes some of the most sophisticated mathematics and computer science humankind has access to, and there is no challenge too great. It’s not about the money; it’s about freedom and the belief we can build a different system for a better world—a world where we are all treated equally and fairly with the opportunity to achieve as an individual. 

In only twelve years, which is a relatively short time, we’ve seen an evolution from a few crypto devotees to a global movement, and the progress is accelerating. This is the first year the crypto market’s behavior has seemed more refined than in previous years. In many cases, we saw erratic FOMO and FUD leading to despair with scam opportunists, the get rich quick mentality, resulting in a negative narrative for the most part. 

But now we see a maturing, materializing, growing, and solidifying, getting the respect and dignity that it requires where people are getting serious about regulating and integrating a new financial system permanently into society. 

Just like the certainty of the internet, which has become part of our daily lives, Cardano and Markethive are putting forward the best effort the industry has today. The community, the first movers, and people of the movement behind these companies are the lifeblood and have made them what they are today with many more exciting advancements in the next few months. 

Thomas Prendergast, CEO of Markethive says,

“Markethive is a grassroots company where the people, the rank, and file are integral to the operations of what Markethive is and will become. We serve you and we serve the Lord as Markethive is a vision of the Lord to bring revelation, freedom, self, and financial sovereignty to all. I love what I do and I’m overwhelmed and excited to be working with Cardano to realize our vision which is parallel with Cardano. We as a community get to be part of this monumental charge and calling for a better world.”

The reality is that these third-generation protocols are emerging, and it's going to change everything fundamentally. We won’t be stuck into this Bitcoin vs. Altcoin mentality. Instead, we will see the industry’s actual value, and it will be reflected by the eventual billions of people who will use these products every day to do things they couldn’t do before and in every area of life. 

There will be new markets and new customers representing wealth in different ways we never imagined possible. People from all walks of life will be part of an ecosystem they can access daily from their cell phones, web browsers. 

Many startups will come as a result to service the needs of these new markets and new entrepreneurs, creating the Googles, Facebooks, and Amazons of the future in a much more egalitarian and fair manner where ultimately we are in charge. Meanwhile, the dinosaurs will be trying to find a way to survive. 

Time To Re-Invent The Rules

Many have endured so much from the legacy financial system, which is responsible for a range of issues, including ridiculously high fees and interest charged to the poorest people in the world. Then there’s corruption and money laundering for infamous drug cartels empowering some very evil human beings. 

The issues that are too many to mention here were brought about from the legacy financial system that predominantly says the crypto industry is a risk. When understood and viewed in the right way, our industry is the antidote to the excesses of corruption and nepotism. It’s evolved from an industry of frustration to one of creativity and innovation. 

Cardano and Markethive are two of the forward-thinking companies that will change the world and the way we operate and work in the online space. They have a shared vision, and they will get it done and achieve it together as a community. 

There are so many people now, and the markets are simply too large. The innovation is too vast to be hindered, so it's no longer a question of if; it’s when we enjoy a better, more humanitarian world of freedom and autonomy in the social media and marketing realms of entrepreneurialism and a new financial operating system delivering economic identity and sovereignty.  

Every time there's been a significant change in human history, it's been owned by someone, an empire, or a corporation. It's been a winner-take-all thing or consortium, but now we have the opportunity to reinvent all the rules and change everything. The vanguards of this technology are open-source, patent-free, and defined by the people who use it, and in many cases, more so than the people who invent it. That is an extraordinary and unique moment in our history.


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A special thanks to Charles Hoskinson and Thomas Prendergast for their thoughts.


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.


How Much Will You Let FUD Rule Your Life?

How Much Will You Let FUD Rule Your Life?

CBDCs Disguised As A Gift Of Good Will.

Following on from my last article, and thanks to my fav crypto guy, who opines that the governments are at the gates of Troy with their Trojan Horse and they have got a gift of goodwill for all of us. It's a Central Bank Digital currency that you think will help make your daily spending that much more efficient. However, hidden inside these CBDCs is a financial surveillance mechanism that you cannot comprehend.
This is all particularly relevant now in light of the recent launch of the eYuan CBDC by the Chinese government. This will allow the Chinese government to precisely monitor what its citizens are buying with the currency. They can see where the money is being sent. A “centralized cryptocurrency” is a BINO (Blockchain in Name Only) that could link up to their social credit database.
There is no doubt that the government's end goal is to replace cash with this centralized digital currency. Cash remains the only remaining method by which people can privately spend. Well, that and decentralized cryptocurrency.
For this reason, the Chinese government has decided to take a more rigid stance against cryptocurrency. They know that it allows people to circumvent CBDCs, and it is naturally the first to be placed in the firing line. This ploy was orchestrated and is indicative of the state of privacy in the world right now.

What is even more alarming about this is that the Chinese don't appear to be alone in their quest for CBDC dominance. Sweden has begun trialing several CBDC alternatives for its eKrona. For those who don't know, Sweden is one of the most cashless societies out there.
Indeed, cash use globally has tanked due to the Pandemic, which has given numerous other countries a reason to eventually limit its circulation and move to more centralized payment mechanisms. In the case of Sweden, the eKrona is the next logical step.
The folks at the European Central Bank are also languishing at the prospect of a digital Euro. They are highly interested in the idea and have even published a paper to explain how they envision the Digital Euro to look. 

The head of the ECB has also said that they plan to hopefully roll out this digital Euro within the next four years. This is the same ECB head who was simultaneously throwing FUD at Bitcoin a few months ago.
Also, the Bank of England could be looking at launching the UK's equivalent of a CBDC. And, true to form, we also have the comments coming from the governor of the BoE on how dangerous crypto is.

Are you noticing a pattern here?
And, of course, the overlords at the Fed are not sitting on the sidelines either. Jerome Powell has stated that the Fed is advancing work on a dollar-based digital currency. There is apparently pressure from within congress to advance potential digital dollars in the US.

Even in my own backyard here in Australia, the Reserve Bank (RBA) is in an initial research phase, but say we can expect CBDCs will eventually play a key role in the financial services ecosystem. 

As mentioned in this Fintech article, there is an increasing interest by Aussies in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies incited by the pandemic with heightened use of digital payment systems is putting pressure on central banks to research into CBDCs. 

However, let’s be clear, a centralized CBDC will be nothing like the decentralized crypto we know and love, giving us hope for a better economic future including privacy, autonomy, freedom, and self-sovereignty. 

“Digital Currency” according to the CBDC definition is very different from “Crypto Currency” which is a virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as manage the creation of new currency units ideally in a decentralized fashion. 

There are, of course, many other central banks around the world that are looking into these. They are also collaborating and sharing ideas about how they could implement such technology. You need to look no further than this report by the BIS, which was worked on seven different central banks.



Our Saving Grace

This is further evidence that open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency is vital in today's day and age. Not only is it helping people in economically oppressed nations, but it could also be a saving grace in an increasingly centralized and dystopian world.
From a trading point of view and also fuelled by it, cryptocurrency is volatile. Also, adoption is considered slow, but really, look how long it took for society to accept plastic cards back in the day and they had their fair share of obstacles, security, and interoperability issues. 

There are many challenges the crypto industry needs to overcome, but it is happening with the likes of dedicated people in the space. I'll go as far as to say no technology is perfect, but I would far rather use an imperfect technology that I have a hand in shaping and defining than a supposedly perfect one imposed on me by a central bank.


Don’t Be A Victim Of FUD

Another thing that might be on your mind is the news we keep seeing about cryptocurrencies from the media. Sometimes the information is positive, but lately, it's been quite negative. Whether it's China cracking down on crypto, or some "expert" saying that cryptocurrency will crash, there's always something somewhere you can find to feel the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).
When you find yourself obsessing over what the media is saying, ask yourself this: Are the fundamentals still there? More often than not, the answer is yes. Bitcoin has been declared dead over 416 times, and China has banned it a total of 5 times. It's a bit like the "boy who cried wolf" and something to consider when FUD infiltrates your logic. 

It's almost like someone is trying to play with your emotions to trick you into selling. There is perhaps some truth to this idea. You can learn about that truth by watching the video below. Something that was around long before crypto.


The Industry Is Much More Than Markets

Instead of thinking outside the box, imagine there is no box. I keep the FUD far away by researching new and existing crypto projects. This is an excellent reminder of what the bigger purpose and value of cryptocurrencies are. 

Like the blockchain, crypto projects such as Markethive and Cardano where it's about a brighter future of financial sovereignty and autonomy for humanity. People are waking up and starting to opt-out of the legacy financial system, and centralized social media as they recognize it for what it is. It's a negative to the human race. 

Markethive and Cardano are building something better, building unique engines that can process billions of transactions, creating self-sustainable ecosystems in social media, marketing, and decentralized finance.

They have designed a different system for the world that's better than what we have right now and is more inclusive. We have a system where we're all treated equally and fairly and where we have access to opportunity, no matter where we're from because people deserve that. 

We need to recognize that this industry is about systems at its core. It's about redesigning how the money in your pocket works and redesigning the way you express yourself and relate to others. 

So it's about the social finance component, the expression side, the communication side, the privacy side of things, and how you choose to live your economic life; it's about giving you back your economic identity.

Researching and acquiring this knowledge helps me gain wisdom in all areas of my life. The crypto market ebbs and flows, but the knowledge you will gain from doing research is permanent.


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.






By now, most of us have heard of the great reset driven by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Some are all for it, thinking it’s time to build a fairer society and press the reset button on capitalism. Many are ambivalent towards the idea or think it’s just a conspiracy theory. 

Well, according to Klaus and the WEF, they have us covered with a master plan.  Even better, it has the backing of some pretty high-profile organizations like the IMF and the European Central Bank. Here's the big question. Do these global elites really have our best interests at heart?

It could well be that the so-called utopian idea of a great reset is not all that it appears to be, and possibly be the greatest assault on our freedom we've ever seen. We see news headlines about the Central Banks conducting research with issuing their own Digital Currencies. 

Is it too farfetched to suggest that the global Elites will use the Central Bank Digital Currencies  (CBDCs.pdf) to gain even more control over us all? Are we entering into a dystopian Orwellian reality? How can we keep our entrepreneurial spirit and financial freedom from being oppressed or even confiscated? 

Haven’t Heard Of The Great Reset Yet? 

It's a vision for how the world should progress going forward by the World Economic Forum. The WEF is a non-governmental organization claiming to have the sole mission of “improving the state of the World by engaging business, political academic and other leaders in society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.” So you could say it's kind of like a super-exclusive private member's club for the world's leaders and titans of industry. 

Klaus Schwab, the founder of WEF, has been planning and writing about the concept of the great reset over many years. The last 18 months have been a very stressful time for us all as we’ve been on the receiving end of a pandemic. While we’ve been hoarding supplies, staying at home, wondering when and if things will ever get back to normal, Klaus was busy sharing his thoughts on this great reset and telling everyone how the pandemic represented a rare opportunity to reset the world. 

Three Main Components

According to Klaus, there are three main components to his great reset idea. The first is all about steering the market towards fairer outcomes and creating a stakeholder economy. He also acknowledges that governments are incentivized to do that due to astronomical levels of public debt. He then states that this could all be done via wealth, taxes, encouraging green energy, and disrupting things like trade and competition. In other words, it would seem that he wants wealth distribution through taxation and regulation. 

Also, the wording is questionable; steering the market seems to indicate a top-down approach as if we mere peasants need to be told exactly what to do by our superiors. Now I'm a staunch advocate for equal opportunity; however, “equality in outcomes” sounds very similar to communism. 

Klaus’s second essential component for the great reset is all about how large-scale spending programs by governments represent a significant opportunity for progress. However, instead of plowing that money into the old system, he argues that the government should just break the wheel instead and should be done by creating an entirely new system, which he believes is more equitable and sustainable in the long run. 

Klaus tells us that environmental, social, and governance metrics should be prioritized, and that does sound all well and good, warm and fuzzy at face value. However, the government doesn't own anything. Isn’t it true that anything the government has is taken from the private sector in the form of taxes? 

Also, what’s being called for is essentially enforcing global standards, which task forces would impose. Controlling every aspect of our lives and being regulated to the hilt, which is not something we are used to or want, would you agree? 

The last piece of the great reset puzzle is essentially about leveraging technology to further the public good. Could Klaus and his cohorts be planning to go along the same path as China's controversial social credit system? That was introduced under the guise of promoting public good by penalizing those that the government had deemed to have misbehaved, and with their extensive surveillance systems, they can track you and know your every move daily.  

We could all be forgiven if we look at all the components that supposedly make up the great reset, and only see a new system of control for a global Elite. We are all painfully aware that the current system has been very efficient at enslaving much of humanity through debt. However, the emerging technology of the fourth industrial revolution may mean that this arguable new system is very conceivable.

But here is the all-important question. Do you really think that central banks and governments would tell us about the failings of the old system; and then say, let's transition us all over to a new system, where we will get greater control over you? 

This is where the old saying comes in, and it is very appropriate right now, and that is, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” That crisis is covid-19, which is a very convenient excuse to crush the old system and bring in this new one.

Shaping Economic Recovery

At the end of Klaus Schwab’s article on the great reset, a detailed graphic with seven key points makes up this great reset. These cover every sector and can be interpreted in many different ways. He mentions designing social contracts, skills, and jobs, which begs the question, can we as an individual reject this, or will it be enforced on all of us carte blanche.  

Then there’s the shaping of the economic recovery, which sounds good; however, here's another question; who precisely is shaping it? 

Is it a coincidence that numerous central banks are looking into implementing CBDCs, with some already running pilot projects of their own form of Central Bank Digital Currencies? CBDCs are a new Financial infrastructure and provide the perfect method for an entirely new and upgraded form of financial control. 

Klaus also speaks of the fourth Industrial Revolution, an embellished way of saying technological progress and involves things like machine learning, big data, the internet of things, and blockchain. Also, pervasive mobile supercomputing, intelligent robots, self-driving cars, neuro-technological brain enhancements, and genetic editing are becoming a reality.

Equality Of Outcomes

The key takeaway from this is that Klaus and his buddies are looking to move towards “equality of outcomes,” which sets off alarm bells given the World Economic Forum tweeted out that “by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy.”

Also, would the equality of outcomes remove the incentive for individual effort and aspirations or reward personal risk? Systemic inequality exists, but humanitarian tech companies are already looking to reduce this in emerging countries as well as in first-world cultures and further the individual’s financial freedom and autonomy. 

The top-down approach of the great reset gives rise to the danger of populists and demagogues using that rhetoric as a disguise for their own goals. Think Hugo Chavez and Maduro of Venezuela.


Food For Thought 

The desire to improve our own position in life and that of our family motivates productivity and progress. We all want a better life for our children, right? The pursuit of this goal is what drives us. During this pandemic, we've already seen lower productivity levels in the economy seen through GDP falling off a cliff at the end of 2020.

We’ve had stimulus payouts to help pay the rent and put food on the table, but at what point does it trap people in stagnation? Suppose we have businesses that are zombie companies and only operating due to government handouts. In that case, that comes at the price of future taxation or inflation and most likely a lower standard of living. 

These stimulus measures cannot continue to be handed out ad infinitum. If they do, we will have severe side-effects like pervasive inflation. The idea of regulating people seems soul-destroying. Isn't it better for people to pursue economic productivity by and for themselves? Indeed it's more efficient to incentivize entrepreneurs to take risks to satisfy the needs and wants of society. 

Those who reject the idea of entrepreneurial freedom may say entrepreneurs are self-indulgent and greedy; we need some government officials to control them for the greater good of society. 

But hey, is political self-interest really more benevolent than economic self-interest? I tend to think the only thing that will happen from this great reset is a lot more cronyism, more power for corporations, and significantly less personal freedom, for the people. 

What's the driving force behind the great reset in 2020?

We know the financial state of governments from 2020 with its crippling National debts is due to covid-driven public spending. All those stimulus checks need to be paid for somehow. 

Those sky-high national debt levels are pretty worrisome for politicians, and so it follows that they meet with Klaus and his gang at the World Economic Forum. In fact, the WEF has been meeting with governments for decades. Chances are the governments know Klaus pretty well, and they all want to help each other out of the mess they’re in. (a form of cronyism) 

The great reset is looking like nothing more than a blueprint for global elites to seize more control through increased taxation, regulation, and power. The tax has already been rising in the US without anyone really noticing it. Also, stealth taxation has been around for a while now, but it's not enough to cover the unsustainable government debt levels.  


So what now? Are CBDCs A Thing?

About 70% of the world's central banks are researching Central Bank Digital Currencies. There’s the Fed, the Chinese, Sweden, Cambodia, Brazil, and many others in various stages of launching their own CBDCs. 

CBDCs powered by blockchain tech are indeed more efficient than traditional payment systems. They also make it easier to deploy monetary policy and allow central banks to cut out commercial banks. These could be considered quite valid reasons to roll out and use a CBDC. 


Scenarios That Could Become A Reality

However, the technology of a CBDC does leave a Central bank plenty of questionable options. One option is to ban cash and force everyone in the country to use the central bank's digital currency instead. Possibly, the Central Bank might decide that every time a transaction happens, there is economic activity that needs to be taxed.

So there could be logistic rules integrated, requiring that if there is a CBDC transaction made, 20% of that transaction automatically goes to the government in tax. Essentially, tax collection could be made very efficient through automation. 

CBDCs also give governments the power to literally freeze, make your money vanish, or redistribute your cash in a way they think is fair at the push of a button. So if anyone steps out of line or does something that the government doesn't like, they could make life very difficult.

Control of money like this could also mean that a government could tell where you've been by looking at your spending habits and even punish you for using your own money for something the government deems inappropriate.

The big problem faced by World governments this year is the vast amounts of national debt that have racked up throughout the pandemic. And guess what? CBDCs can solve that issue too. 

So how could they get rid of that debt? 

They could opt for a stagflation strategy by inflating it away and paying that debt back using currency with a significantly reduced purchasing power. That seems like the way the government will go when you consider the other option is defaulting. 

But here's the problem. A government with crippling national debt, resorts to negative interest rates as seen by Japan and Europe. Even crazy amounts of quantitative easing have not been enough to get inflation to the level that's needed to reduce the debt load. 

Basically, to get the insane levels of inflation needed to reduce government debt, you need to increase the M2 money supply and increase the velocity of money. After all, if you increase the number of times money is transacted, you can collect more tax. 

So, how could they do that? 

How about introducing Universal Basic Income? (UBI) The brilliant thing about this strategy is that you can avoid archaic methods like quantitative easing, which simply inflate assets like the stock market and don’t necessarily increase inflation in the real economy. 

CBDCs would enable governments to roll out UBI very quickly and increase that money supply. They could also ban cash, and a government might say, everyone gets $2,000 in UBI every month, and that's payable in the government's CBDC. All you need to do is download the official government app, and if you don't spend it in a fixed time frame, then the money vanishes into thin air.

That means no one can save their money, and they're incentivized to spend it fast. That's good news for increasing the velocity of money to get that extra tax income. The really genius thing about CBDCs is that governments don't need to issue debt to create money. If you can allocate money without issuing debt, then guess what? Your debt never goes up.

Then if they really want to boost inflation, they can shrink the supply of goods and services in an economy. A way of doing that is deglobalization and is where nations turn inward for fear of being dependent on other countries, thereby protecting their domestic economic sovereignty. 

Another thing a government can do is pay people more money in UBI than they would earn by going to work, which creates a disincentive to work that produces goods and services, therefore shrinking the supply. This creates a situation where you have an increased money supply, chasing a smaller amount of goods and services, which leads to more inflation. 

So, how do you deglobalize and raise unemployment without it being political suicide? Well, the government seems to have been doing just that throughout the pandemic. So yes, it looks very much like Klaus Schwab and his mates have not wasted this pandemic. They're pushing the concept of the great reset to reduce government debt and gain more control over populations through the rollout of CBDCs. 

I pray these scenarios and what they could mean for us all never come to fruition. However, what is certain is the global wealth inequality, and covid-induced government debt loads are a real problem, with the massive rollout of CBDCs on the horizon. 

It’s scary how global elites could leverage this new tool to serve their own agendas and impose a whole new system of financial control upon us. If all this becomes a reality, would you consider this to be the biggest assault on our freedom and privacy? 


Guy at Coin Bureau shares his thoughts on CBDCs 

Time To Prepare

However, all is not lost, and we do have a way to protect ourselves against this threat. It’s called decentralized cryptocurrency, and the rival future tech giants are doing everything to preserve and ensure we sustain our freedom and financial sovereignty. To keep entrepreneurialism alive and continue to prosper and grow in this increasingly uncertain world. 

The social media and tech oligarchs have been under scrutiny, and the landscape is precarious at best. Things are slowly changing, and the lifesavers of livelihoods are about to rise up in what I consider as Divine timing with technology that leaves the established platforms way behind the eight ball. 

So hold your crypto, learn more about the state of the economy and how cryptocurrency can be the solution, and prepare by joining us at Markethive, the complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs. It is a sanctuary that gives you autonomy, privacy, freedom, and the ability to accumulate and earn a sovereign income. 

Markethive is a blockchain-driven, decentralized social media, inbound marketing, broadcasting network that has somewhat turned inward, protecting its sovereignty and the sovereignty of the people in the culture, but still able to reach out to the whole world aligning with the many other platforms. It is the way of the future in working and socializing online, especially if you want to protect yourself from the global elites. 

Special thanks to Guy at Coin Bureau for his insights


ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.





Are you new to crypto? Or have you been blindly dabbling in the crypto market, getting caught up in hype or FOMO, and not understanding the pitfalls? We’ve all experienced some form of loss, be it falling for a scam or even something as fundamental as entering the wrong address in a crypto transaction.

We can be forgiven for any type of mistake or misguided decision we may have fallen victim to; after all, it is a relatively new industry. But the crypto landscape has now got twelve years of experience under its belt, pundits and enthusiasts have learned (albeit the hard way for some), and the industry has evolved. 

According to the Coin Bureau Guy, known for his research and impartial tutorials of all things crypto, including the traps and snags of the cryptocurrency world, for the purpose of this article, I have chosen eight of the most common and catastrophic mistakes the majority of crypto users tend to make. These mistakes are easy to avoid if only you know about them. 


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1- No Strategy

Everyone who “gets it” envisions crypto as the next sovereign financial operating system, and Markethive and Cardano, are on a mission to do just that. The way it is now, the objective of many users in crypto is to make money and improve their financial situation. That is a great objective and one we all have; however, it isn’t a plan or strategy.

A strategy is vital as it will keep you informed about your investing decisions in a relatively consistent and pre-programmed way. Two of the main approaches to consider are either Trading which requires some technical analysis and knowledge of the markets. It curbs you from making quick and sometimes emotional decisions when trading particular coins. The other is Hodling;

More often, newbies starting out prefer to hold their crypto in a safe wallet. Hodling your chosen crypto will set you up for more long-term gains. Deviating from well-thought-out plans most often result in loss and heartbreak, as confusing changes can make it more challenging to know why your investments are not going according to plan.  


2 – Choosing The Wrong Exchange

So many have lost all their funds by simply choosing an exchange which turned out to be a scam. As the crypto market is still deemed the wild west, there are 100s of new exchanges springing up, with some having very questionable business practices. 

There are many legitimate exchanges out there, and a little research to find a safe and trustworthy exchange is needed and will pay off in the long run. 

It is becoming more apparent that the paid ads on crypto new sites are not impartial. Checking the forums at Reddit or BitcoinTalk can be an excellent way to see if there are worrisome trends regarding an exchange. 

You need to make sure the exchange has the coins or tokens you want to trade. You can find this information on either CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. They are all easily verifiable on these sites. Also, verify that the exchange allows your country’s currency. 

Another thing to consider is if the exchange has restrictive policies for withdrawal procedures and if the interface is user-friendly. And watch out for those fees – From the trading fees to the deposit and withdrawal fees, they can vary and be quite expensive and certainly add up over time. 


3 – Not Securely Storing Your Crypto

There are many stories with unfortunate outcomes simply because crypto newbies chose to hodl and store all their coins on an exchange. It’s been notoriously easy to hack an exchange resulting in enormous losses for the exchange and customers. 

Having a small amount in an exchange is ok, but for people with large portfolios, hardware wallets are recommended and are the safest way to keep your coins from remote attacks by hackers. This is predominantly for crypto enthusiasts who want to hodl their diverse range of altcoins and, of course, for the Bitcoin pioneers that were smart enough to gather their BTC all those years ago. 

Crypto projects built on their own blockchain will have their own wallet apps, which can be considered safe to Hodl and transact. Like ADA on the Cardano Blockchain, ERC20 on the Ethereum Blockchain, and Hivecoin on the Markethive Blockchain. Another big plus for hodlers is that staking is also available via these apps.


4 – Not Keeping Backups For Wallets And Exchanges

How many times have you read news about some poor fellow losing his passwords to his wallet and can’t access their Bitcoin fortune? 

It’s crucial to make regular backups of all your seed words on paper. You will also want to make sure that you have backups of exchange passwords and two-factor authentication seeds.

 Are you aware that when activating your two-factor authentication, there is a backup code to reset your two-factor connection if you lose your phone? The only other way to reconnect to a new phone is a complicated and arduous verification process through the exchange.   

So be sure to write down all the codes and phrases in the order they are given to you, and keep them hidden in a safe location. (Don't be like me and forget where you put them :D) Some have even opted to store them in a safe deposit box, especially those with large portfolios.  


 5 – Sending Funds To Wrong Address 

Sending crypto to a crypto exchange on an unsupported blockchain is one of the most common mistakes. Too many newbies send funds to the wrong address as they do not check whether that particular crypto is listed on the exchange. 

You always need to make sure that you are sending that crypto to the correctly supported chain. There are also distinct differences in the address of the various cryptocurrencies. Once the funds have been sent to the address, it cannot be recovered in most cases. 

For example, Ethereum: prefix is 0x32Be3, and Bitcoin: begins with the number 1, 3, or bc1

Cardano has three types of addresses – Icarus-style: Starts with Ae2, Daedalus-style: Starts with  DdzFF, and the Shelly Era begins with addr1. Notably, Daedalus shows an error message if you input an address that is not valid (for instance, when using an address from a different network.)

It is advised to make a test transaction with a smaller amount to ensure that all is working correctly and that it is being picked up on the other end. 


6 – Telling People or The Whole World

Don't tell people how much crypto you hold and that you are invested in crypto. Also, don’t disclose the name of your wallet or where you have your hard wallet stored. There have also been cases of people asking for help on forums revealing their worth. 

Many brag about their good fortune showing screenshots of their wallet balances on social media. It’s surprising how much information can be gleaned from your social media profiles by potential scammers.

Not a good idea – No one needs to know how much you have or where you have it, and when you do this, you open yourself up to a robbery or worse. Have you ever heard of the $5 wrench attack? That’s just one and very real way they can get to you, up close and personal. 

7 – Falling For a Scam 

The most common mistake of them all is falling for a scam. We’ve all been there. But despite how far the crypto industry has evolved, there are still many scams infesting the crypto space. They range from Ponzi schemes to giveaways, pump and dumps to phishing attacks, and that’s another whole other article which I haven't written yet, or you can cut to the chase and watch this

Some are blatant and can be spotted easily; others are more subtle and can be very convincing. Like everything else, scammers are evolving and adapting and have even conned people who think they have a handle on these scams and are immune to them.  

All these scams follow are similar modus operandi. They all appeal to either greed or your fear and expect you to make a quick decision without thinking things through, and of course, there will always be newbies that are oblivious or walk around with rose-colored glasses that will be ripe for the picking. 

That is why the next section on DOYR is so critical to your crypto journey. 


8 – Not Doing Your Own Research (DYOR)

Not DYOR is one of the most fundamental pitfalls people tend to make and the most underrated investment edge. Most rely on tips from others which can lead to disastrous results. DYOR enables you to take ownership over your investment decisions, and just maybe, you will uncover those hidden gems quietly coming up through the ranks. It also improves your long-term education in the crypto landscape. 

Watching interviews with the founders and CEOs of a cryptocurrency project is an excellent way to understand and measure its potential. Also, reading a company’s blog is usually sufficient to get a sense of being true to its word, transparency, and where the project is headed. Checking out the white paper and road map to see if milestones are being met is also a must.  

What To Look For In A Cryptocurrency Project

To be considered a sound investment, a cryptocurrency must have the following criteria;

  • The project has a real-world use case or one that solves a real-world problem.  
  • The use case is easy for the average person to understand and see where the value is.
  • The project has a functioning product that has seen decent adoption. 
  • The crypto must have robust tokenomics and token allocations.

Also, the market cap of at least a few hundred million dollars with good exchange support and ample trading volume once a coin is listed on reputable exchanges. Be mindful, however, that the coins in circulation are distributed across the community, and not held by the founders or a few large investors only. This is generally a red flag. 

Notably, given the various utility and technological advancements of Smart contract coins, they are an extremely viable prospect going forward. 

What To Be Wary Of

Tread carefully with coins that have no purpose for utility. Dogecoin, for example, was created out of a meme as a joke by two guys, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. They used a guide they found online on how to clone scrypt based altcoins for fun and profit. 

“The original intent was a parody of all the serious clone coins that were trying so hard to differentiate themselves, but all seemed the same”, Marcus said. He added that it is one of the most volatile assets on the market. 

Community is integral to a project, and although the community has grown with Dogecoin, it seems the main thrust is the novelty and the power of social media and endorsements. Having no genuine use-case gives rise to pump and dumps and chronic manipulation. 

Elon Musk, a recent Doge fan, advocating and tweeting about the clone coin, resulted in a parabolic shift in the price. Since the SNL parody featuring Elon Musk, the coin tanked, revealing the volatility and manipulation whales and celebrities can invoke. 

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, spoke about Doge in a recent video and his concerns for legalities and enforcement that can negatively affect the crypto industry due to market mania. 

One of the founders of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, left the project, citing his concerns about the space being overrun by opportunists looking to make a buck rather than people investing in evolving the technology.

The Bigger Picture

It’s crucial to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The cryptocurrency market is still relatively new and has a lot of growth to come. Most of us have missed the Bitcoin bullet train of ten years ago, but there are gems out there going the extra mile, staying a step ahead and constantly evolving with emerging technology, addressing real-world issues that will give you a good return on your investment and make a sustainable, long-standing difference in the global economy.

Not just for the fun of it, but for the good and well-being of all humanity and securing a sustainable and prosperous future.  


ecosystem for entrepreneurs


*The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only. It is not financial or legal advice of any kind. 


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.



How To Leverage Your Profile, Bio, And Social Networks For Optimum Results 

How To Leverage Your Profile, Bio, And Social Networks For Optimum Results 

The Multi-Dimensional Communication Hub
Personal Branding For You and Your Business 

Profile Page And Bio – How Does It Benefit You? 

Your profile and Bio page is the place to start upon joining Markethive and a perfect way to introduce and brand yourself. It is a multi-dimensional Communication Hub, where you access your blog posts, groups, videos, and tracking statistics. It also displays your badges and hive rank achievements, and your friends are all central to your profile. 

On a side note, there is no limit to the size of your friends' database. In other words, you can have an unlimited number of friends, unlike other social networks where they are capped at 5000.
Your profile page settings are where you access your Social network connectivity hub, Hive Rank statistics, The Vault, Banner Advertising, and very important, where you create and edit your Bio.

Your profile can be public, meaning everyone can view it. Also, when someone goes to your profile page, your BIO page is what they land on first, providing you have created one. They can then navigate to your “Recent Activity” page to see what you’re posting.   

Many websites have an “about me” page which is considered crucial for visitors to learn about them and decide whether they want to engage. It is one of the most visited pages on a site, so your Bio page can be regarded as your About Me page and is an excellent way to brand yourself and your product or service. 

A good Bio (About Me) page will serve your readers as well as your business. 

It establishes trust and leads to whether a person wants to further a relationship with you. 

What Do You Write About In Your Bio?  

Many find it challenging to write about themselves but hey, throw caution to the wind and just do it. Keep it simple, friendly, straightforward. You can even add a little humor if that’s your thing. Write about your experience, include credentials and accolades, why are you here, what are you passionate about? 

What do readers find interesting? Usually themselves, and things that benefit them, so it’s not all about you; Sure, Markethive is a social network, but it’s also an inbound marketing platform and the perfect place to showcase your business. So;

  • Present what you’ve got
  • Explain what it will do for your visitors
  • How they can take the next step to get more from you

It’s an opportunity to show them why they will benefit from choosing you and learn more about you.
Your content should reflect the unique value you offer within the Markethive environment and the products or services you offer. 

The Bio page is not limited, which means you can make it as long or as short as you want and include images, links, and videos. Just like the Markethive Blog features, it is delivered in both HTML as well as PDF. 

The Bio is optional and can be set to private invite, friends, or public. You can also edit or delete your bio from your Profile Page. However, one of the few common mistakes is not having an introduction or about me page. Sifting through the news feed or recent activity on your profile page can be tedious for a visitor. 

What Are The Other Common Mistakes?

People like to know who you are – really. So citing your name is essential, first and last name. Spammy names like “The Insurance Guru” or” Real Estate King” or ‘Crypto Nut” are not a good look for business, nor do they invoke trust. 

I’d stay away from gimmicky names; however, some people would rather keep some distance from readers for security reasons or just to have a little privacy. And that’s ok. Many people work and write under professional pseudonyms. However, in a social, decentralized setting like Markethive, I feel genuine is best. 

Another mistake is not having a photo of yourself. Even if you have a cat as a profile thumbnail, it is a good idea to have an actual image of yourself on your Bio page. If someone wants to refer you, hire, recommend or buy your product, it’s good to be able to put a face to a name. That, coupled with some well-written content, helps people to feel like they know you.  

Using video only can be another mistake. Although it can be a great rapport builder, some visitors may not be in a position to listen at that moment. Many users love video; some dislike it. If you do include a video, keep it short and interesting and have some text content for your readers. 

Profile Page Settings

Here is where you upload your photo and your Bio. This is where you should start. Click on the Profile Page Settings tab at the bottom of the menu, and it will take you to the page displayed in the image below. 


When there, you click on “Manage” shown at the right of each topic. This will open up the edit settings. 
You can change the privacy settings, and your profile page link is also shown in the image below.

Recent Activity – That Pays

Recent Activity acts as your personal timeline and displays the posts you publish in the news feed or on your recent activity page. As well as your capture page link that can be accessed on the Referral Program page, your Profile Page link is also your portal to invite others to join. By referring to just three people, Markethive’s micropayment system activates. That means you are paid to use the platform within Markethive by way of a faucet in Markethive Coin. As the Markethive coin is a Consumer Coin, the velocity is poised to increase as Markethive enters full launch. 



Markethive Tracking Feature

Every aspect of Markethive tracks your incoming tracking and reports. This tracking is built into your Profile page, personal blogs, and your capture pages, also WP plugins, giving complete virtual data on all your assets. Such as daily activity report, Geographic map of connections, Device type, Bounce rate, referrers, Keywords, and Social Network traffic. You can view this tracking feature by clicking on Statistics in the menu. 

By Date View Of Statistics



Geographical View Of Statistics


Social Networks Connectivity

Authorize the integration of your other social network accounts and leverage them all from a single, powerful system! You maintain control of everything. With each account you add, you are opening up the features and options available to you through this system. This is an extremely powerful way to streamline and centralize your online marketing with social networking tools. 

Note: These are in the process of being updated. Markethive will add more networks, and the redundant platforms will be removed.



Markethive News Feed(s) Like No Other

Coupled with the Profile Hub, the present News Feed, which is nearly identical to other well-known feeds, is easy to use. But unlike the others, we have replaced Likes with Tips, tips that allow you the option to give Markethive associates a small token or coin of appreciation. 
Just around the corner, Markethive is delivering not one but four specialized news feeds;

  • The main social newsfeed (Buzzfeed)
  • The blog newsfeed (For Writers and Bloggers)
  • The curation newsfeed (Editorials)
  • The video channel newsfeed. (No need for YouTube) 

Soon you will be able to choose and tune in to what interests you. As far as Search algorithms go, you will be able to determine and orchestrate your algorithms. Not Markethive. You decide who and what you see on your newsfeeds. Your news feeds will be completely searchable as well, with both your news feed preferences and the search criteria covering hundreds of variables and options.

Markethive’s innovative designs for its various and specific news feeds will allow you to remotely post a snippet from your videos, blogs, or buzz feed, just enough not to get flagged, with a link back to Markethive to view the content in its entirety. 

This unique interface is compelling and will result in an increased reach and brand exposure, enabling you to get your word out to millions. Now we don’t have to tippy-toe around our social media accounts in fear of being canceled or censored.  

This gives us the power over the tech giants and gets the word out to reach millions of people in a somewhat covert way, and Markethive can do that automatically with its specific news feeds. A unique format, and no other platform, including the new free speech advocates, are doing this. 


This Is Just The Beginning

There are many new and innovative features in development to benefit and enhance your experience, so be on the lookout for them as they roll out. Markethive has built a secure system to empower the Entrepreneur, with unique valuable Inbound Marketing systems and commerce portals integrated within a decentralized social network.

Markethive aims to deliver many diverse platforms, opportunities to create wealth with gamification and is constantly evolving with your privacy, safety, and prosperity at the heart of this monumental undertaking. All made possible with a Blockchain foundation, which above all the other benefits, allows Markethive to pay its members (regardless of free or upgraded Entrepreneurs) to engage and work your business. 

To understand more about the many facets of Markethive, go to the company blog, where the different features and latest news is published. Most still don’t realize the enormity of the Markethive Platform. Then get started with your Bio (About Me page), refer three people to unlock the micropayment faucet, start accumulating your Markethive coin and be ready for the release of the Markethive wallet

We are focused on providing a Universal type of income for aspiring entrepreneurs. We believe sharing our resources with you as you build your business and seek to reach your goals benefits everyone in the community. 

If you haven’t visited the tutorials yet, this previous blog will guide you on how to complete the first steps. Markethive Tutorials – This Is Where It All Starts

We welcome all to our collaborative world of the Entrepreneur. Markethive is an international company that represents everyone. We are not specific to any national identity. We have no hidden agenda. Markethive’s heart and soul are freedom, liberty, financial sovereignty, and entrepreneurialism. 

 ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.









Binance, with its explosive rise to power since 2017, sits at number one on the list of top crypto exchanges, head and shoulders above the rest. In an enterprise that has had so many failures, with exchanges being hacked and startups that expanded so quickly, resulting in massive layoffs, Binance survived and rose above all the growing pains, mayhem, and fraud the nascent industry was experiencing. 



What makes this crypto exchange so different that it not only survived but thrived in the fluid and dynamic crypto market? 

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, has a background in developing trading software for brokers and exchanges on Wall St. In 2013, he started working in Blockchain technology for the wallet app and later co-founded OKCoin, a Chinese exchange. 

Zhao’s past experiences led him to understand what worked and what didn’t work in the cryptocurrency world. Zhao gained profound knowledge of the market and knew what crypto customers needed and enabled him to deliver what other exchanges were not. He provided an exchange that put the customer and their investments above everything else. 

Binance has had its fair share of fraudulent activity and setbacks that saw the company decamp from China to Tokyo, then to Malta, as governments were hot on the heels of crypto exchanges and the industry in general. They painstakingly moved their servers from the Chinese-owned Alibaba conglomerate and eventually built their own blockchain. 

Binance rose to the occasion through all of these obstacles, ensuring no customer was out of pocket. The company’s commitment to protecting users’ investments was what set them apart from other exchanges. It values its clients putting them ahead of everything else, regardless of what happens, and this has resulted in an exceptionally loyal following from members of the cryptocurrency community. 

The name Binance was derived from the words “binary” and “finance” to emphasize that there are two types of money in the world now. Fiat and Cryptocurrency. The world’s largest crypto exchange is more of an underground rebellion than a formal company, a rebuttal of the traditional financial system. 

In an interview, Zhao stated, 

‘We want to make a difference to the world and use crypto to do the good things. It’s also about spreading crypto, or the freedom of money.”

Zhao has also started numerous projects targeting Africa, realizing the need and vast potential of crypto adoption. Like Markethive and Cardano, Binance wants to bring financial freedom and sovereignty to the bottom billion with minimal means.

Binance started out as a crypto exchange in 2017 with a difference. They created a coin (BNB) to be used as payment for exchange fees within their exchange at a discount. Other exchanges could only accept Bitcoin as payment for exchange fees as they had no coin. This was a significant catalyst in growing the community from 122,000 members in 2017 when they launched their coin to 15 million strong today. 

BNB went from $0.10cents per coin when first released in 2017 to $568.26 today, April 28, 2021. That is exceptional growth and proves cryptocurrency with genuine utility and purpose has a place in today’s financial ecosystem. 

Binance is now more than just an exchange; it is an ecosystem with many innovative products and consistently adds technologies diversifying its services. This includes a decentralized exchange (DEX) hosted by thousands of computers worldwide, rendering it a censorship-resistant entity open to the global community and beyond the reach of any government. 

The transparent and humanitarian approach, along with its stringent KYC/AML protocol, has made Binance a favorite among the crypto community with its sights set on the essential neo banking component of Web3, finally giving people true freedom over their own money. 

The Binance ecosystem has ticked all the boxes by being proactive and nurturing a dynamic community, building the next generation advanced exchange, facilitating their own coin (BNB) to 3rd parties establishing adoption and utility. 

Similarities Of Markethive And Binance

The similarities in many aspects between Binance and Markethive are significant. The Name Markethive is the culmination of the two words, “market” and “hive.” Market is the representation of inbound marketing, product diversity, ecommerce, and Hive represents an active social network of entrepreneurs and collaboration. 

It is the first social market broadcasting network built on blockchain technology, with a fungible coin (Hivecoin) that the Markethive community and 3rd parties will utilize. This makes it a complete ecosystem in the social media and marketing niches. Markethive’s mission is to deliver a decentralized and autonomous environment to the masses, free from the oppressive oligopoly that is rife in our online world. 

Markethive’s proactive approach in building and relocating to its own servers to counter the agenda-driven withdrawal of hosting services from the major cloud service providers that other platforms fell victim to is just one of the many facets that will ensure Markethive’s solid and sustainable future. 

Financial sovereignty and the ability to earn an income, particularly in emerging countries like Africa, is another objective Markethive holds very dear. Dubbed as the Ecosystem For Entrepreneurs, CEO, and Founder of Markethive, Thomas Prendergast lives and works only to lift people up and give them a sanctuary where they can aspire and retire, giving purpose to their lives and livelihoods, realizing their potential.

Thomas Prendergast, a life-long entrepreneur succeeded in creating the first automated marketing system in 1994; an eminent achievement. It included a self-replicated website, self-replicated PDF, the first read-write to a server database, the first autoresponder email system, the first remote broadcasting system, and all incorporated into the first Automated Marketing system known a Veretekk. 

Tom’s passion for helping others has only increased with the emerging technologies enabling him to deliver a system far beyond what is available today. The Markethive concept was born five years ago and has evolved into a monolithic blockchain and cryptocurrency project much needed in the current landscape of social media and marketing and destined for success.  

Thomas Prendergast (as quoted in this article) illustrates why the demand for a blockchain system’s coin is driven by an ecosystem using Binance as an example, 

“The Binance community was 122,000 members strong in 2017 when they launched their coin. Our community is double that as we approach launching our coin. Today 4 years later, the community has grown to 15 million. We can expect similar growth. The Binance coin went from 37 satoshis (.10 cents) per coin upon release in 2017 to 10,296 satoshis ($518.83) per coin today as of this writing. Imagine if Binance had developed and delivered ILPs as Markethive has done. We can expect similar results with Markethive when we launch our coin.” 



Greater Coin Value Determined

The Markethive Ecosystem will support coin demand and resist traditional pump and dump scenarios typical for any new coin release to the exchanges. The upgrade advertising services like the Banner Impressions Exchange (BIX), Markethive’s Press Release System, Broadcasting system, the Boost, and Video advertising add infinity, as the demand for these state-of-the-art marketing services will only be fundable via the Markethive Hivecoin. The classic supply and demand tradition is the force behind coins rising in value.

Markethive will always be ahead of the curve, introducing new products, systems, and more innovative ways to facilitate operations for users within the social media and marketing environment, including the potential for real financial wealth and abundance on every level for its community. 

The latest initiative is the migration from Ethereum to the Cardano blockchain system with its superior technology offering more incredible transaction speed, drastically reduced fees, and exceptional support in co-developing the Markethive wallet. The Markethive blockchain will fork off Cardano’s main chain giving it sovereignty, total decentralization, and the ability to store massive amounts of data, as explained in this article.

The other great thing is the new look Markethive Coin, renamed Hivecoin (HIVE), and the decision to burn a significant amount of the original MHV will reduce the total to 8 million coins. This will not affect any members’ coin holdings in their Coin Clips. What it will do is support greater coin value after our coin is released to the exchanges.  

The Markethive vision is built for the people, by the people, and is of the people as they always come first in the company’s eyes. Forget the tech giants of old; the blockchain and cryptocurrency success stories, like Binance, Cardano, and the upcoming next generation of the social market network, Markethive, put crypto businesses in a league of their own. Furthermore, all three companies are synergistic in their mission and vision; all are flawlessly transparent and go beyond the threshold of a typical company.


ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.


This Sundays meeting has been pre-recorded.

Douglas is off to a Crypto Convention in Texas and I am off to the Mayo clinic with Annette for yearly examines and tests. So Douglas and I recorded this video for you all as we won't be doing our Sunday meeting.

Here are the highlights of our recorded meeting. Douglas will be away this weekend at a blockchain developer’s convention. I will be escorting Annette to the Mayo clinic for intensive medical testing and medical for the most part of next week, leaving this Saturday for the long drive there. We will all be back to our posts by next weekend, Douglas, Annette and I. Did we mention we are developing a proprietary blockchain to handle massive terabits of data, securely and privately for the exclusive use of Markethive? Markethive's Social Market Network is a massive project.

When I was initially given this project, (this vision) it was made clear that it must remain free to the masses and around that main objective I was directed to create the revenue and it was also to be shared with the leaders and early adopters and supporters of this new generation social network called a market network. Markethive was born.

When we initially revealed this vision we shared our first white paper and mission with many of the members in our previous company called Veretekk. What was then termed a BOD (Bond of Debt), which was basically a loan paid back with 20% of the revenue to each holder of a share, the BOD was born. What was then called a BOD came to be known in Markethive as an ILP. The Initial Loan Protocol.

The ILP was inspired by the ICO with major differences. ICOs are speculative investments in future coin values and are often highly risky and frowned upon by government agencies for varied reasons. ILPs are loans pure and simple. They are set up as a 20 year assumable note and interest is determined by owning 1 share of limited shares of 20% of the company’s net revenues. These payments commence upon the company reaching a net revenue threshold and pay the share on a weekly basis as the interest on said loan for 20 years. When the 20 year anniversary is reached, the holder of the note can cash out for the principle or renew the note for another 20 years. A classic hypothesis is using LinkedIn as the company with revenues of 1.5 billion per quarter or 500 million per month. This is based on 750 million members. 20% of 500 million is 100 million. Markethive projects we will have about 500 ILP contracts or 500 shares of that 100 million which equates to a sum of $200,000 per ILP or $20,000 per ONE TENTH of a share per month. Whereas Markethive achieves 1% the revenue LinkedIn has those payments will still be significant as I ILP will produce $2000 per month and ONE TENTH ILP will produce $200 per month for 20 years based on this assumption.

Now do you have a better comprehension of the incredible value the Entrepreneur One delivers? If you believe in Markethive and we deliver far more value than the traditional old fashioned social networks like LinkedIn then this hypothesis has incredible credibility for your future.  The Entrepreneur One program availability will end 30 days before the wallet is released. Active Entrepreneur One members will keep their accounts in perpetuity, with the ability to will their accounts to their heirs. 

Looking to upgrade to the Entrepreneur One before it is too late?

Entrepreneur One members will also enjoy advantage and potential income from every service Markethive makes available as an upgrade like our BIX (The Banner Impression Exchange) where as we have turned digital media impressions into Non Fungible Tokens with each Entrepreneur One receiving their shares of Impressions per month with the ability to offer those shares for sale on our exclusive exchange. There is nothing like this in the world. This is exclusive to Markethive and only available to the Entrepreneur One members. With the current estimated page views per month above 70 million simply divide that by 500 (maximum Entrepreneur Ones limit) and you can see the incredible long term value this represents. 70 million divided by 500 times $6 CPM  (industry average) equals around $840 per month in revenue. As Markethive grows, page views grow and Entrepreneur One revenue from the BIX grows. As demand grows CPM value also grows. Classic limited supply with an ever expanding demand as Markethive membership grows.

As we prepare to release the wallet and getting listed on the exchanges, we are rethinking our coin strategies. We have decided against forking our system off the Ethereum Network with the Markethive Coin (current symbol MHV) as an ERC20 coin and building instead off the Cardano blockchain. Cardano's system offers superior speed, drastically reduced fees (Ethereum Gas fees have become incredibly expensive). excellent support in co-developing our wallet and moving our entire system to the Cardano blockchain and both our companies are parallel in our mission. Therefore we have decided to release our wallets with far less coin, a new name and look. Our coin symbol will be HIVE and our coins name with be called the Hivecoin. Our coin inventory will be reduced from 888 billion to 8 billion (This is akin to us burning 88 billion coins). This will not affect any members coin holdings in their Money Clips.  What it will do is support greater coin value after our coins are released to the exchanges.  

The Markethive Ecosystem will support coin demand and counter tradition pump and dump which is typical for any new coin release to the exchanges. Do you get this? With upgrade ad services like the BIX, our Press release system, our Broadcasting system, the Boost, video ads ad perpetuity, the demand for these state of the art marketing services demand will only be fundable via the Markethive Hivecoin. Classic supply and demand traditional is the force behind coins rising in value.

A similar service can be used to illustrate why the demand of a blockchain system's coin is driven by the ecosystem. Case in point is Binance. Binance is an exchange and launched their coin in 2017. Their coin was created to be used to pay for the exchange fees within their exchange at a discount from what other exchanges charged with traditional fees paid by Bitcoin. Binances community was 122,000 members strong in 2017 when they launched their coin. Our community is double that as we approach launching our coin. Today 4 years later the community has grown to 15 million. We can expect similar growth. The Binance coin went from 37 satoshis (.10 cents) per coin upon release in 2017 to 10,296 satoshis ($518.83) per coin today as of this writing. Imagine if Binance had developed and delivered ILPs like Markethive has done. We can expect similar results with Markethive when we launch our coin. 

Do the research on Binance, their marketing strategy and incredible growth. Why? Several factors. Binance built a next generation advanced Exchange, nurtured an active community, delivered a solid ecosystem built around their own coin and established 3rd party adoption to use their coin. Read more here

One of our pending upgrades to add to our own ecosystem is our coming Wheel Of Fortune. Built as a donation tool, giving in return the chance to spin the wheel and win prizes ranging from small fractional coin returns called BEEs, to Markethive's Hivecoins as much as 10,000 coins, to Banner Impressions, matching bonuses increases by as much as 100%, to winning ONE TENTH ILPs, Full ILPS, Entrepreneur One accounts paid for a day, a week, a month and even for life. Full blown companywide Boosts, Doubling Faucets rates for life. Entrepreneur Ones will even have their exclusive mega Wheel of Fortune with serious winnings made available as this feature develops.

Another upgrade feature coming to our own Ecosystem is the Apprentice program. The following is a bullet list of the benefits of this program:
1. Matching bonus (100% on first 3 then 25% of signups airdrop)
2. 10% Increased earnings on the micro payments (faucets)
3. Full Inbound Marketing System (all limitations removed with email exceptions only associates and your groups members)
4. Access to full data on first 16 visitors (like referrals panel) to your profile page
5. Access to friends "Friends List"
6. Automatic Video and Blog post to the News Feeds
7. Increased limits Video Uploads 
8. Discounts on services (Press Releases, 10% Banner Impressions Rebate, Boost, Video ads, etc)
9. Upgrade activates interest (staking) on the vault,
10. Activated Wallet with increased withdraw limit
11. KYC Verification blue checkmark on profile
12. News Feed Rich formatting (BOLD, Italic, Underline and more)
13. Create fully functioning
Groups (Activate Splash Page)
14. Group Posts in profile feed option
15. Full video channel system
16. Full Conference Room Channel 10 seats
17, Bookmark managed News Feed Posts
18. Self-Deleting Posts
19. Send Messages to anyone in Markethive (limited to 50 per month)
20. Markethive sub ROKU channel


The magnitude of the Markethive system is incredible. The face that 90% is already completed is stunning. And we have done all of this with grass roots support only. No big Venture capital over ruling us. Markethive is your system. Markethive is built to serve the down trodden, the un-bankable, the masses in countries that subjugate their people. Markethive will serve to let this people free. To build an alternative income, to build a real future, to deliver a sovereign economy to all peoples in all countries in all the world.

And soon the ILPs will be available to all members for Markethive HiveCoin, making this lifelong income machine available to every member regardless of their economic health is their brick and mortar world. Markethive is being built to set you free.
Make sure to watch the video.

See you next weekend. Pray for us. Pray for Douglas' success at the Crypto gathering and pray for our health and protection in our travels and pray for Markethive.

God bless all of you
Thomas Prendergast







…And They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

MHV poised to triumph in the crypto economy.

Cryptocurrencies have many use cases. Some act as a store of value, others power blockchain to make it possible to create trustless digital contracts and permissionless decentralized applications. Some cryptocurrencies are pegged to fiat currency allowing for stable transfers of value, and some underpin protocols that offer decentralized data storage and video streaming. 

Each of these use cases requires a particular set of blockchain attributes and economic incentives. Many say that there is no single cryptocurrency project that can do it all; however, there is one that comes very close in a field that has been, for the most part, put in the too-hard basket by the majority. 

Who Dares Wins 

Markethive is a monolithic blockchain project currently operating as a social network, an entire inbound marketing platform with email, blogging, and digital media capabilities that broadcast to the vast internet. It’s a complete Market Network and the first of its kind. 

Markethive is predominantly a free system where users can access a platform that can cost more than $2,500 offered by other marketing platforms. There are, of course, upgrades that open up more tools and monetization opportunities, the first being the Entrepreneur One Loyalty Program, and coming soon is the Apprentice membership

The many domains Markethive has, and it's autonomous cloud systems that ensure its sovereignty and longevity make it untouchable and immune from the tech giants’ rule and biased agender. But can still remotely infiltrate the social media platforms and reach the multitudes either locked in or looking for an alternative meritocratic medium.

In other words, wherever you go, Markethive is there, anywhere and everywhere, delivering its message via its community of entrepreneurs to a far-reaching audience. This next-generation social market media is poised in the wings, and when the time is right, it will emerge as a shining light to lift people up and bring financial sovereignty and hope in this gloomy and uncertain world.  

The video platform, conference rooms, and the unique four specific news feeds currently in development, and many other projects and incentives add to the credibility and need for an ecosystem in the social media and digital marketing space. 

Now in the final stages of BETA, Markethive will officially launch with the release of its first crypto exchange wallet, which is basically a portal to the many coin exchanges MHV will be listed on, and is close at hand. (Not to be confused with our Dapp multi-functional wallet in development). 

Meanwhile, the growing user base is accumulating their Markethive Coins (MHV) in anticipation of the release when they will be able to transact using MHV within the Markethive system and externally.

What Sets MHV Apart?

The Markethive platform enables the users to earn MHV cryptocurrency with everything they do on the platform and are also paid for their loyalty. The Vault is an innovative concept that allows Markethive members to stake their coins, similar to a bank account. The more coins held in your vault the higher the micropayments received, and then there’s the monthly interest paid to you based on the number of coins in your coin clip.

The company issues these micropayments, incentives, and rewards, not just the users, which is commonplace and the only form of payment in other crypto-based platforms. However, Markethive does have a tipping protocol the people can utilize if they wish and substitutes the like button. 

It isn’t only a social media network or inbound marketing platform; it lends itself to the cottage industry concept allowing members to monetize the various initiatives Markethive is developing, starting the Banner Impressions Exchange. It’s also where entrepreneurs can facilitate and promote their personal businesses to a built-in audience as well as a springboard to the far regions of the internet. 

In Markethive’s all-encompassing ecosystem, the objective for the Markethive Coin (MHV) is to be utilized as a form of payment rather than just selling it (pump and dump scenario). This gives a purpose and real use case for MHV, equalizing the velocity, and increasing coin value. 

Bitcoin has established itself as a store of value that affects the value of most other altcoins, albeit positively or negatively at any given time. However, if a coin or project’s use case and utility are credible, it can result in a parabolic shift, increasing in price, without riding on Bitcoin’s coattails. 

The Markethive Blockchain On Cardano Platform

Recently, Markethive decided to migrate to the Cardano Blockchain platform from the Ethereum platform for several reasons explained in the article.   

The Cardano blockchain platform enables Markethive the advanced capabilities to produce the distributed database system that Markethive needs to ensure all data that the extensive user base inherently creates in a social media environment are safely integrated and stored on the blockchain. This includes all forms of content, videos, images, etc.

A mammoth task for a blockchain, and also not conducive for an established social media platform like Facebook with its trillions upon trillions of data already in its system. Markethive conceived and initiated this blockchain protocol from the ground up making it easier to integrate. We just had to wait for the right technology to surface.  

Thanks to technology evolution, the Markethive social market network’s ability to build a massive database management blockchain can only be done on a 3rd generation blockchain platform like Cardano. Fundamentally, the Markethive blockchain will be forked off the Cardano blockchain, with MHV being a native token which is a fungible multi-asset token. 

Native tokens represent value and act as an accounting unit, which can be used for payments and transactions and sent to an exchange address. Native means that these tokens are supported by the Cardano accounting ledger without the need for additional smart contracts, as the ledger features built-in support to track ownership and transfer of more than one type of asset.

The Markethive Coin – A First-Class Citizen

Cardano’s Mary Hard Fork, conducted on March 1st, 2021, saw the introduction of native assets to the Cardano Blockchain. This means MHV can be built into the blockchain ledger the same way Cardano’s native token, ADA, makes MHV a first-class citizen. 

In other words, MHV will receive the full benefits of the Cardano blockchain, such as the same level of safety and security as ADA itself and eventually a governance system as it rolls out.

The first-class citizen approach will mean Cardano’s multi-currency ledger will give much more autonomy to any token(s) made on the blockchain. They won’t be another cookie-cutter token like the ERC-20 token.

This design will make it easier for tokens built on Cardano to be listed on exchanges as they will be able to prove a greater degree of independence than ERC-20 tokens. 

The protocol also allows multiple native assets within the same transaction, unlike Ethereum, where it is only possible to send one ERC-20 token at a time. You will also be able to use native assets to pay transaction fees made possible by the recently announced Babel Fees mechanism currently in development. By contrast, you need ETH to send any ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.  

Ethereum blockchain issues tokens through a custom coded smart contract, which issues a non-native token. This token won't have all the advantages of Ethereum, and you have to pay for smart contract execution every time you move your token. This is why people complain about Ethereum fees being so high. It's not very efficient, leaving the door open for human error when coding smart contracts.

The low cost in transactional fees and the increased throughput into the thousands make Cardano blockchain a favorite in future generation blockchains. A sustainable, scalable financial operating system is becoming a reality. 


MHV Remains The Same As It Ever Was

It’s important to understand that the Markethive coin remains the same and will not affect any current or future operations of the Markethive system. You still keep your MHV coins you are accumulating. It's the blockchain technology behind Markethive that is changing for the better. 

The ILP smart contracts that some entrepreneurs in Markethive have recognized the value of and acquired will work seamlessly in the background on the Markethive blockchain forked off Cardano, all the while the MHV will be used as a medium of exchange and will continually be circulating, earned and accumulated by users within the Markethive economy.

It allows us to be completely decentralized financially with complete autonomy and protection of our intellectual property, ascertaining a viable and comprehensive ecosystem. This bodes exceptionally well for the Markethive ecosystem and will benefit all who participate in it. Essentially the Markethive ecosystem will have its own financial operating system within the new global financial operating system envisioned by Cardano. 


Markethive – Staunch And Benevolent Vision

Markethive’s vision is a fully decentralized social network inbound marketing platform integrated and operated on a massively distributed database system, being the internal giant blockchain controlled by a smaller external blockchain Markethive’s Dapp wallet will utilize. 

This is a very advanced technology Markethive is integrating at which no other platform is doing or will attempt to do. It is a vast undertaking and needs to be done right so security is not compromised, on all levels, hence the methodical and time-consuming approach. Markethive is incomparable to any other media platform and although touted it that couldn’t be done, is, in fact, 90% done. 

It’s about looking after the community, the products and projects, the use, and the utility. Getting it right, being clever and evolutionary will pay huge dividends in the mid to long term for everyone in the ecosystem. Markethive is always focused on where we are going and why we are going there in the mission, giving economic sovereignty and identity to all, especially those that don’t have it. 

I know, it’s hard to get your head around and most people don’t comprehend what we have in our midst with Markethive but rest assured this gigantic all-in-one platform current flying under the radar will be a life-changing positive force of how we work, earn and socialize online. 

ecosystem for entrepreneurs


Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.


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